How to Secretly Read My Girlfriend's WhatsApp Messages

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Nowadays, the use of Whatsapp is increasing at an uncontrollable pace around the world. This fascinating application is being used by people to communicate with one another, which is a good sign of progress. However, at the same time, it is quite intimidating to witness that people are getting hooked up and using this platform to cheat in their relationships.


We can’t deny the fact that sometimes a bit of extra attention from a vibrant new friend kind of breaks the monotony. Sometimes it gives a feeling of butterflies in the stomach but, what if it starts to hijack one’s mental ability to think?


So, if your girlfriend is behaving uncommon these days and using her Whatsapp like she never does before, it is really imperative for you to know the truth.



Is it Possible to Read Someone WhatsApp Message without Knowing?


Yes, it is very possible to read WhatsApp messages on devices or accounts that you do not own. We live in a fast-paced digital world where everything you can do online has probably had some workaround created, so you cannot keep secrets from those with the necessary tools. Understanding how to use these tools takes little effort and only a few minutes of alone time with the device you want to observe.


If the time has come for you to check on the “good friend” at your girlfriend’s work who always seems to text late at night or verify that a “night out with the girls” really did happen and she wasn’t going to meet a secret lover. Here are some of the more well-known methods for how to read girlfriend WhatsApp messages.


Solutions to Secretly Read Girlfriend WhatsApp Messages


Whether you want to read girlfriend's WhatsApp messages or see all her WhatsApp call logs or even record her WhatsApp calls, a 3rd-party WhatsApp monitoring app is the spot-on pick for you. Here we'd like to introduce SpyX. Once installed on the target phone, it is 100% undetectable and track your girlfriend's every single activity on WhatsApp secretly.


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After that, you can hack gf WhatsApp without touching her phone, and you can know who and what she is chatting with specifically.


SpyX -- Read Your Girlfriend's WhatsApp Messages Without Her Knowing


        · It can detect all WhatsApp messages sent, received, and even deleted.


        · You can check with whom your girlfriend has been speaking. The date and time when chats took place are available too.


        · You can monitor every WhatsApp photo, video, audio message, and document sent through chat.


        · You can also view any girlfriend cheating status, especially if it's private behind your back.


        · You can record WhatsApp calls of your girlfriend and check a list of call history that happened.


        · Capture WhatsApp screenshot to know everything on your girlfriend's phone.


        · Set up and macth keywords on WhatsApp to track what and who you are care aboout on her phone.


All this and other information from your girlfriend's WhatsApp will be uploaded to your SpyX control panel. It works online 24 hours a day, so you'll be able to check whenever you want. This simple program will reveal all her secrets and give you evidence to know girlfriend is cheating on WhatsApp or not.


SpyX is an award-winning monitoring application with industry grade stealth protection that cannot be cracked by your girlfriend that easily! Thus, happy hunting folks!


Why Choose SpyX to Monitor WhatsApp without Knowing


Many people wonder: "How to read my girlfriend's WhatsApp messages? or How to track my wife's WhatsApp messages secretly?" Well, with SpyX, you don't need to struggle with any of that any more. You can link her WhatsApp to yours.


Not only does the app allow you to find cheating signs on WhatsApp, but it's also discreet and pocket-friendly. It can also solve the problem of how to read my wife whatsapp messages without her knowing:


        · Stealth mode: The app icon will disappear and work without trace, making it next to impossible to detect.


        · Real-time data tracking: As soon as your girlfriend marks a presence on WhatsApp, this app notes down and updates all her activities to your dashboard.


        · No root: You can set up this app with little to no hassle. It is one of the only spy applications in the market that run without root.


        · Without WhatsApp account and password: You don't need to get your girlfriend account passowrd and login to her account, which may notify her of the attempt.


        · 100% Working: Even if you girlfriend switched another WhatsApp account, it still works.



Part 3: How to Hack My Girlfriend's WhatsApp [4 Ways with Risks]


Well, there are indeed other ways as well to know how to hack your girlfriend WhatsApp messages but none are as efficient, stealthy and secure as SpyX. There are always chances of getting caught or losing data and are not mainly recommended by experts.


However, in order to provide you with an impartial view, we are going to also inform you about the 4 other options that you can use to track your girlfriend's WhatsApp.


1. Use Whats Web Scan



If you want to find out if your partner is cheating on WhatsApp, use Whats Web Scan to clone your partner's chats and you will be able to see all the conversations between your partner and other users on the app.


2. Use Whatsapp Web




With WhatsApp Web, all you need to do is scan a QR code on any web browser. Messages sent or received by the target will be synced between their phone and your computer. , which means you will be able to monitor all messages from any device.


Step 1: Open a web browser on any device and head to WhatsApp Web


Step 2: Open WhatsApp on the user device and open the Whatsapp application. 


Step 3: Tap on the menu location denoted by three dots on the top right of your display. Select WhatsApp web. 


Step 4: point the user device to the QR code on the Whatsapp Web screen to capture the QR code.


Step 5: The device might vibrate during authentication before syncing all user’s WhatsApp messages and multimedia. 


3. Read someone's WhatsApp messages using MAC spoofing method


Media Access Control (MAC) is a number assigned by the manufacturer to devices that can access the Internet. The jumble of letters and numbers ensures that no two devices have the same MAC. However, you can spoof the MAC by getting it from the target phone and using it on your device.


This method only works if you are using a Wi-Fi connection that is used to spoof MAC addresses. If you try to check on your partner while you're at work or out and about, you won't be able to access those messages. Also, you will receive new messages just like the original user. If you look at them first, they won't show up as new and unread to your partner, which looks suspicious.


This method is the most complicated, so be sure to follow each step carefully to ensure that you can read other people's WhatsApp messages.


Step 1. Get the target phone and go to its settings.


For Android, it's in the device menu under Status. For iOS devices, it's under About.


Step 2. If the phone is in your WiFi network, you can find its MAC through the computer.


For Windows computers, click Connections, Network and Sharing Center, and Change adapter settings.


Step 3. Select Status and Details to view the MAC address. On a Mac, open System Preferences, open Network, open Advanced, and open Hardware. You'll find the MAC address at the top of the window.


Step 4. If you already have an account, uninstall WhatsApp on your phone.


Step 5. Go to your phone settings as above and change your MAC address to the one you got from the target device.


Step 6. Reinstall WhatsApp, enter the target phone number instead of your own.


Step 7. The verification code goes to the associated phone number, which means the target phone will be pinged.


Note: Please make sure you have access to the target phone and can write down the verification code in this step. You need to delete the text before the owner of the phone sees the message.


Step 8. You can reset the MAC address on your phone to the original number. To do this, you need to reinstall WhatsApp.


4. Use Google Drive Backup to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages without their phone


Google Drive is an ideal tool for documents and collaboration, but you can also use it to read deleted WhatsApp messages. WhatsApp has a setting where you can back up all your WhatsApp chats and photos to Google Drive, so you just need to access the target device to set it up.


You need an Android device because this method relies on Google Play. Follow the steps below to access any WhatsApp conversation from the target phone.


Step 1.Get the target phone and open WhatsApp.


Step 2.Open Settings and turn on Chat Backup.


Step 3.Go to Google Account and input your Gmail address and password.


Step 4. Select Google Drive and pick the backup frequency.


You can now see all chats, pictures, and video clips in the Google Drive account.



Every relationship is going to be different, and things can get tense quickly whenever you suspect your partner is cheating on you. Luckily there are solutions to learn all the details and truth behind their possible infidelities. Any of these programs will work effectively for how to read girlfriend WhatsApp messages. They will provide you with the evidence you need to either move on or put your mind at ease.


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