How to Spy on Facebook Secret Conversations Cheating

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Facebook is popular around the world, because secret conversations on the Facebook allows people to chat secretly without anyone knowing. Thus many people want to know how to spy on Facebook secret conversation cheating. The blog mainly introduces what is Facebook secret conversation cheating, and effective methods to spy and find out Facebook cheating signs, then you can learn the tools for hacking Facebook secret messages cheating. It starts with SpyX, the best method to spy on Facebook secret conversations cheating. Let’s go head now!


Spy on Facebook Secret Conversations Cheating



Part 1. What Is Facebook Secret Conversation Cheating?

Facebook Messenger allows people to chat with friends on Facebook. The biggest advantage of Facebook Messenger is that it has secret conversation. How does Facebook secret conversation work? This feature is very powerful. Only those who send and receive text messages can see the specific text content, which no one else can see. In addition, you can set up a timer, and the chat records will automatically disappear and become untraceable after the chat is over.


This feature is so popular because it has a very great user experience. Secret conversation is more privacy-conscious than ordinary chats with blue bubbles. It shows black bubbles to distinguish ordinary conversations, telling the user that the message is encrypted. When you receive the secret conversations, your screen does not show the sender of the message, but instead "someone sends you a message" notification. This feature leads to a lot of Facebook secret conversations cheating.


Part 2. How to Spy and Find out Facebook Cheating Signs?

There are a lot of monitoring software online that says it can track Facebook secret conversation cheatings. In fact, it's not as effective as advertised, which requires you to identify and judge.


To save your trial and error costs, this article will directly introduce a very useful mobile phone tracking software-SpyX. It is your best choice for ease of use, effectiveness, price, or professionalism. SpyX is a software created by a team of professionals that can easily monitor target devices remotely without app installation or jailbreak. It is compatible with all iOS devices. You can use SpyX to track the Facebook secret conversation cheatings.


Users who have used SpyX give very high reviews, and our technical team is constantly innovating the technology to improve the user experience, so that SpyX can meet the needs of more users. Let's understand the characteristics of SpyX together.


2.1 SpyX-The Best Method to Hack Facebook Secret Messages Cheating


If you want to track Facebook secret conversation cheating, you can try SpyX phone tracker, best choice for Facebook spying app. SpyX is well-known for robust monitoring features and enables you to spy on someone’s Facebook Messenger secretly.


SpyX phone tracker


SpyX Features:


1. Social Apps

SpyX can monitor almost main social media apps, such as Facebook, Facebook lite, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Kik, Twitter, and Skype. SpyX gives you easy access to the latest chat information.


2. General

SpyX can track phone calls, contacts, email, GPS locations, media files, photos, videos, ect.


3. Realtime-monitoring

SpyX allows you to get instant updates, even if the secret conversations in the Facebook are automatically destroyed, but SpyX allows you to read these secret chats before they are destroyed.


Why You Choose SpyX


1. Record all messages

SpyX can track all the chats on the target's phone, you can know exactly what your partner and other people are talking about on social media apps, so as to judge whether he/she is cheating or not.


2. Hidden mode

If you use SpyX to monitor Facebook secret conversation of your spouse, no one can detect it. Because you don’t install app on the target phone. You just monitor all secret conversations secretly and remotely.


3. View secret images and videos

Login to your SpyX dashboard, and you can track more data than you imagine. Except for text messages, you can see app photos and videos shared through Facebook secret conversation.


4. Security data

SpyX is reliable and secure monitoring solution. SpyX only allows you to view the data of the target device, no one else can view it. SpyX will not leak the target device's data to other people or third-party platforms.


5. Easy to use

SpyX is user-friendly monitoring app. With compact interface, simple operation, all users not tech-savvy can use it to monitor Facebook secret conversation of target device.


6. Customer support

SpyX has very thoughtful and professional customer service. If you have any questions, you can send an email or contact the online customer service, whichever way you choose, you will receive a prompt reply. 24/7 customer service is to allow users to have a better product experience.


