How to See Who Your Boyfriend is Messaging on Facebook

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Imagine you are sitting next to your boyfriend, and his full attention and focus are on the phone. Wait! Is he texting someone? Why is he smiling while texting? He is not aware of his surroundings. Well, that can be a made-up story of your mind, but What if it is true? Now, how do you see who your boyfriend is messaging on Facebook? Every problem has a solution; only you need is to think outside the box. 


spy on boyfriend's Facebook messages



Part 1. Why Do You Need to Spy on Someone's Facebook Messages?

Facebook is the most famous and interrelated platform. Millions of people connect through it. Following are some reasons which compel you to spy on someone's Facebook messages.


1.  Protection of Children

Responsible parents never leave their children unattended. Your child is not in the wrong company and leads you to check on their activities on Facebook.


protect children from predator.png

2.    Disloyalty of Partner

If you are suspicious of your partner, Facebook messages are a great help. By reading them, you can get to know their meeting places and collect proof of conflict in the future.

3.    Corrupt Employees

It is very easy for an employee to leak confidential information through messages. It is another reason to spy on facebook's messages. To prevent any damage, it is very significant to read their messages.

4.    Substance-abuse

Your family members or friends can trap into substance abuse. By accessing their messages, you can save them from such ill habits. It becomes your moral duty to protect all your loved ones from any harm.


save friends or family members from substance abuse


Part 2. How to Spy Facebook Messages Without getting caught?

It is not an easy task if you have opted for spying on Facebook messages without being caught. Perfection does not come easily. It would help if you had highly efficient strategies to have a hand on the Facebook messages without being snagged. To be proficient in this regard the following are some methods to be followed.


1.  Use Spy apps

Spy apps are software specially designed for checking someone's messages. They can collect data from the respective device. It makes access easier to a certain device without knowing the password. These apps are undetectable by the consumer. Following are some of the most famous spy apps.

SpyX Phone Tracker

SpyX is the most wonderful app with excellent dynamics letting you keep an eye on your partner's illicit activities. It simply works by installing the app on the required phone you want it to be installed. Once done, a series of notifications will be showing on your screen about the messages being read or sent, calls being made or heard, and all the live activities on the user's mobile.


SpyX phone tracker


Step 1. Sign up free with valid email.




Step 2. Choose suitable plan.




Step 3. Connect target phone with SpyX







It was developed a decade ago. It works secretly, and the person being spied on does not even realize it. Mspy has been rated as the top spying app of the year 2022. It can be a Facebook spy without target phone.


spy on boyfriend's Facebook messages



 Flexispy has over 150 features, including monitoring all types of messages like SMS, email, and all Facebook chats. You can view photos, videos, web history, and GPS location. It has a unique ability to listen to and record live calls.




2.   Use Their Computer

You can use your boyfriend's computer when he is not around or at work. Go to his browsing history and texting Facebook messenger, and there you go. You need to install the Spy app before proceeding. You can use a web portal to log in without using a mobile device.


use their computer


3.   Reset Their Facebook Password

It is another way to reach Facebook messages. First, you have to log out of the Facebook account, press the reset password button, and after resetting the password, you have the keys to the kingdom.

4.    Use A Keylogger

After downloading Keylogger on your boyfriend's computer or mobile, you can effortlessly spy on what he is typing. Yes, each word. Isn't it amazing?.

5.    Try Phishing

It is one of the oldest cyberattacks in which a disguised email is used to trap. The recipient of the email thinks it is valid because the source of the email is authentic, like a request from the bank.

6.    Use Their Smartphone

It can be done by gaining the full trust of your boyfriend. His phone password should be known, and access to all apps, especially Facebook Messenger, is very easy to access.


Part 3. How To See Who Your Boyfriend Is Messaging on Facebook?

The most crucial part is how to see who your boyfriend is messaging on facebook? Are you ready to find out? All you need is patience and some techniques.


see your boyfriend's messages on facebook.png


1. Compare his old account's friend list to his old one

It is the main process to detect whether your boyfriend is cheating on you or not. Comparing the old contact list with the new one will filter out the new contacts, making it easier for you to proceed with your spying.


2. Look at their suggested friends

A friend's suggestion is another source to reach the person you are searching for. These suggestions come from acquaintances or friends.


3. Check If Who You're Suspecting is Always Liking or Commenting on Their Post

It is certain if the suspected person is liking and commenting on your boyfriend's post, then this person is the one you are searching for. Moreover, the comments are also the best indicators.


4. Make A Fake Account and Pose As Someone Else to See If He Folds

It is the safest way to see who your boyfriend is messaging. Pretending to be someone else, having a fake display picture of a pretty girl is a better mousetrap.


5. Check Who They've Recent Added As A Friend and Recently Followed on Instagram

A recently followed person is the latest update. It is the best choice among all methods. The person being followed currently can be put under observation for spying.


6. Ask Them and Have an Honest Conversation with Them

Chatting with the Recently followed person is a great help. All you need to be upfront and bold enough to encounter them. Cross questioning can bring some news for you.


7. Check His Active Status on Messenger, Then Ask If He Was Active to See If He's Honest

This is something like dodging your boyfriend. To cross-check, note down the timing of his status activation and then ask him. His answer would make it or break it.


8. Check Who They're Chatting With on Other Apps Like Instagram

This way is the last one but is helpful. It is suspicious if your boyfriend is Chatting with someone on other apps. You can easily prove that he is in a relationship or not.


check other apps



Q.1 Will my boyfriend know I logged into his Facebook?

If you use those devices from which he has already logged in, then take it easy. But if you are logging into his account from a device he has never logged in to, that will alert him via text message or email.


Q2. How can I see my boyfriend's activity on Facebook?

There are three ways to see your boyfriend's activity on Facebook. The first is to use Facebook monitoring App. The second is to check his recent activity log on the Facebook side tab, and the third is to see his likes on the Facebook profile page.


Q3. How can you tell if someone has restricted you on Facebook?

If you want to know that someone has blocked you, you then check your friend list. This is the fastest way. Search the name of the person whom you are suspecting; if the name is not in the friend list, then this person has blocked you.


Q4. Can someone tell if I look at their Facebook page a lot?

No, Facebook has a rigid policy that does not permit people to track who has seen their profile. Even third-party Apps cannot help.


Q5. Can you hide relationship status from one person?

Not exactly; it gives three options in relationship status edits: public, friends, and only me. If you want to hide it from a certain person, that person should be out of your friend list.

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