Las 10 mejores aplicaciones de trampa gratuitas para Android [actualizado en 2024]

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10 aplicaciones espías gratuitas de Android para cónyuges infieles


Parte 1. ¿Qué son las aplicaciones de trampa gratuitas y sus beneficios?

¿Qué software suelen utilizar los tramposos? Si se pregunta qué es lo que su cónyuge utiliza habitualmente en Internet, sospeche. En este punto, las aplicaciones espías gratuitas ofrecen una ruta encubierta hacia la vigilancia. Estas aplicaciones de espionaje pueden rastrear silenciosamente los movimientos de su pareja, brindándole la información necesaria para tomar decisiones más meditadas.

Con aplicaciones de seguimiento gratuitas, puedes aumentar considerablemente tus posibilidades de detectar cualquier comportamiento fraudulento. Un buen software de monitoreo de trampas no solo es versátil, sino que también le brinda información clave como mensajes de texto , registros de llamadas, geolocalización física y actividad en línea en redes sociales como Tinder y Whatsapp . El uso de un software de seguimiento gratuito no sólo confirma sus inquietudes, sino que también le brinda tranquilidad.


Parte 2. Lista de aplicaciones de trampa ocultas para Android

Después de nuestra revisión, SpyX se considera la mejor aplicación de monitoreo de infidelidad conyugal. Destaca por la máxima simplicidad de su experiencia de usuario y una serie de funciones útiles que le ayudarán a profundizar más para saber si se enfrenta a la infidelidad de su pareja.

A continuación, le proporcionaremos una lista concisa de 10 excepcionales aplicaciones gratuitas para hacer trampa:



Instalación de software

Versiones de Android compatibles

Prueba gratis

Prueba gratis

Sin enraizamiento

SpyXNoSoporta todos los teléfonos AndroidNo
MsafelyNoSoporta todos los teléfonos AndroidNo
HoverwatchCompatible con Android 6.0-11.0No
SnoopzaSoporta todos los teléfonos AndroidNo
mSpySoporta Android 4.0 o superiorNo Algunas funciones requieren rooteo
EyezySoporta todos los teléfonos AndroidNo
Kidsguard-ProSoporta Android 4.0 o superiorNo
FlexiSPYSoporta Android 8 y posteriorNoAlgunas funciones requieren rooteo
XNSPYSoporta Android 4.0 hasta 11No
UMobixCompatible con dispositivos Android 4.0+NoAlgunas funciones requieren rooteo



Part 3. Free Android Cheating Apps to Spy on Cheating Spouses | Top 10 Reviewed

1.SpyX - Best Cheating Apps

SpyX is one of the most popular spy apps to catch a cheating spouse. It can work for iOS and Android users and it’s friendly to use. By using this app, you’ll be able to gain access through their social media accounts, which includes Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Snapchat. This also includes full access to their galleries and you’ll be able to check if there’s any cheating text messages iPhone without them knowing.


Comprehensive monitoring: Ability to track all information on your spouse’s phone, including phone calls, text messages, emails, social media communications, geolocation, application usage, web browsing history, and other activities.

Remote covert monitoring: With an account connected to the Internet, you can remotely view your spouse’s cell phone information anytime, anywhere. The monitoring process remains invisible, with no icon displayed to avoid being discovered by your spouse.

Friendly user interface: SpyX has a simple design and an intuitive interface. Even a technical novice can easily use SpyX to catch your spouse cheating.

Real-time positioning tracking: It has real-time GPS tracking function to ensure that you can know the location of your spouse in real time.

Continuous customer support: SpyX’s customer service team is always on standby to provide necessary assistance when facing any usage issues or questions during the process of tracking your partner’s activities and whereabouts.

No jailbreak and root: SpyX simplifies the whole process of spying on your cheating husband's phone without jailbreaking. SpyX works on any device.


· It's worth a paid subscription.


How to Catch a Cheating Spouse with a Spy App?

After learning about Spxy's excellent Android and iOS mobile phone monitoring features, you must be eager to try it out! Then follow the steps below to catch the cheaters as soon as possible!

Step 1. Create a SpyX account

Sign up for your own SpyX account for free in less than a minute.


Step 2. Connect husband’s phone with SpyX

SpyX has a detailed guide for each step of the way to help you quickly view the contents of your husband's text messages.


Step 3. Start reading his text messages

Exciting step! Come to your SpyX panel, you can see all the data on your husband's iOS/Android phone! Click text messages on the left menu bar, then you can see all the chat history! And you can read your husband’s text messages without touching his phone.


2.Msafely-Stealthy Phone Tracker

Msafely is a privacy-focused cheating spouse app that allows you to remotely monitor your Android device without having to install any software. As a unique cloud solution on the market, it leaves no trace on the target phone and supports monitoring of more than 30 data types including SMS, videos, photos and GPS location. For a root-free and easy-to-use monitoring tool, Msafely is the ideal choice.


