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Facebook is the top-rated social media app in 2022. It claims 2.9 billion active users this year. Founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, this app is available in 112 languages. Many rely on this app for relationships, jobs, buying or selling products, and many more activities. Hacking a Facebook account means you will have access to the targeted person's photo, video news feed, and messages. Wait a minute! Is Hacking legal? The answer is a simple NO. But being a parent or employer, you can hack accounts of your kids and employees. You want to hack a Facebook account which is effortlessly possible through different spy apps.



Top 10 Best Facebook Hacking Software

Following are the top 10 best Facebook hacking software:


1. Spyx

SpyX is one of the best Facebook hacking app. You can comfortably spy on your targeted person's Facebook and Messenger activities. The targeted person's sent and received multimedia files can be tracked through this app. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. Following are some of the features of this Facebook and Messenger spy app. SpyX claims to have 98% of satisfied customers.


• Facebook notifications spy

• Facebook posts spy

• Spy being undetected

• Spy Messenger chat

Facebook calls spy

• Get all data to your dashboard

• Facebook used GPS location


2. Spyic

Spyic is also reliable for accessing Facebook pictures, videos, messages, chats, calls, friends lists, etc. The keylogger feature gives you access to each message that has been sent. It also monitors other social media apps. It needs only 2MB of space and consumes limited battery power. It takes a single click to uninstall this app. Spying claims 96% satisfied customers.Following are some of the features:


• You can track all undetected Facebook activities because they work in the background.

• Affordable and economical

• Facebook activities tracking

• Messenger tracking

• All messages sent or received monitoring

• All incoming and outgoing calls monitoring


3. XNSpy

XNSPY  has unique features. Screen recording is one of the features which stands out in this app. It is also considered one of the best Facebook hack applications.

It offers many features:

• Screen recording

• Calls recordings

• Tracking of GPS location

• SMA and IM Chats

• 24/7 instant alerts

• Remotely controls any device

• WI-FI network LOGS

• Keylogger

• Email monitoring

• Multimedia monitoring

• Remote access to phone memory and SD card

With all these features, it is a versatile app for hacking Facebook and Instagram accounts.The software is easy to install and affordable. If you want a refund, it is also possible within ten days.


4. Hoverwatch

It is a free mobile tracker. It tracks all Facebook activities and Messenger chats. Hoverwatch claims to be installed on 12 million devices. It offers different purchasing packages. Monthly, quarterly or annual. You can choose anyone suitable. This app categorically claims to be the best for Facebook tracking.

Following are some of the features:

• Remain completely invisible

• Track all text messages and calls

• Facebook tracking

• Geolocation tracking

• Front camera photo tracking

• Notification about Sim card replacement

• Tracking of more than one account

• Phone Internet history tracking

• To-do list tracking

• Contacts tracking screenshot spying

Hoverwatch is compatible with both Android and iOS.


5. CocoSpy

According to CocoSpy officials, 96% of customers are satisfied. Like all other spy apps, it works in the background. It is compatible with iPad, iPhones, phones, and tablets on Android 4 or higher. It takes less than 5 minutes to install. Installation is possible even in hidden mode. Following are some of the salient features:

• Monitoring contacts

• Tracking Facebook

• Tracking call logs

• Geo-fence

• Browse History

• Stealth mode

• Duo Messenger

• Keylogger

• Tracking photos and videos

Keeping all these features in mind, it is one of the best Facebook hacking apps.


6. iKeymonitor

iKeymonitor is considered one of the best parental control apps. For the sake of your children's security, to protect them from cyberattacks and other predators, and to avoid all storm clouds, install this software. Kids share their personal and family information online and then get bullied and blackmailed. 65% of teenagers are a victim of cyberbullying. The features support the idea of keeping an eye on your kid. They are:

• Compatible with Android and iOS

• All chats monitoring

• All calls monitoring

• Geo-fencing

• Screen timing control

• Email Alerts

• Facebook notifications alert

• Facebook chats monitoring

• Facebook calls monitoring

• Ambient listening and recording

• Support multiple languages


7. Thetruthspy

Thetruthspy tracks the targeted app for free. This feature makes this software distinctive. You can use this app for catching criminals, for catching deceiving employees, catching your cheating spouse, and for kids' monitoring. Can reduce corruption in different sectors through this app. Facebook is a huge platform and top-rated social media app. Monitoring Facebook activities is a great help. Following are some of the features:

• GPS tracking location

• Text messages Spy

• Spy call

• WhatsApp spying

• Facebook spying

• Browse History

• Live call Recording

• Multimedia Spy

• Free Keylogger

• Ambience voice recording

• 100% Undetectable


8. HyperCracker

This software is solely made for hacking Facebook. One of the best Facebook hacking apps. You can easily hack Facebook Password through this software. 85% of Facebook accounts were hacked in under 5 minutes.

HyperCracker is used in different ways to hack Facebook accounts.

Through website

It has a website, too, through which Facebook accounts are hacked without downloading the app.HyperCracker works by hacking the password of a Facebook account. That way, you can use the account beside the owner.

Through application

By downloading the HyperCracker app, you need to follow some steps to hack your Facebook account. The official page gives a tutorial video about how to hack a Facebook account.


9. Fbtracker

It is considered to be the best app for monitoring Facebook accounts remotely. 80% customer satisfaction is claimed by them. It gives access to the account entirely. You can read all the chats and messages. To view the Facebook chat history of the hacked account, you don't need to log in to the account. You can read it on the web. It is specifically designed to hack Facebook accounts, so the features are very focused. These are as follows:

• Reading Facebook messages

• Tracking Facebook account

• Recovery of Facebook account

• Operating speed

• Access from any device

• Flexible use

• Secure purchase

The official website has self-explanatory instructions on how to hack a Facebook account. These are five in numbers:

1. Registration

2. Username of the targeted person

3. Wait for fbtracker for algorithm assessment

4. Once the tracking session is ready, choose the suitable pricing plan

5. log in to your fbtracker account and start tracking


10. Flexispy

The motto of Flexispy is a very powerful spy app for Android.  It has unique features which endorse its motto. It has more than 150 features. Highlighted features are:

• Listen to surroundings

• Listen to live phone calls

• Tracking of device location

• Monitoring of chat apps

• Spying on contacts

• Spying on Internet activities

• Remote camera capture

• Tracking of application activities

• View media files

• Android Keylogger

• Discover suspicious activities

• Tamper controls

You can read all your spy data through

• Flexispy alert wizard

• GPS navigator wizard

• Separate dashboard

• Downloaded recorded calls



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