How to Track Secret Facebook Messages with SpyX

The operation of SpyX is very simple. You can follow the steps to track secret Facebook secret messages with SpyX.


Step 1. Sign up Free

Visit our website on any browser and sign up free with a valid email




Step 2. Add iCloud Details

Choose suitable plan, go ahead to bind the target device. Enter iCloud credentials of target phone.




Step 3. Start Monitoring

Login to your SpyX dashboard, and you can view all text messages on target’s Facebook.





Is it super simple? The whole process won't take you 3 minutes. Whether you are a technician or a novice, you can complete the whole process smoothly. Because you don't have to install for the app, jailbreak worries. In addition to monitoring Facebook secret conversation cheating, SpyX can also monitor many other mobile phone activities, such as GPS locations, WhatsApp, call logs, emails, ect.


2.2 mSpy-Spy on Facebook Secret Messages Cheating

The mSpy can also be one of your alternative monitoring. It can basically meet your needs to track Facebook secret conversation cheating. While mSpy is not as powerful as SpyX, please take a minute to learn about it as one of your alternatives.




mSpy is a great monitoring software that is used for parent control. Of course, mSpy can also monitor Facebook secret conversation. It includes the following main features


Facebook Messenger:

mSpy enables you to track all Facebook messages remotely.


Text Messages:

If you want to monitor all text messages on the target phone secretly, you can choose mSpy. It can track all sent and received messages with details remotely.


Call Logs:

mSpyX can track call logs including the name, time, duration, ect.


Photos and Videos:

You can use mSpy to track photos, videos as well as shared files without access to the target phone.


Part 3. Other Methods to Track Facebook Cheating Signs

Except for professional phone monitoring software, you can also use a password and ID to track secret conversation on Facebook Messenger.


You can spy on someone’s Facebook secret conversations for free. You need to get the credentials of the target device, the pass-codes, and Facebook account password. The most important thing, you need to physically get the phone.


Step 1. Open Facebook Messenger app on the target phone.


Step 2. Click Edit under the conversation.


Step 3. Click “Secret”, and you can see the name of the person and view the exchanged secret messages.


Although this method is free and does not need any technology, it is very difficult and the probability of success is very small. Because you need to get the target phone in hand, if the target phone lock screen, you need to know the password. If your partner sets the secret messages with timber, you may see the secret messages have been destroyed and do not exist, you can not check. Once you are caught by your girlfriend/boyfriend, you will also lose her/his trust in you.


Part 4. FAQs


Q1. How to use Facebook secret conversation?

You can start a secret Facebook conversation through following methods:


1. Create a new message and click “Secret”, then send messages to your receiver.

2. Click on your contact’s name and enable the option for secret conversation.


Q2. How can I tell when someone is using secret conversations on Facebook?

In fact, common free phone tracker can’t help you. You need to purchase professional phone monitoring app, like SpyX.


Q3. How to know whether my girlfriend is using Facebook secret messages for cheating?

You can use SpyX to track your girlfriend’s Facebook secret messages cheating. SpyX enables you to track all her Facebook messages remotely and secretly.


Q4. Can I recover Facebook secret conversations?

Facebook secret conversations have end-to end encryption. So, it is not easy to recover and view Facebook secret conversation. While SpyX phone tracker enables you to track Facebook secret conversation without key codes.


Q5. How does secret conversation work on Facebook?

With the Facebook Secret Conversations feature, you can hide your conversations on the Messenger app from snooping hackers, governments, and even Facebook itself.


Part 5. Conclusion:How to Track Facebook Cheating Signs?

Facebook secret conversations are end-to-end encrypted. Only sender and receiver can view the exchanged messages. If you want to track your partner’s Facebook cheating, you can use SpyX to track Facebook secret conversations remotely. No app installation, no jailbreak, try SpyX today!



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