How to Track Your Kid's Internet History on Android

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Parental control is necessary to ensure your child's internet safety. Monitoring apps help track your child's internet activity and browsing history. Tracking internet history lets one know every detail about the internet search conducted on a device. Knowing such details will help you know the dangers your child could be predisposed to and put measures in place to protect them. Tracking internet activity is vital for every parent serious about parental control. This article explains the necessary steps, ways, and tools to track internet activity.


Track Your Kid's Browsing History on Cell Phone

Part 1. Why Should Parents Track Their Kid's Browser History?

Parents track kids' browser history to ensure their online safety while using the internet. The safety of any child is guaranteed when you know the dangers they could be facing and put measures in place to curb those risks. When a child is browsing online, they could be accessing harmful content or searching clickbait platforms that could expose them to predators and traffickers. Your responsibility as a parent is to put control measures in place to prevent your child from using the internet for the wrong reasons.


Part 2. How to View Kids' Internet History on Android

The 3 major browsers for Android are Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. Let us look at how you can view browser history on the 3.


1. Google Chrome

On your child's android phone, open google chrome and click on the 3 dots on the top right section of the screen; then, from the displayed menu, select history. All undeleted browser history will display right there.


2. Safari

Open the Safari icon on your child's device. On the bottom left side of the toolbar, long-press the back arrow, and all the device's browser history will appear on the screen.


3. Mozilla Firefox

Open the Mozilla Firefox from your child's phone. Click on the 3 dots at the bottom right corner of the screen. A menu list will display choose and click history dating up to 30 days.


Part 3. How to Track Internet History on Android Remotely

Mobile monitoring apps can enable you to track internet history on a cell phone. SpyX is a powerful tool for parental control that you can use to track internet history on Android. If you are a parent looking to track your children's browser history, SpyX is the perfect solution. SpyX is a monitoring spy app that offers effective parental control for a parent who wants to keep tabs on their children. The app lets you view activities on a target device without physically accessing that device. SpyX has a control panel where you sign in, remotely monitor a target device, and view all phone activities. The app has the easiest user interface with the most advanced features you can find on a spy app. It is compatible with and available for Android and iOS devices. Additionally, the app has a demo to take you through the tracking demonstration before you can buy and try it.


To use SpyX:

1. Create a free account with valid email.

2. Buy an SpyX plan that fits your need through the order form. Once you confirm your payment, SpyX will send an email with installation instructs.

2. Verify the target iCloud with Apple ID and password.

3. Log in to the SpyX control panel to monitor all phone activity anytime.


When accessing SpyX premium features, rooting is necessary for Android devices. For parental control, SpyX is your best option. Get to see your child's internet browsing history and preferred websites, and filter and block websites and content you don't want them to access. The monitoring app has flexible plans that fit everyone's needs. The plans are quite affordable. Once you purchase a plan, you start monitoring immediately without delays or sophisticated processes. Once you start using SpyX, you don't have to worry about how to contact them! The app has 24/7 customer care attendance just in case you want to ask anything regarding SpyX. The ability to view and monitor your child's online life and what they are doing on the internet generally is every parent's wish. Know more and worry less about your kid's online safety by getting SpyX today.


Features of SpyX

  • The app is invisible, meaning the target device's user cannot detect it.
  • Monitor all internet activity on the target device. The activities monitored include browsing history, website bookmakers, Wi-Fi networks, and keyword alerts.
  • View incognito/private browsing history.
  • Block websites you don't want to be accessed on the target device, such as porn websites.
  • SpyX's screen recorder records everything happening on the target device, and you can view it from your control panel.
  • Allows you to view photos and video files on the target device.
  • Keylogger records every single tab and clicks on the target device.
  • Read all emails.
  • Read received, sent, and deleted text messages on the target device.
  • Track and monitor all incoming and outgoing calls on your target person's device.
  • View the target device's contact list and remotely delete contact numbers.
  • Track the real-time location of the target device.
  • Read all chats on social medial messenger accounts such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, and others.


Steps to view internet history with SpyX

1. Visit

2. Register an account.

3. Choose a subscription you prefer and make a payment

4. Verify iCloud of target iPhone

5. Log in to your SpyX control panel.

6. Add your child's monitored device

7. Click on internet activity and select browsing history, and view.


Part 4. Conclusion

Parental control is a responsibility to take seriously in this era of the internet. Your child's safety could be at risk if you overlook the monitoring aspect. It is legal to monitor your child and can safeguard their physical and online safety through a powerful monitoring app. As a parent, getting informed about technology changes and tricks used in the internet space to harm children is critical. Get informed, get efficient monitoring apps, and protect your child.


Cyberbullying, predators, child traffickers, scams, radicalization, and adult-rated content are the biggest risks kids are exposed to while using the internet. We are at the prime moment of the internet boom, and tons of adult-rated and harmful content is available online. The internet has good and bad sides. Having kids using the internet responsibly for learning and other development activities is advisable. But how do you ensure that they are browsing responsibly? The junk on the internet calls for parents to step up efforts to ensure that children are using the internet appropriately.

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