Las 10 mejores aplicaciones de espionaje oculto para Android

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Hidden spy apps are monitoring apps that cannot be seen or detected once installed on a target device. Main users of hidden spy apps are parents exercising parental control, spouses conducting monitoring on unfaithful partners, and employers tracking employee performance. With a hidden spy app, you can track a person's text messages, phone calls, social media account chats, location, browser history, contact list, emails, installed apps, multimedia files, and keylogging remotely without physical access to their phones. We all have valid and pressing reasons for wanting to track someone, and the tracking can only be successful if we do it silently without being detected. Hidden spy apps for Android are a gateway to successful spying on Android devices with zero detection. This article analyzes the best-hidden spy apps for android devices, their features, and their compatibility.


Top 10 Hidden Spy Apps for Android


Part 1. Top 10 Hidden Spy Apps for Android


1. SpyX

SpyX is the most powerful hidden app to spy on android devices. SpyX is compatible with android and iOS phones. You can access the app from SpyX's website at The app has a smooth and easy-to-use interface with zero complicated processes. Your data with SpyX is protected, so you don't have to worry about your privacy or the safety of your data. Access to the target device is required once when installing the spy app on the target's device. After the installation, you must log in to your remote control panel to monitor the target person's device.


SpyX features

· Call tracker for tracking all incoming and outgoing calls, recording the calls, and showing the time of call and caller details.

· Text message tracker for tracking sent, received, and deleted text messages together with the recipient details.

· Social media tracker that allows you to monitor chats.

· GPS tracker for tracking the real-time location of the target person's location, where they are headed, and history for all locations.

· A multimedia tracker lets you view photos and videos stored on a device's gallery.

· Read sent and received emails.

· View all browser history on the target's device.

· Apps and website blocking.

· View, block and delete entries on the contact list.

· View calendar plans and notes on the target device.

· A remote control panel for all action and monitoring.



To install SpyX:

· Visit 

· Signup and register an account.

· Select a subscription plan that suits your monitoring needs.

· Verify iCloud of target phone with Apple ID and password. (it takes less than 5 minutes)

· Log in to your remote control panel and start monitoring.

· SpyX has a 24/7 customer response responding to your inquiries in less than 5 minutes.



SpyX has 3 subscription categories depending on your needs.

· A one 1 month plan for $48.99/month

· A 3 months plan for $27.99/month

· A 12-month plan for $11.99/month

This spy app has a demo to prepare and take you through the monitoring process. The demo is free.


2. Spyic

Spyic is a hidden spy for android and iOS devices that requires no rooting or jailbreaking to function. The app offers one of the best hidden spy call recorder for android and iOS devices. To get Spyic, visit the Spyic website and sign up. Connect the target device and start monitoring remotely. 



· It is invisible.

· Call tracker.

· SMS tracker.

· Track GPS location.

· View calendar entries.

· Social media chat monitoring. 

· Browser history and multimedia files viewing.

· Live access to microphone and camera for surrounding recording.


3. Cocospy

Cocospy is a hidden spy app available for android and iOS devices. To use Cocospy, get to the Cocospy website>Sign up>Install the Cocospy app>Start monitoring.



· Location tracking.

· View chats on social media messenger accounts.

· Track messages and calls.

· Geo-fencing.

· Keylogger.

· View contact list entries.

· View exchanged medial files.


4. MobileSpy

The app is one of the best hidden spy apps for android and iOS devices. The app offers spying for parental control, employee monitoring, and any other person of interest you would wish to monitor. If you are looking for a hidden spy camera app for Android, select MobileSpy. You can access the app by visiting the MobileSpy website and signing up. After signing up, install the MobileSpy app and start monitoring from the live dashboard.



· Compatibility with iOS and Android devices.

· Spy on calls and text messages.

· Access and monitor social media accounts' activity and messages.

· Multimedia files monitor.

· Track the real-time location of the target device.


5. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is a hidden spy app for android devices, computers, and some iOS devices.


Key features 

· Monitor calls.

· Track text messages and MMS.

· Track locations.

· View contact list.

· Geofencing.

· View browser history and bookmarks.

· View calendar entries.

· Keylogger.


6. iKeyMonitor

The app is compatible with android and iPhone devices. iKeyMonitor qualifies as the best-hidden spy app for Android with call recording.


Features :

· Call and text message tracking.

· Multimedia file viewing and tracking.

· Location tracker.

· Social media tracker.


7. Hoverwatch

The app is an invisible monitor compatible with android and iOS devices.


Key features

· SMS and call tracker.

· Social media messenger tracking for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Skype, and many more.

· Track calendar dates and contact list the target device.

· View multimedia files.

· View browser history.


8. eyeZy

The app is an invisible spy app for android and iOS devices. The app requires jailbreaking.


Key features

· Call and message tracker.

· Monitor Social media accounts.

· Screen Recorder.

· Keylogger.

· Monitor Emails.


9. Mobilespy

Mobilespy is a hidden spy app for Android that can monitor calls, phone calls, social media messenger accounts activity, browser history, contact list, installed apps, location, emails, and calendar entries on a target device without being detected. The app is available for parents, employers, and schools looking for monitoring services.



XNSPY is a hidden mobile spy app for android phones and tablets. 


Key features

· Monitor calls, messages, and contact lists.

· Phone call recording.

· Multimedia files access and viewing.

· Social media messenger chats access.

· Keylogger.

· Live recording for surroundings.

· Email monitoring.

· Remote control access.


Spy apps can be a solution to your stress if selected well. The above apps are the best-hidden spy apps for Android. The app you select from this selection should be influenced by your needs and affordability. Spy apps are a good accessory but should not be misused to cause others harm. You should the legal limits and consequences of spying to ensure that you spy with due diligence. 

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