How to Hack Gmail Account

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Gmail is Google’s top free email service account. Gmail accounts are used by a significant percentage of people worldwide for email services, with the extension as a compulsory requirement for accessing services that require a google account. Most people secure their devices using a Gmail Google account, making them vulnerable to hackers. When you use your google account as your primary backup to secure your account, hackers can target to hack your Gmail account to access the data stored on your device. This article reviews and guides you through why people hack Gmail accounts, how to hack a Gmail account, how to check if your Gmail has been hacked, how to prevent your Gmail account from being hacked, and how to recover a hacked Gmail account.


Hack Gmail Account

Part 1. Why Hack Gmail Accounts

People hack Gmail accounts to steal an identity. A person can hack your Gmail account to test the security strength of the google account service.  Hackers can execute a Gmail password hack to reset your account to access your emails if they contain data that interests them. People prone to this hacking include professionals, government workers, or agents of key interest. Competitors or political enemies can target the data they exchange in emails through Gmail accounts. Some hackers can hack Gmail accounts because they enjoy the thrill that taking control of someone’s account brings. 


Part 2. How to Hack Gmail

Your google account can be hacked using spy apps, your browser password manager, unsecured password reset, through hacking software, by professional hackers, and using phishing and social engineering attacks.


1. Using Spy App Without Password

Whether you are a professional hacker or just a person with no skills in hacking, you can successfully hack a Gmail account without a password using a spy app. SpyX is the most powerful spy app you can use to hack a Gmail account. SpyX can hack all the information on a device, not just a Gmail account. The app requires one-time access to the target person’s device for installation. After that, you no longer need to access the device for your hacking or spying. The app is invisible, meaning it cannot be detected on the target device. It operates in the background to record and send reports to your remote control panel. Without detection, you can delete or send emails on the target device from your remote control panel.


You can get SpyX by visiting and tab on the ‘Try Now’ option. Sign up and register your account. Pick a plan, and you will receive an email with installation procedures. Install the SpyX app on the target person’s device and set it up using the given procedures. Log into your mSpy control panel account to perform any action you want on your target person’s Gmail account remotely. The key features of mSpy related to hacking a Gmail account include the monitoring, screenshot, and keylogger features.


Monitoring Feature

Using SpyX, you can monitor a target person’s phone activity, including all sent and received emails. After setting up mSpy on the target’s device, log into your remote control panel and monitor their emails without physically accessing their device. 


Screenshot Feature

SpyX takes screenshots of phone activity and updates you every 5 minutes by transmitting a report of recorded data to your control panel dashboard. The recorded data includes viewing all email activity, calls, messages, browser history, location, social media messenger, and multimedia files.


Keylogger feature

The SpyX keylogger feature records every single keyboard tab on a target device. When a person logins into their Gmail account by entering their password, the app can translate the recorded keystrokes into a password.


2. Using Browser Password Manager

The browser manager records all passwords when you auto-save them. You can access a target person’s passwords when physically accessing their device. On the target person’s device browser, tab on the three dots on the top right corner. Select settings and tab on passwords, and scroll to view all auto-saved passwords. Click on your target account, and the password for that account will display. If the password is not locked, select the eye icon to display the password.


3. Using The Password Reset Method

The password method can change the target person’s password if they haven’t set the recovery to confirm the method. If they have set a recovery method as a text message or another email and you have access to them, you can reset their password by obtaining the reset confirmation code. Delete the confirmation code to prevent them from knowing about the reset. 


4. Using Hacking Software And Serial Keys Generator

Hacking software is downloadable software with a smooth user interface to hack Gmail IDs. Once you download the hacking software, you follow the onscreen instructions to obtain a target person’s password. Such apps are available for android and iOS devices. To hack a Gmail account password with serial keys generator, visit the website and enter the target person’s Gmail account. Select ‘I agree’ and continue. The web service will perform a Gmail password hack and display the password immediately. 


5. Through Professional Hackers 

Professional hackers understand the technical processes and tricks of obtaining a Gmail password illegally. Instead of struggling, you can pay a professional hacker to obtain your desired password.


6. Using Phishing And Social Engineering Attacks

Phishing is a technical hacking method that will duplicate an email address and use a landing page link to acquire the wanted data by tricking the target person into keying in their password. The link is sent to the target person prompting them to key in their password. The hacker then directly intercepts the target person’s information. After a successful phishing operation, the target person can receive a message notifying them their account has been compromised.


Using Phishing And Social Engineering Attacks


Part 3. How To Check If Your Gmail Account Has Been Hacked

The following are methods to check if you have been hacked.


1. The Have I Been Pwned site

The have I been Pwned site allows you to check if your Gmail account has been compromised. To do the check, visit the Have I Been Pwned website. Enter your Gmail account and select the ‘pwned?’ icon to check if your google account has been hacked. 


The Have I Been Pwned site


2. Check for suspicious account activity

If you notice suspicious activities, such as new and unusual apps or websites on your phone or browser, your google account has been hacked. Reset your Gmail account password to secure your account.


Part 4. How To Prevent a Gmail Account From Being Hacked


1. Don’t click on any suspicious link

Suspicious links are meant to prompt you into a phishing trap. Always delete any suspicious links without clicking them.


2. Use Antivirus Software

Antivirus software prevents any third party and malware from accessing your data. There is free and paid antivirus available to use. 


3. Don’t Share Your Device

Sharing your device gives hackers the upper hand in accessing your data like passwords or installing spy and hack software on your device discretely to enable them to hack into your privacy.


4. Choose a Strong Password

Using a strong password keeps hackers away since they cannot guess your password easily. A strong password should combine letters, numbers, and characters.


5. Don’t Share Confidential Information

Sharing confidential information enables hackers to perform hacks on passwords and obtain third-party access to reset your passwords.


6. Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication means you cannot log in by just entering a password. After entering a password, you are prompted to enter a code sent via your set recovery method. The process is meant to keep hackers away.


Part 5. How To Recover a Hacked Gmail Account


1. Use The Recovery Email or Phone Number

If your Gmail account has a recovery email or phone number, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ prompt. You will receive a one-time access code, enter the access code in your Gmail account, and set a new password.


2. Use The Recovery Page of Google

To recover a hacked Google account:

1. Visit the google recovery page and select the account recovery option.

2. Answer all the questions required to confirm your identity on your google account.

3. Set a new password and secure your account.

3. Create a New Gmail Account


You can delete your hacked account from all your accounts and secure them with a new account. Ensure you secure the new google account to prevent being hacked again.

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