How to See Who My Husband Is Texting and Calling? 3 Methods For You

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With advancements in technology, concerns about infidelity can arise. You might find yourself questioning seemingly innocent actions, like your husband's late-night texting.


"Why is he smiling at his phone? Who could he be talking to?  These thoughts can be intrusive and lead to sleepless nights."


If you have doubts about your husband's faithfulness, you may question how to see who my husband is texting and calling, then the following methods can help address those concerns. You can also use the Snapchat Spy App to catch cheaters.

read my husband's text messages without touching his phone


Part 1: 5 Bad Signs You Should Look Out for in a Marriage

Texting and calling are everyday tools for everyone and can also be used for their secret conversations with the opposite sex. 


Not all changes in behavior indicate infidelity, but there are some common changes in behavior that may raise suspicion or suggest someone is being unfaithful. 


Here are some potential signs your spouse is cheating:


· Keep your phone secret: Changing your password suddenly, keeping your phone out of sight, and being overly protective or secretive about your phone can all be signs that someone is hiding something.

· Frequent phone calls and unexcused absences: Always chatting until late at night, often staying up late at work, and talking to others on the phone for no apparent reason. These may be signs that something is not normal and there is no clear explanation.

· Decreased intimacy: A marked decrease in emotional and physical intimacy can sometimes be a sign of infidelity, as can a partner's disinterest in conversation or family activities.

· Excessively Guilty Behavior: If your partner cheated on you, they may show guilt by increasing their gift-giving without any special occasion.

· Unusual Spending: Unexplained receipts, hotel or restaurant charges, or gifts you've never seen before may be signs that your partner is spending money on someone else.




If you notice the signs of cheating listed above in your relationship, and your partner refuses to communicate and avoids it. 


Then a safe, easy-to-use, and fast cell phone tracking software for Android and iOS that allows you to monitor all your husband’s phone activities remotely without being discovered by him.


Part 2: How to See Who My Husband Is Texting and Calling in 3 Methods

This part will explore three methods to see who your husband might be texting and calling. Try each of them to see which one works for you.


Method 1: Use Apple’s Built-In Feature

How can I see who my husband is texting on iPhone? If your husband uses an iPhone, you can use Apple's built-in feature to read your husband's text messages. 


You need to get your husband's phone first, and then complete the settings below so that every text message your husband sends will be automatically shared with you without him knowing.


  1. Open "Settings" > "Messages" on his iOS.
  2. Under the "Send and Receive Messages," use your email ID in the "Add an Email" option.



  • It is free.
  • The Operation is relatively simple.


  • Easy to be caught by your husband.
  • Can’t read deleted text messages or chat history.


Method 2: Use Hacking Tips

How to see who my husband is texting for free? If you know some technology, you can hack your husband's phone and read text messages without him knowing. 


To read more chat records, you can hack some apps, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook. 


After the hack is successful, you can monitor your husband's phone remotely. You can pay hackers to help you hack your husband's phone.



  • You can track a lot of data except for text messages.
  • You can monitor your husband’s phone remotely.


  • High technical requirements
  • It is likely to damage the performance of the target device or leak privacy.
  • It is easy to be caught and detected.
  • The process is complex


Method 3: Use SpyX to Monitor Your Husband's Phone [Android/iOS Supported]

If you are looking for an Android/iOS phone tracker to see who my spouse is texting remotely, SpyX phone tracker for Android and iOS is the best choice for you. 


It is compatible with all iOS/Android devices. And you don’t need to install the app on your husband’s phone. 


SpyX enables you to track all text messages stored on the phone as well as call logs, photos, videos, GPS locations, contacts, and social media chats (WhatsApp, Messenger, Kik, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) to check whether your husband is honest to you.


Key Features of SpyX

  • Spy messages remotely

You want to read your husband's text messages, but you are very worried that you will be found out. If you use SpyX, you don't have to worry about it at all. SpyX doesn't require a separate application to be installed and he won't find anything unusual. You can remotely monitor all the contents of your husband's mobile phone text messages.

