10 Catch A Cheater Apps without Their phone

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With the development of technology, cheating can happen more frequently. Maybe your husband is cheating on social apps like WhatsApp,Snapchat, Instagream while he is having dinner with you. If you suspect that your partner flirts with someone, you feel angry and anxious, but you can’t find evidence. At that time, you need a great cheat app to track partner without their phone.


In this article, we will introduce 10 catch a cheater apps without their phone. If you have enough budget and time, you can try one by one. To save your cost and time, I recommend you to try the best one-SpyX phone tracker first. It enables you to track your husband/wife without touching target phone remotely. You can control all activities on target phone without being detected. SpyX helps you catch a cheater easily and remotely. Let’s start now!


Catch A Cheater Apps without Their phone



Part 1. Can I Catch a Cheater without Their Phone?

Yes, you can catch a cheater without their phone. In fact, there are many monitoring software in the market you can try to catch a cheater. But, most of them need to install app on the target phone, jailbreak or root the target phone. That means you need to physically access to the target phone. Thus you will have high risk of being caught. You need to find a professional phone tracker that can help you catch a cheater without their phone. SpyX is such a phone tracker without app installation, jailbreak.


SpyX works with total stealth mode. There is nothing unusual on the target phone, such as fast power drainage, extra data usage. Target user will not detect any abnormal signs. To view activities of your partner’s phone, all your need is to login to your SpyX dashboard. The dashboard will display photos, text messages, gps location, installed apps, browsing history and other data in order with details.


Part 2. 10 Catch a Cheater Apps Without Their Phone

Here we will introduce 10 catch a cheater apps without their phone. You must heard about them. Before purchasing one suitable phone tracker, keep reading to get more details of every phone tracker. Start with the top 1 phone tracker SpyX.


1. SpyX

SpyX is the best app to catch a cheater without them knowing. With web-based service, robust monitoring features, SpyX allows you to catch a cheater without their phone. Compared with other common spy apps, SpyX can provide you with long-term, instant and safe monitoring experience.





You can track more than you want through following monitoring features:


Text messages

SpyX can track all text messages on your partner’s phone, even deleted or hidden ones. Your partner may delete the key and sensitive messages after chatting, and you can’t get essential cheating evidence. Don’t worry, SpyX can find out these deleted text messages as well as updated chats in real-time. What’s more, you can view every text messages with details, including sender, receiver, date. Thus you can know 3w (who, what, when) of every message.


To view text messages history of cheater, you just login to your dashboard and click item “Text Messages” on the left column of dashboard. Then you can all collected text messages with details. You don’t need to take screenshot for every message, you can download all data and save them to your computer and read carefully.


Social media apps chats

Most cheaters chat through social media apps. So it is important to track social media apps chats for evidence. SpyX can track what apps installed on the target phone and spy on social media apps chats remotely, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, KiK, Facebook. You can export all these social apps chats history from SpyX dashboard at your convenience. Whatever deleted chats history, updated messages in real-time, damages messages, hidden chats, SpyX enables you to read all these messages without a fuss.


GPS location tracking

GPS locations can show your partner’s daily routine. Except for home and company, if he/she frequently went to some place you don’t know recently, and he/she never mention this place when talking to you. This is the sign that your partner may cheat you.


SpyX can help you track your partner’s GPS locations remotely and secretly. You can be clear about his/her whereabouts. As a parent who can’t accompany your child for 24 hours, if you worry about your child’s safety, you can track child’s gps locations with SpyX. You can be sure that your child stays in safe area.


Call logs

With SpyX phone tracker, you can track your partner’s phone calls with details. SpyX phone tracker can show you all outgoing, incoming and missed calls with details, such as name, date, duration. Then you can be clear who your partner contact with frequently. This is helpful for you to catch a cheater.


2. SpyBubble

It is indeed one of the top catch a cheater apps without their phone options that you can explore. SpyBubble can assist you to catch a cheater easily with following features.




Fast installation:

The installation process is very easy and doesn’t require technical knowledge.


Real-time tracking:

This phone tracker can update every 5 minutes. You can get updated-data in real time.


Reporting via screenshots

SpyBubble can take screenshots from the target phone every second and deliver them to you.


