10 Best Free WiFi Blocker Apps for Android & iOS

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Do you ever feel like your home Wi-Fi network is getting overrun by devices?  Maybe unwanted guests are leeching off your bandwidth, slowing down your internet connection.  


Or perhaps you want to control your kids' screen time by limiting their internet access during specific hours. If so, a WiFi blocker app might be the solution you're looking for!  


This guide dives into the 10 best free wifi blocker apps available for both Android and iOS devices, helping you find the perfect tool to take control of your home network. For the sake of family happiness, many people are also looking for the best Snapchat monitoring apps and want to find the truth.


WiFi Blocker Apps


How Does the WiFi Blocker App Work

WiFi blockers, also known as WiFi jammers, WiFi signal blockers. WiFi blockers are mainly used to control and limit WiFi usage. 


WiFi blockers work by using signals to interfere with the connection of WiFi devices and networks. Using a WiFi blocker is an effective way to suppress and block WiFi signals by emitting radio waves or electromagnetic signals of the same frequency as WiFi signals.


wifi signal jammer



10 Best Free WiFi Blocker Apps for iOS Users

The Internet is everywhere, in cafes, shopping malls, libraries, and other places. If your child links to some WiFi and visits inappropriate sites, the impact on them is very big. 


So in order to ensure their children's Internet safety, parents need to set the WiFi that their children's phones can connect to.


To save you time and effort, we've reviewed 10 popular WiFi Blocker Apps on the market. Let's take a look at their features. 


1. SpyX WiFi Blocker

If you are considering a parental control app with WiFi blocking, then SpyX is the best wifi blocker app for you. With SpyX, you can control the target phone and block WiFi remotely. You can also know what network your child is connecting to.




As a responsible parent, you don't just want to block some WiFi, you want to know what your kids are doing with their phones. 


For example, what apps have been installed, who has he talked to, what have they talked about, where has he been recently, and so on? 


SpyX meets all of these needs. Also, when you use SpyX to remotely monitor your child's phone, he won't notice. Because SpyX is completely invisible and can't be detected.


Features of the App

  • Can view the WiFi name, the connection time, and the duration of use
  • GPS location, see the real-time and historical location information of the device
  • Record phone browsing history
  • View photos&video
  • Capture all text messages received, sent, and deleted on the device
  • See all call details: name, number, duration, email.
  • Tracking popular social apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, WeChat, etc.



  • Support for both Android and iOS devices
  • Hide the identity information, the data security guarantee
  • No need to download the app
  • Fast data synchronization
  • Support eight languages


Step 1. Sign up Free

Before using SpyX, you need to create a free account with your valid email.



Step 2. Add the device you want to monitor

Choose a suitable device (Android/iOS) based on your needs.



Step 3. Start Blocking WiFi

Open the Dashboard using your SpyX account to monitor every aspect of the target device.




2. WiFi Blocker-Router Admin Setup

Block WiFi-Router Admin Setup is an IP scanner and WiFi scanner. It is the simplest network scanner. Block WiFi-Router Admin Setup lets you locate your router password and WiFi setup page. 


It not only informs you of the devices linked to your wireless network but also displays details about the current network, including MAC, IP Address, and Device Names. 


Block WiFi-Router Admin Setup gives users and administrators access to the most widely used network utilities on their PCs.


WiFi Blocker – Router Admin Setup


3. WiFi Blocker on the App Store

The WiFi Blocker app will modify how you operate your home network and use WiFi. 


With WiFi Blocker, you can block any individual or group of devices from internet access, find your WiFi passwords, see who's online, and group devices into profiles to easily organize your network. 


  • Take Control of your WiFi
  • With just a single button click, manage your child's internet access
  • Restrict bandwidth hogs
  • Individually block any devices on your router quickly
  • Staffing documents can be created to group each user's devices
  • According to the user profile, pause internet access during bedtime, dinner, or family event
  • See who is currently using your WiFi router and see specific device information
  • Set 'Never Block Device' filters
  • Rename devices to friendly names
  • View/Copy WiFi passwords
  • No third-party hardware is needed, but before purchase, you must have a compatible router
  • No subscriptions, single purchase.
  • Works only on your local wifi; no cloud
  • No Adverts


4. Who Steals My WiFi

WiFi Monitor and WiFi Scanner app is a wifi tool to view who is on my WiFi and who steals my WiFi. 


The app WiFi Scanner has the ability to scan your WiFi network and identify devices that are linked to it. It can tell who is using "my WiFi" and who has stolen its speed.


If you discover that the WiFi network isn't moving quickly, The Who Steals My WiFi app can assist you in figuring out who is using your network without your permission.


Who Steals My WiFi shows all the devices that are logged into your wifi. You can test the app by disconnecting all your devices and connecting them again. It shows the devices with their IP address.


Who Steals My WiFi


5. MyWiFizone

With this program, you can convert your wireless network into a WIFI hotspot. 


You do not need to purchase pricey hardware or modify your router because it may operate on any Windows 2000 or Windows XP PC linked to your network. 


It prevents you from utilizing your PC as a router, setting up complicated router software, or setting up Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).




Site Control Center features:

  • Username and password-protected secure portal
  • Select the default language
  • Choose subscription: one-time purchases or monthly subscriptions
  • Payments can be made in up to 5 currencies
  • Monitor site usage and transactions;
  • View messages from visitors.
  • Personalization of your WiFi splash page
  • Upload your logo and enter a welcome message for your splash page;
  • Add links in your message to websites that users can access without charge (also known as a walled garden)
  • Redirect visitors to your home page or other site after purchase/login;
  • Increased share of site revenue.