No Installation & Stealthy: Surveillance does not require any software to be installed on the spouse's phone. The application leaves no traces on the target device, staying hidden and undetectable.

Easy Access & Real-time Monitoring: No special privileges are required for remote monitoring. Real-time tracking function, all data is updated to the control panel in real time.

Wide Compatibility: Works with all models of Android phones, providing wide device compatibility.

Comprehensive monitoring features: Including SMS, videos, photos, call logs and contact information. Monitor social apps: such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook activity.


· No free trial.


3.Hoverwatch-Keep Tabs on Your Spouse

Hoverwatch, another cheating app akin to SpyX, allows you to discreetly observe the chat histories of those you're tracking, monitor their Snapchat, WhatsApp, and other key social media interactions anytime and anywhere. This enables you to maintain a closer connection with your children and employees.


Multi-Device Tracking: Users can monitor up to 5 devices used by their spouses at the same time after completing the installation.

No Root Access: No root access is required to monitor your spouse's mobile phone, simplifying the process of monitoring devices.

Real-time Alerts: Real-time alert system helps you to constantly monitor your spouse's safety and activities.

30-Day Money Back Policy: A 30-day money back guarantee is offered to give you more protection when choosing a tool to monitor your spouse.

Wide System Support: Supports Android, Windows, and Mac, so you can monitor your spouse no matter which device they are using.

Detailed Screenshot Monitoring: Detailed recording of activities on your spouse's device through frequent screenshots, providing a comprehensive monitoring perspective.


· There's no version for iOS users.

· The installation procedure is intricate.


4.Snoopza-Spy App To Catch cheaters

Snoopza is also a spousal monitoring software that allows you to easily track photos and chats on your spouse's mobile phone, monitor what you care about at any time, and is designed to help you detect potential infidelity in your relationship. It allows you to find evidence of their infidelity remotely without his knowledge.


Real-time GPS tracking: Continuously and accurately track your spouse's location to ensure you have a clear picture of their whereabouts.

Remote Camera Access: Stealthily and remotely view your spouse's live camera for enhanced surveillance depth.

Custom Alert Words: Set up alerts to be notified of the use of specific keywords on your spouse's device to capture sensitive activities in a timely manner.

Offline Data Logging: Record and save key information even when the device is not connected to the Internet.

Call Recording: Record calls in detail for easy analysis and understanding of conversation details after the fact.

User-friendliness: Cocospy is easy to use regardless of technical proficiency, thanks to its intuitive interface design.


· It's expensive.

· No free demo.

· Some features need root.

5.mSpy-Covert Monitoring Simplified

mSpy is a leading spy app allowing remote tracking of Android devices. Once installed, its icon discreetly changes to remain undetected. It offers extensive monitoring capabilities, covering everything from photos and videos to social media activities on WhatsApp and Snapchat, with some features requiring root access.


Remote monitoring capability: users can remotely monitor their spouse's Android phone in real-time, including recording phone activities.

Multi-platform support: compatible with Android and iOS, covering a wide range of devices.

Content Filtering Capability: Allows users to block inappropriate websites on their spouse's mobile phone, increasing the security of monitoring.

User-friendly: Clear operation flow enables users to set up and use it easily.

Money Back Guarantee: Offers a 14-day money back guarantee, which reduces the risk for users.


· Expensive if you want to cover multiple devices.

· Physical access to spouse's mobile phone is required


6.Eyezy-Advanced Monitoring Solution

Eyezy is a powerful spousal monitoring tool that enables partners to discreetly track each other's mobile activities to ensure transparency. It requires installation on the target device, which is common in apps of its kind. Additionally, Eyezy's real-time updates and alerts keep users informed of any significant activity or concerns.


Multi-platform adaptability: for Android and iOS, covering all mobile phone models used by spouses.

Monitoring features: allows to view the content of text messages sent and received by your spouse as well as activities on numerous social media such as tinder, whatsapp and others.

Website and app restriction: allows to restrict or completely block specific websites and apps on spouse's mobile phone.

Location Tracking: Real-time device location updates ensure that your spouse's whereabouts are tracked at all times.

Risk Waiver Guarantee: Provides a 14-day refund period to mitigate the financial risk of initial use.


· Requires software to be installed on the target handset.

· Slightly higher cost.


7.Kidsguard pro-Observing Your Spouse

Kidsguard Pro is a common cheating app, delivering discreet and extensive monitoring of a spouse's activities in real-time. It captures a wide range of data through efficient snapshots without needing root access, ensuring minimal storage usage. The app requires a single setup on the target device, typically taking about 30 minutes, after which it provides comprehensive insights with utmost discretion.


