Quelle est l'application de médias sociaux la plus populaire

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Knowing the most popular social media apps is important because Social media platforms form part of our day-to-day lives. The fun lies in how good a social media app can get. Everybody has a list of social media apps that they prefer or resent. The preferences are a direct result of user experience. Some apps offer the best features and interface experience, while others are just horrible and have sophisticated processes, making it hard to use or understand them. Picking a list of social media sites is influenced by what you are trying to achieve with the site. Some sites are good for messaging, calling, and chatting, and other social media platforms are good for selling your brand, while others are good for education and professionalism. Here is a list of carefully picked most popular social media platforms and how they can impact your brand.


the most popular social media app



Part 1. Which Social Media Has The Most Users in 2022

I have keenly done extensive research, and the following is a list of social media networks you should take seriously in 2022.


1. Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media platform, used by over two billion people monthly. The observation indicates that slightly over a third of people use Facebook. If you want a presence on social media, go for Facebook. The platform is relatively secure because more than 200 million businesses (mainly small businesses) utilize its capabilities, and more than seven million marketers actively promote their business there. Facebook has a simple user interface; you can share all content formats, including text, photos, video material, and Stories. However, the Facebook algorithm prioritizes content that promotes meaningful interactions and conversations among individuals, particularly those from family and friends.




2. YouTube

Founders introduced YouTube in 2005 as a dating site, which failed. Its success kicked off as a failed dating site. According to statistics, the app boasts approximately 2.29 billion registered users, and it is the second-most popular social media site. The number could be stunningly higher since many unregistered users access the platform.


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3. WhatsApp

According to the 2022 statistics index, WhatsApp became one of three social networking sites with a user base of more than 2 billion, with its user base currently standing at 2.44 billion. The app has not stagnated growth since 2009, which shows that it is doing so well and might continue enjoying its social media popularity.


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4. Messenger

Messenger is Facebook's social media messenger used to share messages, videos, calls, and connect with new people on social media. It ranks as one of the most popular social media apps owing to its simple and easy usability. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, owns the app.


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5. WeChat

We chat tops the list of social media networks in China. The app enjoys over a billion users in Asia because Facebook and Twitter are prohibited in China. The app is primarily used for messaging and calling. WeChat users can also use the app to shop online, make bookings, pay bills, and send money.




6. Instagram

Ranking as a popular social media network, Instagram is a visual platform where people use images or videos to sell their goods or services. The app allows you to share allowed media, including images, videos, Stories, reels, live videos, and relatively long movies on IGTV. Setting up an Instagram business profile gives you access to detailed metrics for your profile and posts and the capability to plan Instagram updates using third-party applications.


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7. QQ

QQ is a popular messaging app in China. The app has enjoyed a good market base because most major social media from outside are not allowed in China. QQ has, however, not managed to earn a significant space worldwide.




8. Tumblr

With a relatively lower user base, Tumblr is a market place oriented social media site with many of blog posts and attractive pictures perfect for hosting company pages and promoting products.




9. Qzone

Qzone is a Chinese platform that ranks well in the Chinese list of social networks that combines blogging with social networking. Users can stream music, play games, keep diaries, blog, and submit multimedia.


10. TikTok

The video-sharing platform has been in the social media market for 4 years and is famed for making the top five list of the most downloaded applications in the world in 2019 and is ranking as one of the most popular social media sites. Unlike WeChat and other social media platforms that attract users of all ages, TikTok's population is highly concentrated between ages 10 and 29. With TikTok, users can generate and share 15–60 second videos. Users can enhance their media before sharing with various sound effects, music clips, and filters to generate more visually appealing media.


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11. Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites for sports, politics, technology, and digital advertising. However, the platform has been marred by censorships recently, followed by reckless account suspensions that continue to infuriate users.



12. Reddit

Reddit's CEO bills the company on the front page of the internet today and is dedicated to creating a distinctive blend of material and community. Every brand and company may find a niche to operate because there are so many different ones; all you need to do is identify those markets and enter them.



13. Baidu Tieba

Baidu Tieba is a Chinese-based social media platform. On Baidu Tieba, a person can establish their tiny community regarding a subject they are interested in, comparable to a massive messageboard platform.


14. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular social media site for professionals to exchange information, network, and develop individual and business brands. The social media app brings together top talent in different career fields.




15. Viber

Viber is one of the most popular social media messaging apps for exchanging text messages, MMS, and videos. Unlike other apps, Viber hasn't been integrated into a marketing platform.


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16. Snapchat

With approximately 265 million users, Snapchat is loved by the younger population. For example, in the United States, six out of ten Internet users between the ages of 13 and 24 use Snapchat.


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17. Pinterest

The social media platform's popularity is built on topics such as DIY, home, garden, and cosmetics. Brands in these lines of business are doing well utilizing Pinterest.




18. Line

Line is a free messaging app. The popular social media network is available worldwide for Android and iOS devices. You can connect with your loved ones from anywhere with messages, voice, and video calls with amazing stickers to enrich your experience.


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19. Telegram

Telegram is a highly secure instant messaging and social networking app. It is one of the most social media apps for blockchain and bitcoin traders. The app is also used for downloading movies and sharing large video files.


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20. Medium

Medium tops the of social media platforms promoting expert and scholarly ideas. With over 100 million users, the platform is made for readers and contributors brought together by a mutual course to learn and discuss.




Part 2. The Best Social Media App Tracker for You

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Knowing and understanding the largest social media sites is crucial for your personal or business brands. Understanding these social networks will help you carefully analyze which one aligns and drives engagement for what you have to offer and utilize it well to grow your brand. In 2022 so far, the above list projects the largest social networking sites that can take your brand to a whole new level.

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