How to monitor your spouse's cell phone without being noticed

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When you suspect your partner is cheating, sometimes monitoring their phone may be your only option. While trusting and respecting each other is very important in a healthy relationship, in some cases, knowing their actions may allow you to better protect your feelings and safety. In this case, SpyX is a very useful tool that can help you monitor your partner's phone without your knowledge.






However, if you have good reason to suspect that your partner is behind something that disturbs you, such as frequent outings, suspect phone calls and text messages, then you might consider using SpyX to monitor their phone. The great thing about using SpyX is that it enables surveillance without installing an app on the target phone, so your partner won't find out that you're spying.


In the case of suspected cheating, couple monitoring can help the other half obtain more information to confirm or rule out their own guesses. For example, if you find that the other party often sends text messages without telling you, increases the frequency of calls, frequently changes mobile phone passwords, etc., these may be the precursors of cheating. If the situation becomes more and more serious, there may even be situations where the other party refuses to take out or bring a mobile phone, etc. At this time, husband and wife monitoring is even more necessary.


In addition to suspicion of cheating, couple monitoring can also be used to care about the safety of the other half. For example, if the other party often works overtime, goes on business trips, drives to and from get off work, etc., the couple monitor can use the positioning function to understand the real-time location of the other party to ensure their safety. In addition, couple monitoring can also help the other half find a lost mobile phone and prevent the leakage of private information.


How to Track Secret phone Messages with SpyX

The operation of SpyX is very simple. You can follow the steps to track secret phone secret messages with SpyX.


Step 1. Sign up Free

Visit our website on any browser and sign up free with a valid email




Step 2. Add iCloud Details

Choose suitable plan, go ahead to bind the target device. Enter iCloud credentials of target phone.




Step 3. Start Monitoring

Log in to your SpyX dashboard and you can view the target phone.





1.2 Use Apple’s Built-In Feature to See spouse Messages

If your husband uses an iPhone, you can use Apple's built-in feature to read your spouse text messages. You need to get your spouse phone first, and then complete the settings below, so that every text message your husband sends will be automatically shared with you without him knowing.


Open "Settings" > "Messages" on his iOS.

Under the "Send and Receive Messages," use your email ID in the "Add an Email" option.



It is totally free.

The Operation is relatively simple.



Easy to be caught by your husband.

Can’t read deleted text messages or chat history.


Compared with SpyX:

1. The build-in feature of Apple can only track instant text messages while SpyX phone tracker allows you to read both updated messages and chat history.

2. SpyX is safer and totally undetectable. Your husband will find that your email link with his chats if you use built-in feature of Apple.


1.3 Use Hacking Tips to Read Text Messages

If you know some technology, you can hack your spouse phone and read text messages without him knowing. To read more chat records, you can hack some apps, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook. After the hack is successful, you can monitor your spouse phone remotely. You can pay hackers to help you hack your spouse phone.



1. You can track a lot of data except for text messages.

2. You can monitor your spouse phone remotely.



1. High technical requirements

2. It is likely to damage the performance of the target device or leak privacy.

3. It is easy to be caught and detected.

4. The process is complex


Compared with SpyX:

1. SpyX is simple to use without any technical requirements.

2. SpyX is 100% safe and reliable and will not interface the target phone or leak the private data of target phone to other person.

3. SpyX is hidden and undetectable.

4. Only three steps for Phone tracker to read your spouse text messages while hacking tips takes so much time.

To read your spouse text messages without touching his phone, never hesitate to choose SpyX phone tracker. It enables you to monitor your spouse phone activities remotely in-real time without him knowing.


Part 3. Conclusion

To sum up, SpyX provides a simple, safe and reliable way of monitoring, making couple monitoring easier and more efficient.


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