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Tracking someone's cell phone activities and location secretly is a tricky business. You need an app that is reliable, undetectable and gets the job done without complex setups.


This guide will explore the top 10 free phone tracker apps that actually work in 2023. I have tested and reviewed each one based on crucial factors like:


  • Device compatibility
  • Features
  • Requirements
  • Free vs paid plans


Read on to uncover which app you should use to monitor an Android or iPhone discreetly this year.


Part 1. Comparison of 10 best mobile tracker apps


Get to know what is a phone number tracker? Here is the comparison table of the mobile tracker apps:


TrackerSupport DeviceFeaturesRequirementsFree Version
Google Find My DeviceAndroidTrack location onlyNo requirementsTotally free
Apple Find MyiOSTrack location onlyNo requirementsTotally free
Real Time Phone GPS TrackerAndroidTrack location onlyInstall app on the target phoneTotally free
Life360Android & iOSTrack location onlyInstall app on the target phonePartly free
HoverwatchAndroidTrack location and 12 app dataInstall app on the target phoneFree trial
SnoopzaAndroidTrack location and 12 app dataInstall app on the target phoneFree trial
SpyXAndroid & iOSTrack location and 30+ app dataNo requirementsFree demo
MsafelyAndroid & iOSTrack location and 30+ app dataNo requirementsFree demo
mSpyAndroid & iOSTrack location and 15+ app dataFor Android: Install app on the target phone. For iOS: Jailbreak the target phone.Free demo
EyezyAndroid & iOSTrack location and 15+ app dataFor Android: Install app on the target phone. For iOS: Jailbreak the target phone.Free demo



Part 2. Top 4 free mobile tracker apps in 2024-Totally free


Now let us review these 4 free phone trackers together!


2.1. Google Find My Device


Google Find My Device is the go-to tracker for Android devices made by Google itself. As you would expect, it's reliable, widely trusted and very easy to set up.


Key Features



  • Need to install Find My Device app from Google Play Store on the Android phone or tablet.


Free vs Paid


  • 100% free to use with all features.


Overall, Google's own solution is my top pick to track and secure your Android phone. It's completely free and trusted. The only catch is that you need to install the app before the phone goes missing.


2.2. Apple Find My


For iPhone users, Apple's Find My app is the best choice. It can locate Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and more with ease.


Key Features



  • No app installation is needed. Find My network uses other Apple devices to detect your phone.


Free vs Paid


  • Free to use for all Apple device users.


Apple's seamless ecosystem makes Find My a breeze to use for iOS users. It offers reliable location tracking and device security 100% free.


2.3. Real Time Phone GPS Tracker


The Real-Time Phone GPS Tracker app provides free and accurate tracking for Android phones and tablets.


Key Features



  • Need physical access to install tracker app on target device.


Free vs Paid


  • 100% free basic real-time GPS tracking.
  • Paid plans for premium features like geofencing, widget and app blocking.


If you have access to the Android device for app installation, this tracker offers robust location monitoring totally free.


2.4. Life360


Life360 is a hugely popular family safety platform. It lets you monitor family members and work as a child tracker.


Key Features



  • Everyone being tracked must install Life360 app and be part of family circle.


Free vs Paid


  • Limited functionality free: See family members' locations, get arrival and departure alerts.
  • Paid plans: Unlock driving notifications, roadside assistance etc. Starts from $8/month.


If you just want to track family members especially kids, Life360's free features get the job done. For wider family safety features, opt for a paid plan.


Part 3. Top 2 mobile phone tracker with a free trial


Hoverwatch and Snoopza are two mobile phone trackers that offer a 4-day free trial. So what are their monitoring features? Let’s explore them together!


3.1. Hoverwatch


For employers monitoring remote workers or parents overseeing children's device usage, Hoverwatch provides multifaceted tracking across platforms. Companies can verify employees are working productively at home. And parents gain insight into a child's location, communications and computer activities.


Screenshots of hoverwatch's homepage.


Key Features:



  • App installation for Android.
  • Software installation on computers.