Deep data access: Through the screenshot function, in-depth monitoring of your spouse’s activities on the target device covers images and specified chat content.

Instant Monitoring Alerts: Real-time alerts and notifications help closely track your spouse’s online behavior and communications.

Risk-free trial: Provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to provide users with a worry-free trial experience.

Easy no-installation monitoring: No need to install any software on your spouse’s device, keeping monitoring hidden.

Root-free operation: Android monitoring does not require root permissions, ensuring that the monitoring process is simple and traceless.

Extensive social application monitoring: Especially for social applications such as Snapchat and WhatsApp, capture detailed information through screenshots.


· Longer installation time.

· Lower power compared to some competitors.


8.FlexiSPY-Android Spy Cheating App

FlexiSPY is a sophisticated Android spy app tailored to unearth signs of infidelity in marriages. Renowned for its robust reliability and sleek interface, FlexiSPY stands out as a discreet, yet potent ally in identifying cheating spouses. It provides real-time insights into a partner's activities, all while operating under the radar to ensure your surveillance goes undetected, thus maintaining the delicate balance of trust and vigilance in your relationship.


Social Media and Browser Monitoring: The ability to monitor your spouse's activity on social media and web browsing, revealing clues to potential infidelity.

Remote Device Control: Sends a variety of remote commands from the dashboard to enable precise control of activity on the target device, ensuring flexibility in monitoring your spouse.

Location Tracking: Provides real-time location tracking to keep you informed of your spouse's location movements.

Keylogger : registra las pulsaciones de teclas de su cónyuge en el dispositivo, incluidos chats y comunicaciones, lo que ayuda a revelar información oculta.

Geo-cerca : configure geo-cerca para recibir alertas para que sepa inmediatamente cuando su cónyuge ingresa o sale de un área específica.

Instalación remota : admite la instalación remota, lo que elimina la necesidad de operar físicamente el dispositivo de destino, lo que garantiza un monitoreo encubierto y conveniente.


· Necesitas rootear o hacer jailbreak al dispositivo objetivo.

· Algunas funciones están disponibles por un costo adicional.


9.Aplicación de búsqueda de tramposos XNSPY

XNSPY es una poderosa herramienta de monitoreo especialmente adecuada para monitorear el comportamiento de su cónyuge. Al acceder al micrófono de su teléfono, también puede capturar sonidos ambientales. Puede monitorear las comunicaciones desde Gmail y aplicaciones de redes sociales para obtener una mayor perspectiva. Lo más importante es que XNSPY le permite rastrear de forma encubierta la ubicación de su cónyuge en tiempo real, proporcionándole potentes funciones de seguimiento que le permitirán comprender mejor su comportamiento.


No se requiere operación de raíz : facilita la instalación y el uso sin pasos de configuración complicados.

Admite sistemas Android e iOS : cubre la mayoría de los tipos de teléfonos móviles, lo que garantiza una amplia aplicabilidad.

Proporciona alertas y registros de llamadas en tiempo real : lo mantiene informado de las actividades de comunicación de su cónyuge sin esperas.

Registros de chats de Tinder : te ayuda a obtener información sobre las interacciones de tu cónyuge en las redes sociales, revelando posibles infidelidades.

Ideal para monitorear a su cónyuge : le ayuda a capturar y grabar llamadas de teléfonos móviles, mensajes de texto y actividad en las redes sociales, brindándole más oportunidades para estar al tanto de la situación.


· La geocerca no siempre es poderosa.

· Contacto físico con el teléfono móvil del cónyuge.


10.UMobix: funciona en modo oculto


uMobix se diseñó inicialmente como una aplicación de seguimiento parental, pero sus capacidades se extienden también al seguimiento de un cónyuge potencialmente infiel. La instalación y configuración de esta aplicación son sencillas y requieren sólo unos pocos pasos sencillos, después de los cuales comienza a ejecutarse en el dispositivo de destino. Con uMobix, puede monitorear cómodamente los registros de llamadas, mensajes de texto, actividades de redes sociales e historial de navegación de su cónyuge, así como rastrear la ubicación GPS del dispositivo objetivo en tiempo real. La aplicación funciona de forma discreta, sin despertar sospechas ni dejar rastros que su cónyuge pueda descubrir.


Seguimiento del registro de llamadas : puede monitorear los registros de llamadas con marcas de tiempo, lo que proporciona un registro claro de la comunicación.

Monitoreo de mensajes : supervise todos los mensajes enviados, recibidos e incluso eliminados, asegurándose de tener una visibilidad completa de las conversaciones de su cónyuge.

Actividad de navegación en línea : realice un seguimiento de las actividades en línea de su cónyuge, lo que le ayudará a descubrir secretos ocultos.

