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Imagine this: You and your girlfriend are at a nice, romantic restaurant, having the time of your lives. Suddenly, you hear a "Beep" coming from your girlfriend’s phone, and your heart starts racing. If your girlfriend gets giddy up the minute she turns your phone off, your worst fear may come alive, right that second. 


In that case, you’d want to go through your girlfriend’s text messages to know for sure whether she’s cheating on you or not. If you’re one of those men, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will tell all our scared men how they can go through their girlfriends’ text messages and what are the best ways to do that. You can also see if your girlfriend is cheating on you with the Snapchat Spy App.



Part 1. 6 signs that your girlfriend is secretly texting with another man


Strange behavior, frequent encounters with “new” friends, prolonged absences, and sudden changes in mood are some of the signs that raise questions concerning infidelity. Other than these, there are some common behaviors that your girlfriend would do if she’s cheating on you. Here are the red flags you need to pay special attention to:


  • Your girlfriend deletes a lot of her messages

If your girlfriend is getting overly cautious of her phone, it is a sure sign that your pretty love bug has something to hide. In the messenger app, you’ll see a dialogue window, and if there are a lot of deleted messages or none at all, that’s certainly troublesome.


  • Your girlfriend sets passwords on messenger apps

Everybody has a password set on their phones, that’s not new, but having a separate password on messenger apps may ring some red bells in your head. Moreover, if your girlfriend refuses to tell you her password for the messenger apps, it means that those apps may contain some data that you’re not supposed to see.


  • Your girlfriend is getting lots of notifications

Another sign you need to look for is the number of notifications your girlfriend receives in a day. If her phone is constantly beeping, you’ll get an urge to look into her messages to see who she’s texting and what she has been up to recently.


  • Your girlfriend’s mood shifts when she texts

As we mentioned earlier, the minute your girlfriend lights up when she sees her phone’s screen light up, you know at the back of your mind that something fishy is going on. In that case, you need to be alarmed for a possible intervention with your girlfriend’s text messages.


  • Your girlfriend turns her phone screen down

One of the biggest red flags you need to watch out for is your girlfriend putting her phone face down to hide the screen. This behavior is a sign of her being guilty and constantly trying to hide something that you should never come across, and this may lead to feelings of uncertainty.


  • Your girlfriend lies about texting

The biggest sign that your girlfriend is cheating on you is that she lies about texting other guys, especially the ones you specifically asked about. This sign is one of the surest ways to know that your girlfriend is hiding something and she definitely doesn’t want you to find out about that, which means that it’s time that you should take matters into your own hands, and soon.


If your girlfriend is showing these common signs, you might want to pay more attention to her situation! To help you better understand and care for your girlfriend, I will provide 7 methods below to help you check your girlfriend's text messages to see if she is cheating on you! Let's take a look at these effective methods together!


Part 2. List of methods to know who she is texting


In this article I will present 7 ways to help you get through your girlfriend's text messages.


MethodKey SMS featuresOperating DifficultySupported Platforms
Google DriveView the message's history5 stepsAndroid
OneDriveRead the message's history4 stepsAndroid & iPhone
DropboxCheck the message's history4 stepsAndroid & iPhone
Backup FilesRead the message's history5 stepsAndroid

Read the sent, received and deleted messages remotely.

View her social media chats.

Read the exact time of every message.

3 stepsAndroid & iPhone
mSpyView the message's history3 stepsAndroid & iPhone
EyezyView the message's history3 stepsAndroid & iPhone


Next, I'll go into more detail about how each is connected and the advantages and disadvantages.


Part 3. How to see your girlfriend's text messages for free


You can track your girlfriend's text messages free through Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox or Backup Files. Now, let's see how each of these methods can help you get what you want.


Method 1. Track girlfriend’s messages through Google Drive


Step 1. Backup data on your target phone.

The first step of using Google Drive is to backup data on the drive using the target phone. Once the backup is complete, you can proceed further.


Step 2. Launch your application of Google Drive.