  • View all message details

In addition to allowing you to view message details, SpyX can also get the sender and recipient of every message on his phone. SpyX can track the specific data and time of each message, so you know exactly when a specific event occurred. Additionally, you can easily download these messages from SpyX Dashboard.

  • Retrieve deleted text messages

Not only can SpyX read deleted messages, it can also record keystrokes. You'll always know what messages a person has typed on their phone, including deleted chats and text messages.

  • Spying on social media messages

SpyX tracks all the apps installed on your husband's phone, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Messenger, Instagram, and Telegram messages. All files shared via social media apps can be tracked and downloaded to your SpyX control panel.

  • User privacy

SpyX protects the privacy of all users. Only you can access all the files on your husband's phone. SpyX will not leak this data to anyone.

  • GPS tracking

SpyX supports remote tracking of geolocation. Monitor your husband's whereabouts in real-time on your mobile phone with the help of GPS technology.


Other Features of SpyX

SpyX is a powerful spy app that claims to meet almost any tracking need on your husband's phone. 


This ability makes it stand out amongst other Android and iOS phone monitoring software.

2 (3).jpg
  • Best keylogger

Keylogger can track all keystrokes that your husband entered on his phone. Through these keystrokes, you can get some key clues, such as email, password, locations, etc.


  • View call history

Maybe your husband is very cautious and deletes text messages immediately after chatting so even if you get his own phone, you won't find anything unusual. Luckily, SpyX can help you keep track of all your husband’s chat history. Maybe you will be surprised to find that your husband has more than one ambiguous object.


  • View photos and videos

SpyX lets you remotely monitor all photos and videos on your husband's phone, including those taken by his other software caches and cameras.


  • Compatible with any device

Users visit our website through a browser, log in, add target devices, and start monitoring. So you can monitor your husband's phone on any device with a browser, be it Android, iOS, iPad, Windows, or Mac. So, SpyX makes you read your husband’s text messages without touching his phone anywhere, anytime.


  • 100% safe

SpyX fully protects users' data and privacy. For all text messages, photos, videos, chat records, etc. on your husband's mobile phone, we only allow you to view them, and will never leak these data to any individual or a third-party platform. At the same time, from registration to purchase and use, we ensure user security and privacy at every step.


  • No need to jailbreak

Complex jailbreaks stop many users from tracking cheating spouses with Android/iOS phone trackers. What’s worse, jailbreak also damages the target phone. Some companies provide jailbreak services with high payments. SpyX doesn’t need jailbreak, which simplifies the whole process of spying on the cheating husband’s phone.


How to Use SpyX to Read Husband’s Text Messages Remotely?

After learning about Spxy's outstanding Android&iOS phone monitoring features, you must be eager to try it! Then let's follow the steps below to catch the cheater as soon as possible!


Step 1. Create a SpyX account


Sign up for a SpyX account with your email address.


Sign up for your own SpyX account for free in less than a minute.


Step 2. Connect husband’s phone with SpyX


Select the mobile phone model you want to monitor.


SpyX has a detailed guide with clear prompts for each step of the way to help you quickly view the contents of your husband's text messages.


Step 3. Start reading his text messages


Log in to the SpyX control panel and start monitoring mobile phone text messages.


Exciting step! Come to your SpyX panel, you can see all the data on your husband's iOS/Android phone! Click text messages on the left menu bar, then you can see all the chat history! And you can read your husband’s text messages without touching his phone.




Part 3: Can You Spy on Your Spouse's Text Messages for Free

How to check your husband’s text messages without touching his phone, I believe you have the answer in this article. 


You get what you pay for, and the free methods are not very confidential in operation and require good technical skills.


Modern spy apps vary in functionality, price, and performance. There are both paid and free options in the market. Security and privacy are paramount. 


