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In a hurry? No…please. Don’t go away yet! There’s something important you need to know about the security of your loved ones. In this article, we want to acquaint you with our top pick of the best spy software for android. We also tell you what you need to know when buying your mobile spy app. Lastly, we answer some of your FAQs. But first, what is mobile spy software? Find out the answer here!




Part 1. What Is Mobile Spy Software

Mobile spy software is an app that can help you to monitor a cellphone. It can allow you to record and screen the activities of your target without them knowing. But wait! If your target gets to know about the app on their devices, then it’s no longer a cell phone spy! How can you use mobile spy software? The application is used by both parents and business owners for phone tracking. Parents monitor their loved ones for security purposes. Businesses monitor the activities of their employees. Having said that, what are the best mobile spy apps for you? We answer this question in the next section. Stay tuned!


mobile spy software


Part 2. Best Mobile Spy App

It’s not a secret ! Spy app for android can help you monitor your child’s mobile phone’s activities, and hence protect them from cybercriminals. We thought of you and prepared a list of our 6 best spy apps for android. With our handpicked spy apps, you can track your target without them knowing. Just have a sneak peek here!


1. SpyX

Are you looking to spy on a cellphone without installing software? Then SpyX is our number one recommendation! SpyX is rated 5/5 by satisfied users as the best for parental monitoring. So, why is SpyX your best option? Here are the reasons!


Spy On iPhone without having the Target Phone:

SpyX helps you to easily monitor your target’s activity remotely. It lets you see all incoming and outgoing calls. You can also screen text messages and iMessages hassle-free. Additionally, you can view photos and videos taken on the target device. If you're interested in your target's contact list and calendar, no problem! SpyX will give you easy access. And finally, this free hidden spy app can help you to check the GPS location of your spouse!



SpyX is a feature-packed app for your convenience. Here’s the evidence!

· You can block inappropriate websites on the target cell phone

· It helps you to track phone calls, see call logs, and text messages on the target device

· You will get location alerts with Geo-Fencing

· It enables you to change the settings of the target Android phone often

· Monitor chat apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat, and Viber

· You can recover deleted messages

· It has a screen recorder.


And the pricing? You’ve got three pricing plans at your disposal. 1 month plan for $48.99/month, 3 months plan for $27.99/month, 12 months plan for $11.66/month.


Pros and Cons:

Here you go!


· Up-to-date software with an easy-to-use interface

· It helps you to identify cyber-bullying

· Rooting/jailbreaking is optional for advanced tools only

· You can read incoming or outgoing SMS text messages.


· It does not offer the surround sound recording feature

· Instant Messenger monitoring requires rooting of your Android device.


2. MobileSpy


 mobilespy software


Mobilespy is another very feature-rich mobile spy app. Why would you prefer Mobilespy to the rest? Because it is the only Smartphone Tracking App with real-time features like. Mobilespy is perfect for Parents, Schools, and Businesses alike!

· Live access to





  Calls Notifications, and

  Social-Media Messages (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, etc.)


3. Cocospy


 cocospy software


Cocospy works best for parental control, tracking, and remote surveillance. It is the best spy app for android without access to the target phone you’ve got on our list. It can work across devices with easy installation and use. And the best part? It works in complete stealth mode, allowing you to operate without getting discovered. One more thing, you can receive your target’s activities in real-time! And the app works fine on both iOS and Android phones without rooting/jailbreaking.




 XNSPY software


XNSPY is one of the most popular spy app without target phone by our assessment. It is voted the best phone spyware by industry leaders! Why do industries like XNSPY? It is a great surveillance tool to keep tabs on your employees. You can easily track your target’s GPS location. You can also monitor your target’s WIFI logs and WhatsApp activities.


5. Spyic


 Spyic software


Spyic is a self-selling app best for parental monitoring of smartphones. It can allow parents to monitor their kid’s cell phone activity, both online and offline. And with Spyic, parents can monitor and keep their children safe. They receive reports about their loved ones’ whereabouts in real-time!


6. eyeZy


 eyezy software


eyeZy is easy-to-use phone spyware that can facilitate parental control on your child’s phone. With eyeZy, you can spy on text messages, browser history and all other activities in between. It is voted the best app for Artificial Intelligent-driven phone monitoring on the planet. The AI-driven feature leaves you more time to attend to other chores. You don’t need to remain glued to your monitoring device! Now, what do you look for when buying your mobile spy software? See our next section to find out.


Part 3. What You Need to Know Before You Buy Mobile Spy Software

Here’s what you need to know!

1. You must jailbreak your target devices first to introduce the spyware applications on them. The spyware needs to come from trusted sources only

2. Ensure that the free phone spy applications are viable with your target device and its working framework

3. Ensure that the target device has a web association, either cell or Wi-Fi to work effectively

4. Make sure that you root/jailbreak the target Android device

5. Check your country's laws on phone tracking before using a spy application


Part 4. FAQs


Q1. Can I spy on an iPhone without downloading any application on it?

Yes, you can.


Q2. Can I spy on an Android telephone without introducing any application on it?

No, it’s impossible.


Q3. Is it essential to root or escape the objective gadget to keep an eye on it?

It depends on the iPhone spy application you chose.  


Q4. How long does it require to get a telephone’s information through a telephone spy application?

Under five minutes!


Q5. Can I utilize a telephone spy application for nothing?



Q6. How to check your phone for spy application?

By noting the maximum number of applications which has the word ‘spy’ on them.


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