How to Listen to Someone's Cell Phone Calls Remotely

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When the phone rings, you partner answers the call quickly. But you can only hear one aspect of the conversion. Your partner repeat the following words, “oh, oh, ok, oh, oh, yeah, ok, ok, yes, ok, ok, fine, bye.” This kind of vague expression makes you curious. Who he is talking to? What are the exact content they are talking about. We want to get the answer about the above questions. But we don’t want to leave jealous or controlling impression. So, what will you do? You can buy suitable phone tracker to meet your curiosity.


Listen to Someone's Cell Phone Calls Remotely



If you suspect the phone activities of your beloved one, you can listen to their phone calls to make sure whether they are in trouble. With SpyX phone tracker, people can listen to cellphone calls remotely regardless of girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, wife, husband, children and other family members. We tend to be curious as well as hold the protecting desire. Let’s explore the spy software to listen to someone's cell phone calls remotely.


Part 1. Can I Listen to Someone's Cell Phone Conversation

Yes. Of course people can listen to you through your phone. Here are mainly three ways to listen to someone cellphone calls.


1. Near the phone when calling

Some people like to talk on the phone with the sound of the phone playing out. So you can get close enough to hear what they are talking


2. Spy Apps

It is simple and direct way to listen to someone cell phone calls. Spy App can access phone and track valuable information, such as phone calls, text messages, GPS locations, emails, photo. App can intercept every kind of electronic communication, whether it is calls or web connections.


3. Hacker Attach

You must hear about hacker. Yes, another way someone can listen to you through your live phone is through a hacker. Hackers can easvesdrop on calls and track people’s location with just their number.


Part 2. How to Listen to Someone Cell Phone Calls with SpyX Phone Tracker

If you want to spy someone’s cell phone calls, phone tracker software is the most effective method, like SpyX. With SpyX, you can listen to phone calls with ease and convenience. As a unique spying app, SpyX is free with demo view. Here are three subscription plan for you. It is more than worth the money. Some features include the following:


Listen to someone speaking live on their phone

Phone call spying

Phone call recording

Accessing device call logs

Turning on the phone’s microphone to record the surrounding

Stealth mode(invisibility, running in the background)

Reading messages


If you are not sure whether it is worth to purchase SpyX phone tracker, you can visit our website to view demo for details. What’s more, SpyX doesn’t need root or jailbreak for target device. So you can listen to cellphone calls without hassle.


How to use SpyX to spy someone’s cellphone calls

To listen to someone’s cellphone calls with SpyX, you can following the steps:


Step 1. Create a SpyX account with valid email. Pick up suitable subscription plan.




Step 2. Add the target device with SpyX and start monitoring.




Step 3. Go to SpyX dashboard and click phone calls. Here you can listen to cellphone calls remotely.





What Makes SpyX Phone Tracker Outstanding?

Internet has become essential part of our daily life. Though it can bring much benefits for our children, such as searching related information for preparing reports, communicating with friends on social media, disadvantages still exist.


From cyberbullying to predators on the internet, many problems needs solved on the internet. At that time, SpyX phone track can monitor the activities on the children’s phone, which can help parents and family members a lot.


SpyX is affordable and easy to use. It provide three subscription plans for users, 1 month plan, 3 months plan, 12 months plan. So you can choose the most suitable phone tracking plan. The price depends on the term of the subscription. The longer you subscribe, the greater your savings.


Part 3. How to Listen to Someone's Phone Calls without Them Knowing for Free

Google Voice is a perfect choice. Whether you are an Android or iOS user, if you want to listen to cellphone calls for free, you can choose Google voice. It enables you to record incoming and outgoing calls.


Before listening to someone’s cellphone calls, you need to transfer your phone number to Google Voice. Then follow the next operation steps.


Step 1. Open the Google Voice website.


Step 2. Enter your login information.


Step 3. Locate the gear in the top right corner and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.


Step 4. Open the Phone Calls tab.


Step 5. Locate the Enable Recording option.


Step 6. Press number ”4” during or before an active call. If you’d like to stop call recording, just hit ”4” again. All recordings are saved automatically.


If you’d like to listen to what you’d previously recorded, this is what you need to do:


Step 1. Open the Google Voice app


Step 2. Open the menu from the top left corner


Step 3. Select the Recorded option


Step 4. Locate the exact call you’d like to listen to


Step 5. Press the Play icon.


Part 4. How to Monitor Someone Phone Calls with NoNotes App

You can also consider call recording apps, such as NoNotes. This app is free to use for 20 minutes every day and you can listen to incoming and outgoing calls.


Here’s how to listen to cell phone calls:


1. Enter your phone number, a six-digit PIN, and email address

2. Once done, you will be able to record both inbound and outbound phone calls.

3. Perform the same process on the target device

4. The call recording will be sent to the email you entered during the signup process.


Part 5. How to Spy on Cell Phone Conversions with Call Recording App

Call recording app is also useful, like TapeACall app. It has the features as recording all incoming and outgoing calls, recording long conversations, uploading recordings to Dropbox, Evernote, or Google Drive. The best point is that you can use the app with 7-day free trial.


And the whole operation steps are very simple. Download the app, purchase a subscription plan, start recording.


Part 6. Some Misconceptions about Phone Call Eavesdropping

Maybe you think that all phone monitoring app can allow someone to listen to phone calls. In fact, only some great phone monitor has the feature of listening to someone’s calls. Most phone tracker in the market can track usual data on the phone, such as GPS locations, text messages, photos. But they can’t record phone calls.


For spyware that targets backup data, it can be used to gain lots of other important and private data, it can’t be used for listening to phone calls.


Part 6. How to Tell If Someone Is Listening to Your Phone Calls

You can pay attention to the following signs for suspicious activity.


Increased data usage

A common symptom of a hacked phone is a dramatic increase in mobile data usage as the malware is constantly sending data from the phone to the hacker.


1. Battery life decreasing

If your phone simply isn’t lasting as long, that’s a good sign that there are extra program running in the background of your device stealing it’s juice.


2. Slow performance

We all wish our phones were faster, but if it’s not normal for your phone then it’s another sign that something is stealing processing power.


3. Background noise

If you hear strange noises whilst you are on a phone call then that is a very good sign that the call is being interrupted in some way. This could include someone else recording or listening in on your call.




Q1. Can someone listen to your phone conversion through your phone?

Yes, people can listen to your phone conversion through your phone. The article introduces the paid and free methods to listening to someone’s cellphone calls.


Q2. Is it possible to eavesdrop on a cell phone?

Yes, it is possible to eavesdrop on a cellphone, what you should know is that not all spyware can monitor the phone calls. SpyX will be your priority choice if you want to monitor beloved cellphone calls.


Q3. How can you tell if someone is listening to your phone calls?

Here are some obvious signs, such as increased data usage, battery life decreasing, slow performance, background noise.


Q4. Is there an app to listen to someone’s cell phone calls?

SpyX can help you listen to someone’s cellphone calls remotely. It is totally safe and undetectable. Whatever you use Android or iPhone, you don’t need root or jailbreak. As web-based service, you don’t need app installation.


Q5. Can my husband listen to my phone calls?

Of course he can do that. Anyone who use parental control app or phone tracker can listen to someone’s phone calls remotely.

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