Using your own phone or a web browser, visit, and launch the application.


Step 3. Add the Google Credentials.

Here, you need to add the Google credentials of your girlfriend’s device, log into the Google account, and navigate to Google Drive.


Step 4. Look for Backups in the Drive.

Once you find the drive, you need will see the storage option at the bottom left corner, where you’ll need to click. From storage, you can look for backups, and then tap on it.


Step 5. Start spying on your girlfriend.

The minute you tap on the backups, you will be able to see all the data that has been backed up, and from there, you can see every text of your girlfriend.




    Using Google Drive is quite easy, making it a suitable choice for most people.


    Apart from text messages, you can gain access to a wide range of data.



    You will need the credentials of the Google Account of your girlfriend.


    You can’t spy on your girlfriend remotely.


    Google may notify your girlfriend when you use her credentials to log into her Google account.


Method 2. See girlfriend’s messages through OneDrive


Step 1. Backup data on your girlfriend’s phone.

By going into the settings of your phone, navigate to the option of backup. If your girlfriend has a Microsoft account, the phone will give you an option to transfer backup to OneDrive. Select this option, and wait till the phone is done backing up your girlfriend’s data.


Step 2. Share the Folder Link with you.

Once the backup is complete, go to your girlfriend’s OneDrive, and select the folder where all the data has been backed. From there, share the drive link with yourself using your own Microsoft account.


Step 3. Find the shared files in your Microsoft account.

Using your Microsoft credentials, log into your OneDrive account, and in the left pane, you will see “Shared”, tap on it and you will come across the files that have been shared with you.


Step 4. Start spying on your girlfriend.

Open the folder just as you would open any other folder, and you will see all the data that has been backed up on your girlfriend’s phone. Now, you can start reading your girlfriend’s text messages to see whether she’s cheating you or not!




    Other than text messages, you can gain access to a wide range of data and you can even download them.



    You can’t spy on your girlfriend remotely.


    Microsoft may notify your girlfriend when you share a file using her Microsoft account.


Method 3. Read girlfriend’s messages through Dropbox


Step 1. Backup data on Dropbox.

From the settings, go to “SMS Backup & Restore”, and once you tap on it, you will come across various options. Select the option of Dropbox and then wait till the transfer completes.


Step 2. Log in to the Dropbox account.

It’s pretty much given that your girlfriend may have already logged into the Dropbox account, and if she hasn’t, use her credentials to log into the account.


Step 3. Share the files with yourself.

Once you open the Dropbox, you will see the folder of the backed-up data. Share the file with yourself by typing in your email, and granting yourself access to “Can edit”.


Step 4. Start spying on your girlfriend.

Once you share the link, you can log into your account and see all the text messages your girlfriend has been sending up until the last backup.




    You can gain access to unlimited data, and you can also download the data you want to keep.



    You can’t spy on your girlfriend remotely.


    Dropbox may notify your girlfriend when you share a file using her Dropbox account.


Method 4. Track girlfriend’s messages through Backup Files


If your girlfriend has Android phone, you can use access her backup files, sent and received. Most Android phones use SMS backup tools. They store SMS data in an encoded format. And when you get these files, you can view her messages from a computer. This method doesn’t need other third-party app. You can try this method free to solve “How to check my girlfriend’s text messages for free”.


Steps of using using backup files to check your girlfriend's text messages.


How to view my girlfriend's text messages for free using backup files:


Step 1. Open an XML backup files in MS Excel on your computer.


Step 2. Select (*.xml) as the file type.


Screenshots of selecting (*.xml) as the file type.


Step 3. Allow all permissions.


Step 4. In a new column, please enter the value: =([@date]/86400000) +25569, then copy it to all other rows.


Step 5. For the new column, format it as a date.




    It is totally free.


    You don’t need other apps.


    You have the chance to view your girlfriend’s text messages.



    It is only available for Android device.


    You can only track your girlfriend’s messages history, not updated text messages in real-time.


    It can’t track your girlfriend’s phone for long term.