Free vs Paid:


  • 4-day free trial.


The free trial is handy to test out Hoverwatch's Android and computer monitoring features firsthand.


3.2. Snoopza


Because of Android's vast market share, Snoopza fills a niche for parents wanting simplified Android monitoring. Tracking a child's location and sadly, Snoopza lacks iOS support and its PC monitoring only works on Windows and Mac.


Still, budget-minded parents may find Snoopza's basic features suffice for keeping tabs on an Android child. And avoiding monthly subscriptions can be attractive financially. Snoopza's free trial lets parents confirm it meets their needs.


Screenshots of Snoopza's homepage.


Key Features:



  • App installation on Android is needed.


Free vs Paid:


  • 4-day free trial.


Snoopza is useful for basic Android tracking. You can try out location monitoring and other features free for 4 days.


Part 4. Top 4 mobile tracker apps to secretly track a cell phone


If you are looking for a mobile phone tracker to track someone's mobile phones without them knowing, then you must check out these 4 phone trackers.


4.1. SpyX


As a concerned parent in the digital age, I find SpyX to be a powerful ally in keeping my child safe online. With social media and smartphones exposing kids to more risks, SpyX lets me discreetly monitor their activities without detection.


The location tracking stands out, providing peace of mind by letting me check on my child's whereabouts at all times. Monitoring chat apps is also invaluable these days for spotting cyberbullying, predators, or other threats.


Screenshot of SpyX's homepage


Key Features:



  • No app installation or jailbreaking needed.


Free vs Paid:


  • Free demo available to preview features.


The best part about SpyX is it lets me monitor the phone completely in stealth mode without the user ever finding out. The free demo is useful to test it out first.


4.2. Msafely


For parents overwhelmed with monitoring multiple apps across different devices, Msafely provides a unified tracking solution. Its greatest appeal is app-less functionality, removing hassles of installing software on each device.


Using Msafely's remote dashboard, parents gain singular visibility into a child's location, messages, photos, videos and internet history. Alerts can also be configured for flagging concerning activities. Such comprehensive oversight brings comfort amidst digital dangers.


Screenshot of Msafely's homepage


Key Features:



  • No app or jailbreak required.


Free vs Paid:


  • Free live demo to test features.


I like that Msafely provides tracking on par with SpyX without needing app installs. The free demo lets me evaluate it risk-free.


4.3. mSpy


Since cyberbullying and internet predators constantly lurking, mSpy brings parents some control over their child's digital behaviors. Its SMS and chat app monitoring can uncover threats like harassment, risky relationships, suicidal ideation or substance abuse.


But mSpy must be used judiciously. Though its remote lockdown feature can locate a lost phone, the same powers could also become authoritarian. Discovering a child's innocence outweighs losing their trust. Wise parents can harness mSpy as a digital lifeline for their child, not a digital leash.


Screenshots of mSpy's homepage.


Key Features:



  • App install for Android.
  • Jailbreaking required for iPhone.


Free vs Paid:


  • Free demo available.


mSpy is great for monitoring chat apps and texts once set up. You can try out the dashboard via the free demo first.


Further reading: mSpy's deep review.


4.4. Eyezy


Eyezy lets parents set digital boundaries while keeping children safe. Location tracking grants peace of mind when kids are on-the-go. Monitoring social media can prevent cyberbullying. Restricting apps and websites fosters healthier tech habits.


Keep in mind though, Eyezy's camera and keylogger features could cross privacy boundaries if applied excessively. I know children need protection, but they also need room to make mistakes and learn. With prudent use, Eyezy can alleviate parenting stresses without undermining trust between parent and child.


Screenshots of Eyezy's homepage.


Key Features:



  • App installation for Android.
  • Jailbreaking required for iPhones.


Free vs Paid:


  • Free demo available.


Overall, Eyezy provides me with robust parental monitoring capabilities for both Android and iOS devices. I can test it out risk-free with their demo first.


Further reading: In-depth review of Eyezy.


