How to Detect and Remove Spyware on Android Phone

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Some malicious hackers who want to gain access to your phone may use spyware to keep track of everything you do. From browsing on the internet to sensitive transactions, this malicious spyware can get into anything. In this article, together, we will explore everything there is to know about spyware and how you can detect and remove it from your Android phone.


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What is spyware & where does spyware come from

Spyware is the kind of software that monitors your online activity and you won’t have any idea that you’re being tracked. Once spyware gains access to your digital world, it can collect sensitive information regarding your browsing history, login details, messages, credit card and bank details, location, and private photos. Typically, hackers use your sensitive information to collect some financial gains from you, hoping that you would be willing to pay huge bucks to keep yourself secure. Now, where does spyware come from on your Android phone? Here are the ways through which spyware can go beyond your digital premises. Nowadays people are also concerned about whether their mobile phones have spyware or not.


  • Spyware can slip into your Android phone after you download a malicious app inadvertently.
  • Various emails or text messages involve cybercriminals, who impersonate a legitimate company or a known entity, tricking you into downloading a file or opening a link, which grants access to malicious Android spyware.
  • Someone may download stalkerware onto your device, which can keep track of everything on your Android phone, allowing spyware to instill its roots within your device.


How spyware works

There are so many spy apps on the monitoring market, so how do they work? Let’s take SpyX, one of the most popular spy apps on the market, as an example to see how it works and what features it has.


SpyX has different connection solutions for different mobile phones. For iOS devices, users do not need to download apps and jailbreak, and can use cloud solutions to achieve remote monitoring. For Android users, SpyX provides users with a variety of connection options. Users can choose to use cloud solutions or download apps on the target device. No matter which method you choose, one of the biggest advantages of SpyX is that there will not be any icon on the target device. Because of this, the person being monitored will not notice. Moreover, SpyX runs in stealth mode and completely encrypts data transmission without leaking any user data privacy.


Main features:

Monitor 30+ apps: The most common ones are like GPS location, Calls, SMS, Photos & Videos, etc. There are also some advanced features like WiFi connection, keylogger, social media, apps installation and activity recording, etc.

Compatible with iOS & Android: SpyX is suitable for all Android and iPhone phones, so you don’t have to worry about device mismatch.

Security guarantee: Completely stealthy operating mode, encrypted transmission data, no icon on the mobile phone desktop, no need to worry about being discovered by target users.

Easy to operate: Diversified connection solutions meet users' various connection needs without jailbreaking. In some cases, binding can even be achieved without physical access.


Real data:

GPS Location: Users can view the current location and historical location of the target device.



WiFi connection: View all connected WiFi names, passwords and connection duration.



SMS & Call monitoring: Monitor all sent and received messages, even deleted text messages, and track incoming and outgoing calls, including call duration.



Install apps: Monitor which apps are installed on the target device and how long each app has been used.



Track social media: Monitor most mainstream social media apps, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, Line, Facebook, etc. You can view all social media updates, including chat messages, pictures, videos, posts, likes, comments, etc.



How to use SpyX spyware on Android

Using SpyX phone spy app, You only need to spend 2 minutes to complete the simple 3 steps.


Step 1) Create a free account with your email.



Step 2) Choose the Android device.



Step 3) Start monitoring!



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What signals does spyware have on Android phone

In the case of Android spyware, there are various signs that indicate you have fallen victim to the attacks of malicious hackers. If you’re receiving odd calls and messages, it might be a signal that your Android phone has spyware. Moreover, if you’re witnessing unusual social media activity, which you have no idea about, can also be a red alert for you.


If the problem is taking root from a specific app or an email, you need to delete it immediately without opening it or else you might regret it. Similarly, SMS messages may contain links that can trick you into downloading spyware on Android phones, and if you come across such text messages, delete them right away.


Another signal that provides you with an indication that you have spyware on your Android phone is if your phone goes missing and reappears with entirely different settings or some changes that you aren’t familiar with.


How to detect spyware on Android phone

By design and definition, spyware remains hidden, making it hard to detect. There won’t be any apps on your Android phone that will clearly indicate that they are the culprit behind everything that has been going wrong with your phone. However, there are other signs that you can consider to detect spyware on Android phones.


  • Unexplained crashes or slowdowns: Whenever you use certain apps, they freeze or the web browser or any other app takes forever to load, it’s a sign.
  • The battery is draining much faster: As we mentioned earlier, spyware remains hidden and quietly gets the job done. However, in doing so, it takes a toll on your battery, making it drain a lot faster than before.
  • Different or New Apps/Settings: If you’re seeing apps that you’ve never seen before or settings that you don’t remember updating, it may indicate a breach.
  • Constant overheating: While normal phone usage can cause some warmth, spyware on your Android phone can cause constant overheating.


How to remove spyware from Android phone

Removing spyware is tricky, but we have compiled the top four ways through which you can remove spyware from Android phones, and keep your little digital friend safe. Below is a detailed overview of each option along with the steps you need to take to remove that malicious Android spyware.


Option1: Use anti-spyware software

The first option is the usage of anti-spyware software, which can be acquired through the Play Store apps. Now, when it comes to downloading anti-spyware software, you need to be vigilant and download the app that is the most reliable and safest out there. For that, you can check their reviews and ratings.


Step 1: Download and Install the Anti-Spyware Software

Once you’ve decided on an app or software, you need to download and install it into your Android phone.