    Not convenient. You can’t finish the process on your own phone. You must operate it on your computer.


    Not simple. You need to know some technical knowledge to get the backup files of another phone.


You can search “how to check my girlfriend’s text messages for free” in Google and find methods. But which one is effective? The free methods mentioned above might be worth a try, but they come with limitations and may only allow you to view your girlfriend's text messages. If you want to track  your girlfriend's phone activities more easily, such as text messages, call logs, contacts, location, WhatsApp, etc., then spy app might be a better choice for you. 


Next, I will introduce 3 of the most popular girlfriend spy app on the market, you can choose the one that best meets your needs based on the features, advantages and disadvantages of each girlfriend spy app. Let’s get started!


Part 4. How to use the best girlfriend spy apps to see who she's texting


To check whether your girlfriend is cheating on you, you can get her phone and go through the text messages. But it is not easy for you to physically access her phone. When your girlfriend finds that you are spying on her, she will get angry and even say goodbye to you. Here we introduce 3 girlfriend spy apps for you to view your girlfriend’s text messages without knowing. 


1. SpyX- Best phone tracker tools with incredible features


SpyX is user-friendly phone tracker with simple operation and robust monitoring features. When considering checking your girlfriend’s phone remotely, SpyX phone tracker for Android&iOS is your first choice. With SpyX, you can monitor your girlfriend’s phone anywhere anytime. That means you can keep track of all activities of your girlfriend except for text messages. Who is she talking to? What are they chatting? Where is she? What apps have she installed on her phone?


Screenshot of SpyX's homepage


What Text Messages Can SpyX Track


  • Read her text messages

SpyX can enable you read all your girlfriend’s text messages easily and safely. SpyX dashboard can show you the text messages stored on your girlfriend’s phone clearly. You can go through all her messages without her phone. No app installation, no physical access to her phone, no one can detect you.


Screenshots of SMS from a real user.


  • Check her deleted messages

Your girlfriend may delete some sensitive text messages after chatting. SpyX can help you get these deleted messages back. Whatever deleted messages, chats history, and hidden texts, SpyX can track all your girlfriend’s text messages without a fuss. Then you can view more valuable chat history at one time and check whether your girlfriend cheated on you.


Screenshots of seeing deleted messages from a real user.


  • View her social media chats

Your girlfriend may chat on different social apps. Don’t worry, SpyX can track all these social media chats remotely, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. You can view updated chats in real-time as well as chat history. Then you can catch your girlfriend cheating on WhatsApp or Snapchat.


Screenshots of WhatsApp chats from a real user.


  • Read contact information

With SpyX phone tracker for Android&iOS, you can be clear whom your girlfriend is contacting with. And are you familiar to the person? If the person is a man that you don’t know, and he is always in contact wih your girlfriend, then he is likely to be a suspicious third person. That means your girlfriend may cheat on you.


Screenshots of contacts from a real user.


What else can SpyX do



Compared with other common phone tracker, SpyX is more functional. It can track more than you want. What’s more, you are always safe with SpyX. You never worried about being caught by your girlfriend. Next time when your friends ask “How to check my girlfriend’s text message for free?”, just recommend SpyX phone tracker for Android&iOS.


How to use SpyX to check your girlfriend’s text messages-Just 3 steps


Step 1. Sign up Free

You need to create a SpyX account with valid email/Google account first. It is totally free. After registering, you will receive an email with your account information: email account and original password.


How to create an free account with your email.


Step 2. Connect Your Girlfriend’s Phone with SpyX

Choose the device you want to spy on. If your girlfriend's phone is an iPhone, you select "iOS". If your girlfriend's phone is an Android, please choose "Android".


Choose the device you want to monitor,iOS or Android.


Step 3. Start Tracking Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages

Log in to your SpyX dashboard, and you can view text messages of your girlfriend’s phone. You can also track photos, GPS locations, social app chats (WhatsApp messages, Instagram, Snapchat, etc)


The dashboard of SpyX real user.