Part 5. Factors to consider when choosing a mobile tracker app


Since there are so many tracker apps out there, how do you select the right one for your needs? Here are the key factors to consider:


  • Compatible Platforms

Firstly, ensure the tracker app works with the target device's operating system like Android or iOS. Some apps support both platforms while others are limited to just one.


  • Features Offered

You'll want a tracker app that offers the monitoring features you need like location tracking, app data monitoring, geofencing etc. Carefully review what's included in free vs paid plans.


  • App Requirements

Trackers have different prerequisites when it comes to app installation or jailbreaking. Installation-free and jailbreak-free trackers are more convenient to set up discretely.


  • Free Trial or Demo

Most tracking apps offer a free trial or demo to test out features. Avail this to get hands-on experience before deciding. Just be sure to cancel before the trial ends if you don't want to purchase it.


  • Price and Plans

Compare pricing across trackers to find one that fits your budget. Also see if they have flexible short-term plans for one-time use rather than just lengthy yearly subscriptions.


Part 6. Which is the overall best mobile Phone tracker app


All the apps above have their unique pros and cons. But based on ease of use, features and reliability, I would crown Google Find My Device as the best free phone tracking app overall.


For Android users, Google's first party tracker app is unbeatable when it comes to quickly finding a lost phone. It provides peace of mind without needing complex rooting or paying anything.


If you want something more comprehensive, I would suggest subscribing to SpyX. SpyX's convenience and features make it tempting for many parents. Trying its demo first provides the chance to judge if it aligns with your family's needs.


Part 7. How to use the best mobile tracker to track a phone without them knowing-Step by step guide


Step 1. Sign up for a free account.


How to create an free account with your email.


Step 2. Choose the device you want to track. If you want to track an Android, select "Android". If you want to track an iPhone, select "iOS".


Choose the device you want to monitor,iOS or Android.


Step 3. Start tracking.


The dashboard of SpyX real user.



Part 8. Why would you want to track a mobile phone


  • Keep Your Child Safe

In today's digital world, parents can't always monitor what their kids are up to on their phones. Tracking your child's phone lets you keep tabs on their location to ensure safety. You can also see who they are communicating with and block harmful content.


  • Find Your Lost Phone

We've all experienced that panicky feeling when you can't find your phone. Phone tracker apps for Android and iPhone let you remotely locate a lost or stolen device. Some even have features to lock or wipe your phone when missing.


  • Monitor Your Partner

Suspecting your spouse or partner of cheating? A secret phone tracker app lets you stealthily monitor their SMS, calls, social media chats, web activity and location.


  • Track Employees

For businesses, tracking company-owned devices used by employees helps maximize productivity and security. Features like geofencing ensure employees are where they should be.


Part 9. How to use a phone tracker app safely and ethically


While tracking apps provide powerful capabilities, it's crucial to use them legally, ethically and with discretion:


  • Make sure you own the target phone or have permission to track it
  • Don't stalk or harass others - use trackers for legitimate purposes only
  • Avoid trespassing laws by not tracking phones physically without consent
  • Be careful not to monitor work devices if prohibited by company policies
  • Monitor kids and teens only until a reasonable age with consent
  • Consider talking to the person first before secret phone tracking
  • Research local call and data recording consent laws in your state or country


Part 10. FAQs of free mobile tracker apps


Q1. Is there a totally free phone tracker app?


Here are the free phone tracker apps:

(1) Google Find My Device.

(2) Apple Find My.

(3) Real Time Phone GPS tracker.

(4) Life360

You can choose one that meets your tracking needs.


Q2. Is it possible to track someone's cell phone without installing any app?


Yes, SpyX can help you track someone's mobile phone without installing an app. It supports Cloud solution to help you connect with the target phone. That's why it allows you to track someone's Android or iPhone without installing any app.


Q3. Can I track someone's phone just by using a phone number?


At present, this kind of computer technology requires relatively high requirements. If you do not have computer basics, it is not recommended to try it.


Part 11. Conclusion


Hope this guide gives you a clear picture of the top free hidden phone tracker apps available today! You can choose a mobile phone tracking software that best meets your requirements based on your actual needs!

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