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Once in a while, we all have been quite curious and fascinated with spying on someone’s phone. For an employee or a parent, this crosses their mind almost every other day. However, there are some people who can deal with their curiosity but for those who can’t, you’ve certainly landed on the right page. In this article, we will explore all the methods through which you can install spyware on Android and iPhone, depending on what phone your target owns. So, without further ado, let’s see what spyware installing methods wait for you!


Part 1. Is remote installation of spying apps possible

Remote installation of the spying app can be difficult, yes, but with the help of specific methods, you can get there in no time. That's right, you can use Spyx, Spyx allows you to remotely spy on the target device without installing any software. So, if you want to ease your way out of installing spyware apps remotely, keep on reading.


Part 2. How to remotely spy on someone's phone without installing spyware -Using Spyx

2.1. Why no installation needed for Spyx monitoring

Spyx is currently the only spy app that is compatible with both Android and iPhone, and does not require the remote installation of any software on the target device. To understand why Spyx achieves monitoring without the need for software installation on the target device, we need to explore the main connection methods available in the market:


App Installation: This involves installing an app on the target device, a method offered by the majority of monitoring solutions. However, it requires physical access to the target device and takes time to complete the installation and connecting process.


Cloud Solution: This method relies on cloud account authentication for connection. It doesn't necessitate any software installation on the target device; remote monitoring is achieved through cloud authentication.


USB Connection: Using a USB cable to connect to the target Android or iPhone, this method also requires physical access to the cell phone.


Jailbreaking: This involves jailbreaking the target phone and then installing an spy app on it. This method is technically challenging, and while some monitoring software claims to offer remote jailbreaking support, it is not recommended.


In summary, Spyx utilizes a cloud-based solution to facilitate monitoring, eliminating the need for remote spyware installation on the target device. Users can achieve tracking without even physically accessing the target phone.

2.2. What is Spyx

Spyx is an emerging spy app in 2023 that has revolutionized traditional monitoring solutions. Its introduction completely breaks the limitations of previous monitoring approaches, pioneering the concept of achieving remote monitoring on both Android and iOS without the need for installing monitoring software. The connection process is remarkably simple, requiring just three easy steps that you can accomplish in the time it takes to buy a cup of coffee. You might be concerned that without installing any app, its monitoring capabilities might be compromised. However, there's no need to worry – its monitoring features are truly cutting-edge. Without further ado, let's assess the true capabilities of Spyx together!

2.3. Features of Spyx

  • No need to install spy software on the target phone.
  • Doesn't require physical access to the mobile phone.
  • Powerful tracking features: text messages, GPS location, photos, videos, WhatsApp, Facebook, and more—30+ data types accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • User friendly—connect in just 2 minutes.
  • Stealth mode: No app or icon on the target phone. 100% secure and 100% undetectable.
  • Tracking in real-time: Spy on a cell phone anytime, anywhere. Data of the target device is instantly updated on the Spyx dashboard.
  • High compatibility: Supports all Android and iOS systems.
  • No rooting or jailbreak requirements.

2.4. What data Spyx can spy on

DeviceGeneral FeaturesSocial Media


GPS locations



Call logs


Installed apps

Wi-Fi networks
























GPS Locations

Browser History

Browser bookmark



Installed APPs




Wi-Fi networks

iCloud Drive


WhatsApp Business










2.5. Step by step guide to use Spyx to spy on someone's phone remotely

Step 1. Click on "Sign Up Free".

Step 2. Create an account.

Step 3. Choose the device you want to monitor—select "Android" for an Android phone and "iPhone" for monitoring an iPhone.

Step 4. Start monitoring.

Step 5. Spy on the target device.

Now, in Spyx's dashboard, you can spy on the target phone effortlessly. Monitor various data like text messages, call logs, GPS location, WhatsApp, and more.

  • GPS location.
  • WhatsApp. 



Part 3. Beware of common scams of spy App remote installation

Installing spy apps remotely is certainly possible, but there are some rip-offs that you need to be vigilant about.

(1) Remote installation via Bluetooth

Various spying apps may claim that you can easily install spyware remotely with the help of Bluetooth technology. Before you begin using this method, here are some things you need to keep in mind.


