Should You Spy on Marco Polo App

Emilie Burke

Marco Polo App is a social media messaging app selling the theme of family connection worldwide and private video chat. The app was founded in 2014 by Vlada Bortnik and Michael Bortnik after the birth of their daughter to promote the theme of family connection across different time zones. Marco Polo App is used for private messaging, video chatting, and social media. Many people ask, should you spy on Marco Polo App? The correct answer is yes. Like other social media apps, the Marco Polo app creates an environment for children, spouses, and employees to use the app irresponsibly. A spy monitor is necessary for parents serious about their child's safety, employer serious about employee production, and spouses mindful of their significant other's loyalty towards them. I have extensively studied spying on our loved ones' social media apps to know what they are up to and what can be done to protect them. This article reviews the validity of using a spy application to spy on the Marco Polo App for parental control.


Spy on Marco Polo App



Part 1. What Is the Marco Polo App

Marco polo is a social media messaging app that incorporates video chatting to bring families together worldwide. The app offers unlimited chats, voice effects, and camera filters for video chatting. You don't have to deal with stubborn ads with Marco Polo because the app is 100% ad-free. Unlimited video lengths and the number of groups are other key features that make the Marco Polo app stand out. You don't need to schedule communication with loved ones in different time zones, and you need to have Wi-Fi.


What Is the Marco Polo App


Part 2. Is the Marco Polo App a Secure Platform

One important security feature of the Marco Polo App is that you cannot search for someone on the platform without having their phone number. Additionally, Marco Polo App does not collect your data meaning your privacy is respected. Marco Polo App insists that they don't collect or sell your data to third parties. Additionally, the social media app does not have a direct messaging option meaning it is relatively secure because this feature blocks potential predators who might try to prey on unsuspecting children.


Is the Marco Polo App a Secure Platform


Part 3. Marco Polo App: Why should Parents Care about It

The app's legislation allows only children above age 13 to use the app, but it has no strict procedures and regulations to block any child under age 13 from signing on the app. Consequently, any child can get on the platform, and you should consider getting phone spy software to keep an eye on your child. Marco Polo App does not control who you can add to your contact list. The gap raises worry about the safety of children. If they get to add a phone number belonging to someone considered to be their harm to their safety, they can get into conversations with them.


Why should Parents Care about Marco Polo App


Part 4. How to Keep Your Children Safe While Using the Marco Polo App


1. Use parental control apps

Parental control apps spy on the Marco Polo App and can give you a great picture of what your child is doing on the app and with who they are conversing. A phone spy software will monitor all Marco Polo chats, videos, and contact lists. You will know all the details of an individual chat or group chat. 


Well, SpyX is the best parental control app you deserve! Simply enable it on their iOS phone without modifying the settings, and see if they have installed such apps or not. If yes, you can use SpyX’s App Blocker to restrict the app without your kid ever finding out about it. You can also use SpyX to keep an eye on children's phone, such as browsing history, social app chats, GPS location, text messages, notes, ect.


Step 1. Sign up Free

Click Sign Up to create a new account on SpyX for free. Simply provide your valid email address.




Step 2. Enter iCloud Details

Purchase suitable plan, then enter iCloud details of target phone so that you can connect it with SpyX.




Step 3. Start Monitoring

Enter your login details there, open the control panel using your browser. Now, hit the Menu tab, and click on Controls. From the list, select App Block and restrict any app visible there.





2. Conversation is key

A deep conversation with your child about being on the Marc Polo app and what they can and cannot will help them understand individual safety responsibilities. Such communications yield the best result when you have a close relationship with your child strengthened with trust. Again, I insist on using mobile spy software to read how your child implements the information you give them.


3. Limit your child's screen time

There is no effective safety for a child if you cannot limit how much time they spend on devices accessing the internet. Too much of something is poisonous, and the same goes with the amount of time your child spends on the screen accessing online platforms. A limit on screen time cuts down the possibility of exposure to possible predators and harmful content. You can protect children from phone addiction.


Limit your child's screen time


4. Other tips

Doing the following can enhance your child's safety on the Marc Polo App:


● Use social media spy apps to track your child's activities on Marco Polo. A good spy monitor will allow you to spy on your child's Marco Polo chats, contacts, time spent on the app, and video chats shared. Effective spy apps have a remote-control panel where you can do spy app monitoring without accessing your child's phone.


● Ensure you know whom your child communicates with by checking all phone numbers on their contact list. You can check the contacts physically or use a spy monitor to view the contact list.


● Do not allow a child under age 13 to use the Marco Polo app. If you have to, register them using your details and do not have contact access except for the family members you want to stay in communication with.


● Educate and enlighten your child about the pros and cons of the online environment. Let them understand the dangers that what could be seemingly fun can bring. Let them know why a balance between real and online life is necessary as they grow.


Educate and enlighten your child


● Limit your child's device access for entertainment purposes. Besides knowing about online and real-life balance, limit when and how your child should access a phone or a computer to ensure they don't get addicted to using the Marco Polo app.


Even with its great investment to be a safe platform, Marco Polo App exposes your child to online dangers just like any other social media app if you won't control who is on their contact list. It would be best if you did not assume that it is safe. Introducing an iOS spy app or a spy application for android will help you keep an eye on your baby. Safety starts with knowing your child's every move. Don't just assume they are okay, keep your tabs on them to be sure. Spy app monitoring is every parent's accessory, and I advise you to introduce a spy application, build trust with your baby, and educate them on all security issues surrounding the online space.

Parental Control

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