Step 2: Run the Antivirus Scan on your Android Phone

After you’ve set up your app, you need to run an antivirus scan on your Android to detect any kind of malicious spyware on Android.

Step 3: Remove the Spyware

Once your app has detected the spyware, follow the instructions to remove it along with other threats that may put your privacy in jeopardy.


Option2: Start safe mode on Android phone

The second option is to put your Android in a safe mode, preventing all third-party apps from running. Here’s how you can put your Android in a safe mode.


Step 1: Hold Down the Power Button

For power off and restart options to appear, begin by holding down the power button of the Android phone.

Step 2: Reboot your Android to Safe Mode

Long press the option of power off until the option of “Reboot to Safe Mode” appears. Once it does, put your phone into safe mode by tapping “OK”. Then, in the bottom left, an indication will appear that will suggest that your Android has been put into safe mode.


Option3: Review app permissions, update system and apps

In many cases, spyware gains entry into your Android phone through malicious apps, which is why it is important to review app permissions and update your system.


Step 1: Navigate to Apps & Notifications

You need to start by opening the Settings of your phone and then click on “Apps”, and then “Apps & Notifications.”

Step 2: Uninstall Unfamiliar Apps from your Android

Now, clearly analyze your apps, and the ones you don’t recognize, and uninstall them immediately. If there are certain apps you’re not sure about, Google them and see what other people have to say about them. If it’s all negative, you know what you have to do.

Step 3: Remove Permissions if you can’t uninstall the App

Some apps may take turn the tables on you and refuse to be uninstalled. In this case, you’ll need to remove device administrator permissions. For that, keep this route in mind, which goes like this Settings > Security > Advanced > Device Administrators, and once you reach the end, uncheck the boxes, that are present next to the malicious app.

Step 4: Go Back to the List to Uninstall the Malicious App

Once you’ve deactivated the device admin app, you need to navigate your way back to the list, and then uninstall the app that you weren’t able to before. You can do the same thing with unfamiliar apps that look suspicious or you don’t recognize them.

Step 5: Restart your Android Phone

Now, you’ve removed all the malicious apps and you want to test it out. For that, restart your phone and boot it up to normal mode, and if everything is going fine, you’ve gotten rid of all Android spyware.

To keep yourself extra secure and safe, update your Android system and apps to install the latest security patches. To update your Android, you can navigate this route Settings > About Phone > Check for Updates > Install. To update your apps, you can go to Google Play Store > Profile Icon > Manage Apps & Device > Update.


Option4: Perform a factory reset (Last Resort)

If none of the above-mentioned options work for you, you can use the last resort, which is Factory Reset. By performing a factory reset, you will erase all data from your Android phone including spyware, which is why it is recommended that you back up your data to avoid losing important data.

Note: You need to back up the data before you start witnessing spyware issues.

Now, here are the steps to perform a factory reset on your Android phone.


Step 1: Navigate to Reset Options

You can find Reset Options by first opening the Settings of your phone and then tap on System.

Step 2: Perform Factory Reset

Once you reach the Reset Options, you will see several options, and there you need to tap on “Factory Data Reset” or “Erase All Data”, which is another form of factory reset. Tap on “Reset Device” to confirm the action.

Step 3: Provide your PIN or Password

To further confirm the factory reset, type your PIN or password in the required field, and then wait till the reset finishes. Once your phone restarts, it will ask you for a backup, and this is where you need to select the backup that occurred before the spyware got hold of your Android phone.


How do you keep spyware off your device

If you’ve taken all spyware out of your Android phone, there are still some measures you need to take to prevent the same thing from happening again. Here are the things that you need to consider to keep spyware off your device.


  • Change passwords regularly: Spyware is designed to get hold of your sensitive data such as passwords and other security patches. Therefore, to keep spyware at bay, you need to regularly update your passwords and make them as strong as possible by using a combination of small and capital letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • Browse Secure Websites: Before you click on any website, make sure you carefully check the website. One tip: Verified and safe websites always start with HTTPS, where “S” stands for secure, demonstrating that the website has an up-to-date security certificate.
  • Keep systems and software updated: To improve your phone’s security, keep your system and software updated because updates always come with the latest security patches that can help fix vulnerabilities and any other threats that may lurk around.



Can someone install spyware on my phone without me knowing?

Sure, there are some mobile phone monitoring apps on the market that can remotely monitor target devices. Like the SpyX phone monitoring app, It works in completely stealth mode, no icon will appear on the target device, and it can monitor all data on the target device without the person being monitored knowing it.


Can spyware see everything?

Most spyware claims to be able to monitor everything on the target device, but is this really true? No, in fact many brands are exaggerating and they cannot monitor everything as they say. In this regard, we have made a complete evaluation of the apps on the market that monitor Android phones, you can click on Inventory of the best spy apps for Android to see their most realistic situation.


Can someone spy on my phone through linked contacts?

No, it is not possible to spy on your phone just because you have contacts identical to those on someone else’s phone or through linked contacts.


How are people reading my texts?

Malicious hackers can use spyware to read your texts along with all the other sensitive information that you have on your phone. It can be done through phishing emails or texts, unfamiliar apps, or if someone physically downloads spyware on your Android phone. Once the spyware breaches your digital world, those people can read your texts. If this thing has happened to you, we recommend any of the above-mentioned methods to keep spyware off your device.


Is it illegal to spy on family members?

Family members always look out for each other and they don’t want to see their loved ones getting into trouble, which is why they take help from spyware apps on Android. However, the legality of spying on family members generally depends on local laws.

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