First of all, if you’re looking to set up a connection through Bluetooth, the wireless technology must be turned on both devices and this doesn’t end here. Once you’re done setting up a connection, you’ll need to begin the process of pairing, which is just as complicated as downloading spyware on someone’s phone by running a download URL.


A cherry on top for this method is that to connect the Bluetooth, both devices should be present within the same room, or within a specific range. Usually, it is said that both devices should be within 20 to 30 feet in range to secure a strong Bluetooth connection.


That is why, installing spyware through Bluetooth is an impractical approach, and if some app is telling you otherwise, close that app immediately!

(2) Remote install the spy app via email or message

Another rip-off that can come your way is the remote installation of a spy app using an email or a message on the target device. In this process, you’ll need to send an image to the target phone via email or a message, and then you will ask the target person to open that image. Once they open that image, the installation of the program will begin, letting you roam around your target’s phone easily and without them knowing.


Here’s the catch: You might get into trouble if you don’t know what you’re putting yourself into. Many websites claim that their spy apps are the best and with those, you can easily install spyware on Android and iPhone remotely. But what you don’t know is that some websites may get access to your device without your knowledge. So, you need to be aware of these luring claims unless you want to get trapped.

(3) Spy on a cell phone using the phone number or calling the target device

Some websites make huge claims that you can easily spy on a cell phone using a phone number or calling the target device. This method is not only illegal (in some places) but also impossible to begin with because sometimes, the information provided isn’t correct, leading to a loss of a few bucks before you realize what’s happening.

(4) Remotely install spy app via hacking

Another method through which you can remotely install spy apps is through the help of hackers. Now, most hackers will claim that you won’t have to do anything as they will take care of everything. But, in order to do that, you’ll have to pay huge bucks in advance. What’s the downside of this? If the hackers don’t do their jobs, you will lose all your money.


Plus, never ever trust a hacker to install a spy app remotely on someone’s cell phone simply because we can’t trust them. They may get their hands on some private data, risking a person’s privacy.


Part 4. Reasons to install spy software on cell phone remotely

There can be a number of reasons why someone would want to install spy software on someone’s cell phone remotely, but there are three major ones that get our attention.


Parents looking out for their children

Our first category is the worrisome parents who want to know whether their child’s online activity is safe or not. For that, parents can use spy software to watch certain activities of their children. For instance, parents can use this software to know whether their child has been watching pornography to nip the situation in the bud.


Employers looking out for their organization

Employers of an organization can use spy software for selective monitoring of their employees. For instance, employers can go through what employees do with the email, proprietary software, and chat apps of the company to know whether the employees building the reputation of the company or tarnishing it.


Individuals want to monitor everything

Another reason to install spy software on a cell phone is to monitor everything a person does on his/her cell phone. This can be parents or employees who want to know every single detail of their children or just someone who’s looking out for their loved ones. By installing spy software, a person can monitor the target person’s location, text messages, call logs, etc.


Part 5. FAQs

1. How to install spy software on a cell phone remotely?

You can install spy software on a cell phone remotely through Spyx. Spyx is a software that has been designed to spy on someone remotely, you can use this software to your advantage.


2. How to install spyware on Android?

You can install spyware on Android by using Spyx. All you need to do is follow the above-mentioned steps, and you will install spy software on someone’s Android in no time.


3. How to install spyware on iPhone?

Spyx is the software through which you can install spyware on an iPhone. Once you create an account on this platform, you will be spying on someone’s iPhone remotely, and without them knowing.


4. How to spy on an iPhone from Android?

You can easily spy on an iPhone from Android with the help of Spyx. This software can help you gather insights on a wide range of data, depending on your choice.


5. Is it legal to install spyware on Android and iPhone remotely?

The legality of installing spyware on Android and iPhone remotely depends on local laws.


Part 6. Conclusion

That’s it! This is how you can install spyware on Android and iPhone remotely and without your target person knowing, and by now, we can all declare Spyx as the king in this regard. Whether you’re a parent or an employer, you can easily track the whereabouts of your target person in just a few simple steps. However, watch out for the common scams of the remote installation of spy apps because they can get you in mighty big trouble.

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