Access to deleted data

Even if a user deletes files, they’re already captured and saved to you account.


Extensive compatibility

SpyBubble works on all iOS and Android devices. Your user account is accessible from any browser on any device.



XNSPY is another choice for catching a cheater. It has cutting-edge mobile monitoring features as following:




Remotely control a cell phone

XNSPY can send remote commands for surround recording , app blocking, or for taking screenshots or locking or resetting a monitored device.



Monitor keystrokes from WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Skype and Viber.


Email Monitoring

XNSPY tracks all their emails, including sender’s names and email address, specific time.


4. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is available for Android, Windows and Mac OS X.




Remain completely Invisible

This phone tracker can stay completely hidden from the user and get the most accurate information while remaining undetectable by the user of monitored Android device.


Keylogger for Windows and Mac

Hoverwatch enables you to register all the key pressed and typed messages on the keylogger of the monitored Windows and Mac.


5. CocoSpy

Cocospy keeps tabs on what's dear to you, be it your partner, kids or business. Track locations, messages, calls, and apps. Do it remotely and 100% discreetly. Use Cocospy to monitor Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Get Cocospy up and running within minutes. Surveil remotely, without being detected.




6. eyeZy

If you want to catch a cheater without touching phone, you deserve eyeZy. You can see their private stuff, texts, social media chats, pics, etc, whatever they’re doing, you’ll know. See what they’re up to without being detected. eyeZy keeps you invisible while you see their activity. Monitor without worries. eyeZy is powered by bank-grade encryption to keep your personal data, and your family’s, protected and secure.




7. mSpy

mSpy is a well-known phone monitoring app. It is a top choice among apps to catch a cheater without their phone. It is a great alternative to catch cheater remotely and secretly. With mSpy, you can monitor every keystroke and every tap, see where they’ve been and where they’re going, find out who they’ve called, see what they’ve searched for, read their social media chats, review their texts, see the pics they share and receive and do it all without being detected.




8. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor, indeed a top app among catch a cheater option, provides an all-in-one solution for monitoring, tracking, and controlling your children’s phones. It helps you monitor text messages, calls, web history, surroundings, chat messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Snapchat and more. Besides, it can be used as a family tracker to track GPS locations and monitor geofences. To meet your parenting needs, iKeyMonitor offers a range of control options to limit screen time, block specific apps/games, and set up schedules.




9. KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is another top consideration to catch a cheater. It is compatible with Android and iOS. KidsGuard Pro for iOS is a PC-based software and its features can only be used on a computer (Win/Mac). With cutting-edge phone monitoring features, you can monitor social apps; read all the text messages sent or received by the target user, including those deleted ones; track calls; check media files; view text files; check Safari history and bookmarks to learn what the target user has been visited and what he is interested in.


KidsGuard Pro


10. Spyic

If you are looking for one of the best apps to catch a cheater without a phone, Spyic is a good choice to consider. With powerful remote monitoring features, Spyic enables you to look through the contacts list, read individual and group WhatsApp chats, browse exchanged media files, check incoming/outgoing calls, create a virtual geographic boundary, review visited websites, monitor remotely without ever being discovered.




Part 3. How to Use Apps to Catch a Cheater without Their Phone

With SpyX phone tracker, you can take 3 steps to catch a cheater without their phone. So easy, right? Just follow the steps:


Step 1. Sign up Free

Create a free account with valid email. It only takes a few seconds. Then you will receive an email with your SpyX account details, including email and original password.




Step 2. Bind Target Phone

Go to choose suitable plan and start to bind the target phone. You need to enter ICloud credentials and verification code for target phone.




Step 3. Catch A Cheater

Login to your SpyX dashboard and you can view data of target phone clearly, which helps you catch a cheater remotely.





Part 4. Best App to Catch A Cheater without Them Knowing

You have learned about details of the top ten apps to catch a cheater without their phone. Rather than fantasize, use professional mobile phone tracking software to help you get evidence. SpyX can track target phone without anyone knowing and help you get desired data in a few days.If your budget is sufficient, you can also try several other mobile phone tracking software. Comprehensive comparison, SpyX is your best choice.



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