2. mSpy


mSpy is also another alternative girlfriend spying apps. It can help track your girlfriend’s phone activity remotely. You can view incoming/outgoing calls, view SMS/messages, including iMessage. What’s more, you can also access surfing history, website bookmarks and email tracking. mSpy app works in background mode. So it is safe to use without anyone knowing. And you will get activity updates on the target phone after every 5 minutes.


Screenshots of mSpy's homepage.




    Support GPS location tracking and Geo-fencing feature.


    mSpy allows to spy on phone calls and SMS messages.


    All deleted messages are also available.


    Compatible with iPhone and Android.



    It is expensive.


    mSpy does not support all social apps as it advertised.


    mSpy only supports one device for one pricing plan.


    24/7 customer service is not in time.


Further reading: In-depth review of mSpy.


3. EyeZy


With eyeZy, you can view images, videos, installed apps, text messages without being noticed by your cheating girlfriend. Except for common tracking features, eyeZy supports keystroke feature which helps you to capture records of the keystrokes made on your girlfriend’s device. You can also track browser history and browse bookmarks.


Screenshots of Eyezy's homepage.




    Compatible with Android, iOS, iPad, Android Tablets.


    You can hide the app with invisible shield option.


    Offer 24/7 customer service via email and chat.



    No free trial version.


    Need to test phone compatibility.


Further reading: The most comprehensive review of Eyezy.


Part 5. What is the most easy way to spy on girlfriend’s text messages


Based on the comprehensive review above, from monitoring features, connection steps, security, compatibility and other aspects, we can conclude that SpyX is the best way to spy on your girlfriend's text messages.


Brand Rate
SpyX ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
mSpy ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Eyezy ⭐⭐⭐⭐
OneDrive ⭐⭐⭐
Dropbox ⭐⭐⭐
Google files ⭐⭐
Backup Files ⭐⭐


These 7 methods, whether free or using third-party girlfriend spy app, can help you view your girlfriend's text messages to check if she's cheating on you. However, if you're still unsure whether she's secretly texting with another man, you can look out for these 6 common signs.


Part 6. FAQs


Q1. How to check my girlfriend's text messages for free?


You can check your girlfriend’s text messages for free by using the SpyX app. SpyX is one of the most trustworthy apps that has been designed to help our friends in need. So, if you want to check your girlfriend’s text messages for free, SpyX is the app for you.


Q2. Can I see who my girlfriend is texting without her knowing?


Yes, you can see who your girlfriend is texting without her knowing through the help of SpyX. Any other method that you choose may notify your girlfriend, telling her that someone is spying on her one way or another. However, SpyX is the app that lets you do all the spying without your girlfriend knowing anything.


Q3. How can I spy on my girlfriend remotely?


SpyX is the app that helps you spy on your girlfriend remotely and without having access to her phone. All you need to do is follow the above-mentioned steps and you’ll be spying on your girlfriend in no time.


Q4. Which is the best spy app to track my girlfriend’s text messages?


Undoubtedly, the best spy app to track your girlfriend’s text messages is SpyX. This app becomes your trusted sidekick when it comes to finding out whether your girlfriend is cheating on you or not. SpyX provides a wide range of features that can help you get the answers you seek.


Q5. Is it okay to see who my girlfriend is texting?


Every relationship has its ups and downs but no one deserves to be cheated on, and in that case, it is okay to take measures into your own hands and help yourself from the biggest heartbreak of your life.


Part 7. Conclusion


Well, there you have it fellas! If you’re having trouble with the sudden changes in your girlfriend’s behavior, you and I both know that it’s time you should take matters into your own hands, and see who she’s texting. In that case, you need a reliable spy app by your side that can help you get what you want without anyone having the slightest idea, and for that matter, SpyX is undoubtedly the best spy app out there that cannot only help you get into your girlfriend’s little digital world but also get you the answers you’re looking for. So, if you’re one of those guys who have the fear that your girlfriend is cheating on you, put your spying goggles on and get to work!


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