How to find out who is your boyfriend chatting with on Snapchat?

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"The cheating statistics have shown just enough to build doubts in each of us: Online infidelity is higher than ever!"




For some, Snapchat is just an app where you take pictures with fun and amazing filters. But this app is also fun and great for some annoying people or your boyfriend but for some other reasons.


Cheating statistics are enough to make each of us suspicious: online infidelity is higher than ever! Add that to our traumatic past and your partner's questionable behavior, and we're sure to feel insecure, suspicious, and mistrustful!


Is your partner cheating on Snapchat?


A partner in the past did this to me, and I know the feeling of devaluation lingers for a while after it happens.


You can spot the early signs, and there are things you can do to find out!


How Can My Boyfriend Cheat on Snapchat


If you constantly catch your boyfriend being suspicious while on his phone, and you always catch him closing his Snapchat every time you approach him. Well, I think it’s time for you to take action.


Your boyfriend’s Snapchat app may look okay to you, but for your boyfriend, this app may be his gateway to paradise by Snapchatting different women behind your back. 


Snapchat’s Auto-delete Feature


You see, there is a feature on Snapchat that lets users set a certain time frame when they want their conversation to be deleted. They can either set to automatically delete their messages and conversation within 24 hours or after it is viewed. This makes this app perfect for cheaters who secretly message girls and snoop on their partner’s back. 


But as a loving girlfriend, you don’t want to jump to conclusions right away, there is still a chance that your boyfriend is not cheating. So you have to find out who exactly he’s been messaging on Snapchat to make sure he’s not fooling you.


6 signs he’s hiding something from you through Snapchat!


Online infidelity has resulted to be very common in the online dating world.


No matter the app, if your partner is secretly engaging romantically or sexually with other people online, they’re committing online infidelity.


If you’re vigilant, you can spot the signs your partner is cheating on you through Snapchat.


You want to look for signs of secrecy, defensiveness, and distance.


Here are 6 signs he’s hiding something from you on Snapchat:


1. He hides his phone when using Snapchat in front of you.


If he’s snap-chatting with someone and he knows that it’ll be troublesome for your relationship then he’ll do his best to hide it from you.


If you notice him tilting his phone so that you don’t see him when he opens Snapchat, then he’s likely to be hiding something.


This doesn’t necessarily mean he’s hiding a romantic or sexual exchange of messages with another person, however, it can indicate he’s hiding something.


Pay attention to his body language, and him in general if he does this around you.


If he gets nervous and fidgety, he’s likely to feel guilt or even fear of getting exposed.


2. He’s saying he doesn’t use the app, but his Snapchat score is continuously growing.


A person’s Snapchat score is a number that indicates how active they are on the app. That number is the total number of snaps exchanged by that person.


If he wants to hide something from you, he will lie about the amount of time he spends on Snapchat.


Of course, if he tells you he doesn’t use Snapchat that much as a way to dodge the topic, the numbers on his Snapchat score will point out what he’s hiding.


Your boyfriend could be snap chatting with someone else and doesn’t want you to know about it if he lies about the amount of time he spends on the app.


A great way to know that is to check his Snapchat Score. If it goes up continuously, then you might want to have a conversation with him.


3. He turned off his Snapchat location.


Has your boyfriend turned off the Snapchat location?


If yes, it could mean two things. He either values his privacy or is up to something suspicious.


If he’s relaxed when using Snapchat around you and if he’s transparent about his activity on the app, then he might have nothing to hide from you.


However, if he shows secretive behavior about his activity on Snapchat and his location on the app is off, this could indicate that he’s not up to something good.


To get clues about which is which, try looking at the way he approaches you and the way he acts when it comes to using Snapchat in front of you.


4. He has his Snapchat notifications off.


He could be talking to another girl or person with a sexual or romantic approach on Snapchat if he puts his Snapchat notifications off when he’s around you.


You want to take a look at his Snapchat score. If it’s high, yet he gets no notifications from the app, he might’ve just turned them off entirely.


Turning notifications off from an app is very easy. This is normal if he doesn’t want to get disturbed while spending time with you.


However, it makes room for suspicion if he seems to have a very high Snapchat Score, yet no notifications ever pop up on his phone when he’s around you.


5. He has his ‘Auto-Delete’ on.


Depending on how people see it, this can either be a deal breaker or a no big deal at all.


