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Does you friend spend much time on her phone and text messaging? Are you suspicious to know who is she texting to? And do you want to know what she is texting on the phone. As you know, it is not easy to spy on your girlfriend’s phone, let alone spying on your girlfriend’s text messages for free. You might risk getting caught by your girlfriend. But you really want to know whether your girlfriend is loyal to you. Luckily, you can get take some methods to track someone’s phone remotely instead of guessing. Today, we will introduce you two effective methods on how to check my girlfriend’s text messages for free. Go ahead!



Part 1. Why Check Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages?

The main reason is that your girl friend’s behaviour is not normal, which leads your suspicious. You doubt that your girlfriend flirts with someone else or has something hiding from you. But you don’t have the evidence that she is cheating on you. To check whether your girlfriend is cheating on, you need to pay attention to the following cheating signs:


  • She always holds her phone in the hand even when sleeps, has dinner, goes for toilet.
  • You wake up in the middle of the night and you find she's still texting back.
  • She is no longer passionate about you, and she never wants to share her life trifles with you.
  • She was also reluctant to be alone with you in her spare time.
  • She even forgot to get a birthday present for you.
  • When you touches her phone, she gets angry and impatient.
  • You don't talk about life like you used to. She always avoid making eye contact with you when you talk to her.



Part 2. How to Read Girlfriend’s Text Messages for Free?

To check whether your girlfriend is cheating on you, you can get her phone and go through the text messages. But it is not easy for you to physically access to her phone. When your girlfriend finds that you are spying on her, she will get angry and even say goodbye to you.


You can search “how to check my girlfriend’s text messages for free” in Google and find methods. But which one is effective? Here we introduce two useful methods for you to view your girlfriend’s text messages without knowing. Let’s start with SpyX phone.


2.1 Use SpyX to Spy on Girlfriend’s Text Messages Remotely

SpyX is user-friendly phone tracker with simple operation and robust monitoring features. To check your girlfriend’s text messages remotely, you can follow the steps.


How to use SpyX to check Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages


Step 1. Sign up Free

You need to create a SpyX account with valid email/Google account first. It is totally free. After registering, you will receive an email with your account information: email account and original password.



Step 2. Bind Your Girlfriend’s Phone with SpyX

SpyX is web-based service. You don’t need to install app on the target phone. Visit with any browser, and purchase suitable plan, Then enter iCloud/Google account of target phone to bind it with SpyX.



Step 3. Start Tracking Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages

Log in to your SpyX dashboard, and you can view text messages of your girlfriend’s phone. You can also track photos, GPS locations, social app chats (WhatsApp messages, Instagram, Snapchat, etc)




What Text Messages Can SpyX Track


Read her text messages

SpyX can enable you read all your girlfriend’s text messages easily and safely. SpyX dashboard can show you the text messages stored on your girlfriend’s phone clearly. You can go through all her messages without her phone. No app installation, no physical access to her phone, no one can detect you.



Check her deleted messages

Your girlfriend may delete some sensitive text messages after chatting. SpyX can help you get these deleted messages back. Whatever deleted messages, chats history, and hidden texts, SpyX can track all your girlfriend’s text messages without a fuss. Then you can view more valuable chat history at one time and check whether your girlfriend cheat on you.


View her social media chats

Your girlfriend may chat on different social apps. Don’t worry, SpyX can track all these social media chats remotely, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. You can view updated chats in real-time as well as chat history. Then you can catch your girlfriend cheating on WhatsApp or Snapchat.



Read contact information

With SpyX phone tracker for Android&iOS, you can be clear whom your girlfriend is contacting with. And are you familiar to the person? If the person is a man that you don’t know, and he is always in contact wih your girlfriend, then he is likely to be a suspicious third person. That means your girlfriend may cheat on you.



Access timestamps

To track when your girlfriend sent or received text messages, SpyX can show the exact time of every message. You can view these messages with specific data once you login to your SpyX dashboard. This user-friendly interface can help you manage all text messages in order.


What else can SpyX do?


When considering checking your girlfriend’s phone remotely, SpyX phone tracker for Android&iOS is your first choice. With SpyX, you can monitor your girlfriend’s phone anywhere anytime. That means you can keep track of all activities of your girlfriend except for text messages. Who is she talking to? What are they chatting? Where is she? What apps she has installed on her phone?


  • Track GPS locations and get to know her routine
  • Access to installed apps on her phone
  • Track call logs including name, time, duration, incoming, outgoing,missed phone
  • View all photos, especially share through social apps, including deleted photos, videos.
  • Get to know her browsing history


Compared with other common phone tracker, SpyX is more functional. It can track more than you want. What’s more, you are always safe with SpyX. You never worried about being caught by your girlfriend. Next time when your friends ask “How to check my girlfriend’s text message for free?”, just recommend SpyX phone tracker for Android&iOS.


Advantages of using SpyX



With SpyX, you can track more than 40 types of data at one time. Keep tracking of photos, videos, WhatsApp chats, Snapchat, Instagram messages, GPS locations, phone calls, emails, etc.