To make sure you get your money's worth, we always have some special offers and discounts on our SpyX subscriptions. 


You don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy top-notch services! SpyX enables the most efficient tracking.


Part 4: Why Is My Husband Texting Another Woman

There are many reasons why your husband contacts other women under different circumstances. 


You need to find specific evidence before drawing a conclusion. Here are some potential reasons:


  • Friendships: He may have friendships with other women and maintain contact with familiar people of the opposite sex.
  • Work: Contacts may be professional or connected, maybe they are colleagues, clients or part of the same professional circle.
  • Shared Interests: They may have common interests or hobbies and discuss or participate in activities related to those interests.
  • Insecurity or need for attention: In some cases, a man may contact another woman because of insecurities or a desire for extra attention and approval.
  • Infidelity: While this is not always the case, touching other girls can be a sign of inappropriate behavior or a sign of emotional or physical infidelity.



Part 5: What Should I do If I Find out My Husband Is Cheating

Our world is imperfect, and deception happens all the time. If you read your husband's text messages and find out that he's cheating, you'll be faced with an immediate decision: what can you do now?


· Stay calm

After reading the text messages and photos of your husband flirting with others, no matter how angry or sad your heart is, please try to stay calm. You shouldn't cry for someone you don't love. You deserve to embrace a better life.


· Seek help from friends

You feel exhausted by your husband's betrayal, and you need someone to talk to. Then you can open up with your best friend and tell him how sad you are. The comfort and companionship of friends can help you get through tough times better.


· Re-establish trust

If you cherish the relationship, have a candid chat with your husband and listen to his thoughts and feelings. Then you decide whether to re-establish and reshape the relationship.


· Move forward

Don't punish yourself for the mistakes of others. It's your husband who made the mistake. Why do you cry bitterly and have trouble sleeping and eating? Cheer up, go for a run, go on a tour, and get a new haircut! Say goodbye to bad people and things and make yourself happy.



This blog mainly introduces three methods for “how can I read my husband's text messages without touching his phone”. SpyX phone tracker is the most reliable and effective way to check your husband’s text messages without him knowing. Want to know whether your spouse is cheating on you? Use the SpyX phone tracker to catch a cheater remotely.


FAQs about Tracking Husband's Text Messages  

Wondering if these methods for tracking your husband's texts raise some ethical questions? 


We understand. This FAQ section addresses some common concerns to help you navigate this situation thoughtfully.


Q1: How can I see my husband's text messages without his phone for free?

If you're worried about who your husband is texting or calling, there are some free ways to find out. If possible, check for texts while your husband is away from his phone. The free methods obviously carry some risk. 


You can start by watching the SpyX demo page, where you can not only monitor his text message history remotely, but also locate his mobile phone.


Q2: How do I know if my boyfriend is secretly cheating?

If your relationship has become estranged, you can use the SpyX cell phone tracker to find evidence of cheating and get to the bottom of it. 


SpyX is the best cell phone monitoring software. SpyX works in stealth mode to track all data of the target phone. 


As long as his mobile phone is successfully bound to yours, you can always know who he is chatting with late at night on Messenger.


Q3: Should I check my husband's phone?

Depending on the situation, if your husband is behaving erratically and your relationship becomes distant. 


And if your husband avoids problems and refuses to communicate, you can use third-party tools. 


SpyX allows you to view his phone remotely and help you find evidence of cheating. This monitoring process does not require contact with his mobile phone. 


You can start browsing the text messages he sends and receives within three minutes of remote operation.


Q4: How to tell if your boyfriend is hiding something on his phone?

It is worth noting that if your boyfriend is very cautious about you using his mobile phone. If he keeps deleting text messages or messages, it indicates that he is trying to cover his tracks. 


You can use SpyX cell phone tracker, there is no complicated technical operation and the monitoring process is completely invisible. 


Use SpyX to see all message records on your boyfriend’s phone in real-time. Includes deleted and hidden chat and call history.


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