6. Fing-Network Tools

For both PC and mobile devices, Fing-Networks is the best wifi blocker app for android. 


The most effective approach to perform security checks, device identification, and network and IP analysis”. 


You can maximize your home network by using Fing. See every device linked to your WiFi, as well as track the security and speed of your internet.




7. Who Uses My WiFi

Your Wireless network runs slowly, and you think someone is using your Wi-Fi and internet without your knowledge. 


What do you do in such situations? If you're seeking the quickest, simplest method to keep an eye on how many people are using your WiFi network and to obtain device information, you’ve come to the right place. 


You can solve that with the aid of this application.


8. WiFi Scanner & Analyzer

With the help of WiFi Analyzer, you can learn useful details about nearby wireless signals. The app has almost 1 million installed on other platforms.


  • Helps you to find a better place for a Wi-Fi receiver
  • Provides details about every wifi channel.
  • Show signal strength in the history graph
  • Recommends you best channel for new AP


Could NOT be working on Windows 10 Insider Preview (beta version of upgrade from 8.1).


9. Comsat

Comsat is one of the best wifi blockers to control and manage your router. It can control the whole system of Internet access via Wi-Fi, and provide content filtering for people. 


If you want to create a safe internet for your children, you can block access to violence, sex, and other similar content.


Comsat provides you with a list of devices connected to the network, and you can control their access and sharing.


It should be noted at once that the application is designed to work with Roqos Core and therefore does not work with other types of devices.


10. Who Is on My WiFi

As we know, most modern wireless networks are typically encrypted. Wireless encryption makes sure that someone who doesn’t have the encryption password can’t spy on you and can't steal your private information. 


When someone connects to your wireless network, the encryption no longer affects your security with regard to them, either because the person was able to get your password or because you shared it with them.


who is on my wifi


Features of the App:

  • Customize the name and icon of your devices
  • Access to the router configuration web page
  • History of devices and networks analyzed
  • Export in CSV, XML, and json format
  • Import backups in JSON format


When Should You Use WiFi Blockers

WiFi blockers offer a powerful tool for managing wireless connectivity, but their use comes with considerations. In this section, we'll explore scenarios where WiFi blockers might be a suitable solution:


Confidential Meetings

Using a WiFi blocker can help protect your company's information and prevent it from being leaked. 


Employees won't be able to post on social media or send any audiovisual content via the internet using phones or other devices.


Ensure Peace and Quiet

WiFi blockers can ensure peace and quiet in your location. If certain places need a quiet environment, such as exam rooms, or libraries, a WiFi blocker can be very good to meet the needs. 


Everyone present can enjoy the here and now without being affected by noisy announcements.


Stop Distractions

WiFi blockers can prevent you and those around you from being distracted by the internet. As a result, you'll guarantee a productive atmosphere. One of the most common uses for WiFi blockers is in educational institutions. 


It can be difficult to get online when teachers want their students to put down their electronics and focus on the lesson or assignment. WiFi blockers will eliminate temptation, allowing students to concentrate.


Prevent Hacking

Turning on your WiFi blocker at night and any other time you aren’t using the internet will stop devices from being able to connect to your router. 


As a consequence, nobody will be able to get into your network and access the data that is kept on your devices. 


Although you can't always keep an eye on what's happening with your internet, you can at least stop it from happening when you're not actively monitoring it.


Disconnect Unwanted Devices

Using a WiFi blocker can stop surveillance equipment from sending these recordings over the internet. 


Additionally, it may aid in the prevention of frightful crimes like webcam hacking, which captures you using the camera on your device so that somebody on the other side of the net can view you.


Prevent Cheating

WiFi blockers can prevent students from cheating. If they need to take the tests on their devices, they can download the document before you block the WiFi. 


You may prevent students from using their phones to look up answers while taking a paper test.


Parental Control

WiFi blocker is also another effective method of parental control. If they visit some bad sites or browse inappropriate content, you can control their access to the Internet when needed.


FAQs about Using WiFi Blocker

Thinking about using a WiFi blocker? This FAQ section addresses some common questions to ensure you understand its functionality and potential implications before setting one up.


Q1. Are WiFi jammers illegal?

No, it is legal to block your WiFi if you're using it on your personal router. Your internet connection is only accessible to you. 


It is an excellent method of guaranteeing a secure surfing experience and stopping hackers from attracting information.


Q2. What does a WiFi Blocker do?

With SpyX WiFi Blocker, you can control a target phone and block WiFi remotely. 


You can also track browsing history, installed apps, text messages, social media chats, photos, videos, GPS locations, etc,.


Q3. Is there an app that can block WiFi?

Of course, there is an app that can block WiFi. SpyX WiFi blocker is the best WiFi blocker. 


It is a kind of online service. You even don’t need to download or install the app on the target phone. 


You only need to bind the cloud account to connect the device, then you can use it. SpyX WiFi blocker is very convenient.


Q4. How far does the WiFi blocker work?

SpyX WiFi blocker can be controlled remotely, no matter how far away. 


As long as the target device is connected, the user can view the data of the target device anytime and anywhere. Users don't need to worry about distance.



After learning about the 10 best free wifi blocker apps, which would you want to try? Hope those apps can help you out with your problems.


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