Remote spying

SpyX allows you to track your girlfriend’s text messages remotely. You don’t need to access your girlfriend’s phone and install an app. SpyX can ensure a safer monitoring.


Compatible with All iOS&Android Devices

SpyX is designed for everyone who has demand of tracking girlfriend’s text messages remotely. So, SpyX is compatible with all iOS&Android devices. You don’t worry about phone compatibility any more.


Ease to use

SpyX is user-friendly. You just follow the clear operation steps and finish the set up. Even you are not tech-savvy, you can bind the target phone and start monitoring smoothly.


No need to root or jailbreak

You don’t want to damage your girlfriend’s phone with complex jailbreak. Luckily, you choose SpyX! It doesn’t need jailbreak at all!


2.2 Read Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages from Backup Files for Free

If your girlfriend has Android phone, you can use access her backup files, sent and received. Most Android phones use SMS backup tools. They store SMS data in an encoded format. And when you get these files, you can view her messages from a computer. This method doesn’t need other third-party app. You can try this method free to solve “How to check my girlfriend’s text messages for free”.



How to view my girlfriend's text messages for free using backup files:


Step 1. Open an XML backup files in MS Excel on your computer.

Step 2. Select (*.xml) as the file type.



Step 3. Allow all permissions.

Step 4. In a new column, please enter the value: =([@date]/86400000) +25569, then copy it to all other rows.

Step 5. For the new column, format it as a date.



  • It is totally free.
  • You don’t need other apps.
  • You have the chance to view your girlfriend’s text messages.



  • It is only available for Android device.
  • You can be caught by your girlfriend.
  • You can only track your girlfriend’s messages history, not updated text messages in real-time.
  • It can’t track your girlfriend’s phone for long term.
  • Not convenient. You can’t finish the process on your own phone. You must operate it on your computer.
  • Not simple. You need to know some technical knowledge to get the backup files of another phone.


Compared with SpyX:

  • Track more data. Except for text messages, SpyX enables you to track more than 42 types of data and control your girlfriend’s phone.
  • Long-term spy. SpyX limits you to monitor your girlfriend’s phone as long as you want.
  • More reliable. No app installation with SpyX. You will never be caught or detected by your girlfriend when using SpyX phone tracker.
  • Simpler. SpyX is wise choice for all users who are not technical while using backup files is only friendly for technical men.
  • More Convenient. It only needs 3 steps to finish monitoring set-up with SpyX. And you can track your girlfriend’s phone with any browser. That means you can get to know activities of your girlfriend’s phone anywhere anytime.


2.3 mSpy

mSpy is also another alternative girlfriend spying apps. It can help track your girlfriend’s phone activity remotely. You can view incoming/outgoing calls, view SMS/messages, including iMessage. What’s more, you can also access surfing history, website bookmarks and email tracking. mSpy app works in background mode. So it is safe to use without anyone knowing. And you will get activity updates on the target phone after every 5 minutes.




  • Support GPS location tracking and Geo-fencing feature.
  • mSpy allows to spy on phone calls and SMS messages.
  • All deleted messages are also available.
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android



  • It is expensive.
  • mSpy does not support all social apps as it advertised.
  • mSpy only supports one device for one pricing plan.
  • 24/7 customer service is not in time.


2.4 eyeZy

Wih eyeZy, you can view images, videos, installed apps, text messages without being noticed by your cheating girlfriend. Except for common tracking features, eyeZy supports keystroke feature which helps you to capture records of the keystrokes made on your girlfriend’s device. You can also track browser history and browse bookmarks.




  • Compatible with Android, iOS, iPad, Android Tablets
  • You can hide the app with invisible shield option.
  • Offer 24/7 customer service via email and chat.



  • No free trial version.
  • Need to test phone compatibility


Part 3. FAQs

Q1. Can I track my girlfriend’s text messages without her phone?

Yes, you can choose SpyX. It enables you to track your girlfriend’s text messages without her Android/iOS phone. And you are risk free from being caught.


Q2. Can I view my girlfriend’s deleted/hidden text messages?

SpyX can track all text messages on your girlfriend’s phone, including deleted text messages, hidden text messages. With SpyX, you can track both updated messages and messages history.


Q3. How to check my girlfriend’s text messages without being caught?

SpyX will show on your girlfriend’s phone. Because it doesn’t need app installation on the target phone. You can finish all set-up remotely without being caught.


Q4. Which is the best spy app to check my girlfriend’s text messages?

Never hesitate to choose SpyX phone. SpyX is the best spy app to check your girlfriend’s text messages remotely.


Q5. Can I read my girlfriend’s texts through Google?

You can send and read messages with Google Assistant through SMS, messaging apps, or your watch to quickly communicate with your contacts without needing to type.


Part 4. Conclusion

We introduce two effective methods of checking your girlfriend’s text messages. And SpyX phone tracker for Android&iOS is your best choice. It can track all activities of your girlfriend’s phone in real-time. Once you login to SpyX dashboard, you can view all data of your girlfriend’s phone, including text messages, phone calls, GPS locations, emails, WhatsApp chats, ect. Stop guessing now, use best Android&iOS phone tracker-SpyX to remove doubts and check whether your girlfriend is cheating on you.


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