10 Free SMS Tracker without Installing on Target Phone

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Maybe now you are worried about your children safety when they use cellphone. You want to make sure whather they meet predators on the internet, whether they are experience cyberbullying. Sometimes, children are not willing to chat with parents. At this time, you can use sms tracker to get valuable text messages from the phone remotely. Go ahead to know 10 best sms tracker without installing on target phone.


10 Free SMS Tracker without Installing on Target Phone


Part 1. Why Do You Need a Free SMS Tracker?

There is a need for a free SMS Tracker because we all know the world is unsafe. Different activities are circulating on the internet and outside how the home can negatively affect us. Free SMS tracker can help with the following factor:


1. Keep children safe

SMS tracker applications let parents function as a receiver and a child's phones as a transmitter. Parents can examine the whole front and rear cameras and listen in on what is happening around the child's phone once a secure connection has been made.


2. Confirm whether the spouse is cheating

You can be able to retrieve messages and can track them. If the spouse is cheating, through this free SMS tracker, it will be visible to you. This will help you determine whether your partner is lying or hiding something from you.


3. Prevent employees from leaking company secrets

Currently, users who don't need it could access your private information. All permissions should be examined as a first step to make sure access isn't being granted to legitimate parties. This would also allow you to see and be notified if someone leaked your data.


Part 2. 10 Best Free SMS Tracker Without Installing on Target Phone

Free SMS Tracker will play a virtual world, especially in today's time. Here are the 10 Best Free SMS Tracker without Installing on Target Phone that can help you and easily navigate.


1. SpyX Phone Tracker

Software for parental control monitoring on smartphones and computers. SpyX is available for tracking emails, phone calls, contacts, text messages, GPS locations, etc.  Users of the app can keep track of and log activity on the client device. Follow the steps to track SMS of target phone.


Step 1. Sign up free with valid email.



Step 2. Purchase suitable subscription plan.




Step 3. Bind target phone with SpyX




Step 4. View data of target phone on Dashboard.





2. KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is a feature-rich Android phone monitoring app that gives you a more straightforward method to keep tabs on someone's online activity. Users around the world rely on it because of several factors. Real-time data synchronization via a 3G or 4G network. No root is necessary.




3. Hoverwatch App

With the help of the spy app Hoverwatch, you can monitor your children's smartphone usage and be informed about their whereabouts and social interactions. Although it may be used to monitor a smartphone, tablet, or even a PC, it is much less feature-rich than its high price suggests.


Hoverwatch App


4. Spyic Cellphone Tracker

You can monitor every activity on well-known social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Spy. You get access to all shared files on these platforms and messages with this monitoring program.


Spyic Cellphone Tracker


5. Cocospy Parental Control

A program for remote surveillance and parental management is called Cocospy. Parents who wish to monitor their children from a distance use it, as do managers or business people who want to keep an eye on their staff. You may monitor activity on a target iOS or Android smartphone with Cocospy.


Cocospy Parental Control


6. FlexiSPY Phone Monitor

Installing the potent FlexiSPY for Android app on your phone will protect your loved ones, company, and personal information. Imagine using our innovative mobile viewer app to remotely monitor everything occurring on an Android while lounging in your favorite chair or while traveling.


FlexiSPY Phone Monitor


7. Spyera Phone Tracking App

One of the top spying applications available is Spyera. You can use it on any device running one of these mobile operating systems because it offers versions for Android and iOS phones. This program is also available for MAC OS and Microsoft devices and works with practically every version of each of these operating systems. This program is a fantastic parental control tool that lets you keep track of your child's online and offline activities. In addition to tracking your child, Spyera can also be used to track your partner, spouse, coworkers, or friends.


Spyera Phone Tracking App


8. Famisafe Phone Tracking Software

It's not a spy program, but FamiSafe is a parental control app that lets you impose limits and keep tabs on your child's internet activities. I suggest going into Famisafe if you're looking for software with a keylogger. Nevertheless, FamiSafe does offer chat monitoring features for apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.


Famisafe Phone Tracking Software


9. uMobix Phone Monitor

Umobix is a parental control program that will provide you with crucial information on your child's online and offline behavior. uMobix must be installed on the target smartphone and used in accordance with the instructions, just like any other app of this kind, to obtain the desired data.


uMobix Phone Monitor


10. eyeZy Phone Tracker

This mobile surveillance program monitors text messages, phone conversations, web surfing, app usage, and location. In essence, it keeps tabs on and records everything your kid or loved one does on their phone. Devices running iOS and Android can use eyeZy.


eyeZy Phone Tracker




Q1. How Can I See Who My Boyfriend Is Texting for Free?

You can be able to see your boyfriend texting someone for free by downloading the applications mentioned above—one of the top applications for catching a cheating lover. Users of the targeted Android smartphones cannot see it.


Q2. Can I Spy on a Phone with Just a Number?

Yes, you can be able to do that. In doing so, ensure the number is connected to the phone and the owner is still using it. Once the phone number is connected, you can track it down.


Q3. Can I See My Husband's Text Messages on Verizon?

Verizon does not allow you to view your husband's text messages directly. This is because Verizon has a stringent policy about privacy and does not provide a mechanism for you to examine another person's text messages.


Q4. How Can I Track My Girlfriend Without Her Knowing?

Yes, you can. Installing a spy app covertly on the target person's phone allows you to track someone without them being aware. It also needs to be connected to the phone, the information you will provide.


Q5. Can someone read my text messages without installing software on my phone?

Yes, someone can easily access your text messages if your phone is not protected or you don’t know what to look for. Usually, the culprits can gain access to your SMS either by installing spyware or by hacking your phone. If they have your iCloud credentials, then they can also read your texts without you ever knowing. They can use these same methods to read your text messages from their phone or computer.



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