Seguimiento integral de llamadas : supervise las llamadas entrantes y salientes, incluidas las marcas de tiempo para agregar contexto.

Seguimiento de ubicación en tiempo real : realice un seguimiento preciso de la ubicación de su cónyuge en tiempo real, lo que le brindará tranquilidad.

Interfaz fácil de usar : disfrute de una interfaz fácil de usar que le permitirá navegar por la aplicación sin esfuerzo.

Precios flexibles : benefíciese de un plan de precios flexible que se adapta a sus necesidades y presupuesto.


· Es necesario reforzar la atención al cliente.

· Mayor coste de adaptación a múltiples dispositivos.


Parte 4. ¿Cuál debería ser mi elección?

La infidelidad no sólo se manifiesta en la traición entre parejas, sino que también puede implicar infidelidad en cuentas de redes sociales, correos electrónicos y teléfonos. Para asegurarse de poder controlar una posible infidelidad de forma silenciosa, hay muchas aplicaciones disponibles.

SpyX es su primera opción para detectar a un novio o cónyuge infiel. He aquí por qué atrae a tanta gente:

Interfaz fácil de usar : La mejor parte de SpyX es su simplicidad, y una interfaz fácil de usar es esencial para monitorear fácilmente la actividad de su pareja en Tinder, Instagram y más.

Seguimiento integral de actividad : SpyX monitorea una amplia gama de actividad, incluido el historial, llamadas, mensajes de texto, correos electrónicos, historial de navegación y mensajes eliminados.

Monitoreo en tiempo real : las actualizaciones de SpyX le brindan una cuenta de primera mano del comportamiento de su cónyuge, ayudándolo a estar al tanto de todo en tiempo real.

Compatibilidad : asegúrese de que la aplicación de trampa sea compatible con el sistema operativo del dispositivo de destino. SpyX le permite monitorear el comportamiento de su cónyuge en diferentes aplicaciones de redes sociales sin la necesidad de procedimientos complicados como rooteo o jailbreak.

Modo sigiloso : SpyX es una aplicación de trampa con modo sigiloso para rastrear silenciosamente las actividades de su cónyuge sin que se dé cuenta.

Relación calidad-precio : SpyX ofrece múltiples planes de suscripción, elija el paquete que se adapte a su presupuesto y al mismo tiempo brinde un servicio de calidad.

Cifrado de datos : almacene y transmita de forma segura datos recopilados de diferentes aplicaciones de redes sociales con SpyX para garantizar la privacidad y confidencialidad de las actividades de monitoreo.


If you are reading this, you should have an answer in your mind. Many people recommend SpyX, an easy-to-use and powerful app that helps you monitor your spouse's mobile phone activity without any technical knowledge and without the need for a complicated jailbreak. SpyX's affordable price makes it a popular choice in the market, while its seamless operation and stealthy performance ensures that you'll always be on top of your cheating partner's actions so that you can always challenge them and have solid evidence.



How does a guy act after he cheated?

Many signs can help you know if your spouse is cheating on you. For example, the spouse is away from home most of the time, is extra cautious with her mobile phone, lies and is unfaithful in some small things. SpyX spy software can help you find the exact evidence and discover the truth. If she exhibits any of the following behaviours, then it's time for you to use monitoring software.

How do I know if my partner is texting someone else?

If you've noticed that he's been behaving abnormally lately and you can't get hold of his phone to find out what's going on. Then it is recommended that you use the reliable monitoring software - spyx, which can remotely monitor all the information on your spouse's mobile phone.

What secret apps do people cheat on?

There are many apps that allow people to cover up their immoral relationships and cheat on their partners. Some of the most common and popular free iPhone apps for scammers include Snapchat, Viber, Tinder, WhatsApp, and more.

How do you find out if your boyfriend is cheating on his phone?

Using spyx remote tracker will help you to quickly track your spouse's mobile phone. After logging into your spyx account, you can see the monitored data in the control panel. View his chats and pictures and videos on social media in real time. Help you find evidence of cheating and build a good relationship.

What are Spy Apps?

Spy apps are third-party applications wherein people use to closely monitor, track and record on the person’s device that you wish to check up on. It’s like asking someone to help you with your desktop remotely but this one is you’re not being noticed that you’re actually getting access on their device.

Are Spy Apps Safe?

Yes, they are safe. These apps aren’t treated as a “virus” but with proper precaution it may sometime inform your anti-virus an unwanted application and can be notified if not careful by your spouse.

Why should you consider spying on your spouse?

If you’re worried and your intuition is telling you something else, this could be the perfect tool for you before confronting your spouse about it. Instead of hiring a private investigator this could help you save less and you can capture any evidence if proven correct of the act.

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