If he shows suspicious behavior AND has his auto-delete ‘on’ on his Snapchat, then this might point in a suspicious direction.


Auto-delete on Snapchat deletes all the conversations except those you save or screenshot.


If he’d want to hide something from you, this could be another way of doing so by removing ‘proof’ with auto-delete.


6. He acts defensive when you ask him about his suspicious behavior.


In toxic relationships, things are communicated passively or not communicated at all.


If he’s a toxic person, he’s likely to hide things from you, get involved in infidelity, lie, or even gaslight you.


He could be used to toxic ways of handling things, and if he feels guilty, he’s likely to act in a defensive manner.


Trying to solve the trust issues in a relationship through open communication is the right way to do it.


However, this attempt to solve your trust issues is likely to be crashed with a confession or defensive behavior if he feels guilty.


If he’d be clear, he would reassure you and prove to you—read: prove—that there’s no reason not to trust him in this aspect.


When he’s guilty, he’ll act defensively, dodge the topic, throw a tantrum, or put the blame on you.


Who is it? Find out who your Boyfriend is Snapchatting


Finding out if your boyfriend is fooling around on Snapchat may look impossible because of its Auto-delete feature. Luckily there are a few tricks and tips that you can catch if your partner is cheating on Snapchat.


Find who your boyfriend sends his suspicious snaps, by sneaking into his Snapchat app and see all his messages before it gets deleted. But how can you possibly do that?


Well, we have prepared a method that will give you full access to your target’s phone, and you will be able to see all the dirty secrets he hides and find out who your boyfriend is Snapchatting.


large_l_C7_Cm_Gx_U3_R_cb7089bb1c (1).jpg


SpyX is arguably the best and most convenient spying application in the market today. You will find absolutely no hardship in operating this tool as it has got a very simple interface. This spy tool gives you the information you need at all times especially when you want to secretly spy on your suspicious partner.


Aside from accessing your partner’s Snapchat, SpyX can also help you get access to:


     · Monitor all your boyfriend's Snapchat messages without him knowing so that you can know if your boyfriend is cheating.


     · Track your Boyfriend's current location in real-time.


     · Take screenshot of your boyfriend's Snapchat messages and save them to the place you want.


     · Hack other social media messages on your boyfriend's device, including WhatsApp, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook and so on.


     · Call logs


     · Text Messages


step by step guide


Step 1: Create a new account


Signing up with SpyX is free, all you need to provide is your email address.


track someone's location without them knowing



Step 2. Purchase suitable plan.




Step 3. Connect Target Phone with SpyX

Set up SpyX and login to the iCloud account using the target device’s iCloud ID and password.




After verifying the icloud account, enter the verification code received by the target device.




Step 4. Start Monitoring

Their activities can be freely viewed on various social media applications from the SpyX control panel.




Other Tips to See if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on Snapchat


Here are quick ways to see if your boyfriend is doing something suspicious on Snapchat. But take note, that these tips do not guarantee and prove that your boyfriend is fooling around. You can use these tips as a basis if he’s doing something unusual.


Tip 1: Track your Boyfriend via Snap Map


Snap Map is a location-based interactive feature that shows the location of Snapchat users on a map. It allows you access to the real-time location of the target user on a Snap Map,  and it also shows the last active status of the user on Snapchat. All these features help you determine the whereabouts of your partner and detect anything suspicious.




Tip 2: Check the Battery Usage of Your Boyfriends Phone


Checking the battery usage is an indirect way of determining if your partner is cheating on you through Snapchat. 




1.Open the phone Setting and select the option Battery.


2.Next, check the battery usage level for the Snapchat app.


If the battery usage on Snapchat is considerably high, it means that the app is being used actively and something is going on.


Tip 3: Recover his Deleted Messages


Checking out your boyfriend’s deleted messages is another thing you can do to see if he’s cheating on you. But how? Check this article on how to recover deleted messages on Snapchat and discover all your boyfriend’s deleted secrets.



So, if your boyfriend is being secretive about who he is Snapchatting, you may feel anxious and insecure. And thinking about who your boyfriend is Snapchatting may render you sleepless and unable to work properly. So, to stop getting stressed out about it and follow the solutions above to know the truth. Nonetheless, you must be prepared for whatever you may find out on your boyfriend’s Snapchat.


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