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For many people, marriage is one of commitment and trust. However, in a marriage, if one partner betrays the other, that commitment and trust can be broken. The development of modern technology, especially the popularity of smart phones, has given spouses more opportunities to betray. For example, use messaging apps like Line to send and receive private messages without the other party knowing. Therefore, for some people who are worried that their spouse will betray them, it becomes necessary to monitor their spouse's Line chat records and activities.




While spying on a spouse in a marriage can be controversial and ethically problematic, for some it is an act of self-righteousness and the stability of the marriage. Especially in some families, if a person finds out that his spouse has been unfaithful, it may have a negative impact on the entire family, such as causing financial losses, harming children, etc.


So if you're worried about your spouse being unfaithful, monitoring their Line chats and activities becomes a necessity. By monitoring your spouse's Line chat history, you can learn who they communicate with, what topics they talk about, and whether they have inappropriate relationships with other people.



However, if there is no mobile phone of the other party, how to carry out Line monitoring? Here are a few possible approaches:


1. Social Engineering


Social engineering is a type of psychological manipulation that can influence a target to perform undesirable activities. Phishing is one of the most common ways to use social engineering. Research shows that phishing is the number one complaint for businesses and individuals and results in $1.8 billion in business losses.


By posing as someone you know well (friend, family or business associate), hackers can trick you into handing over sensitive information.


Example: Hackers posing as government officials or bank employees encourage people to download seemingly important files, fill out KYC by clicking a link, or change their passwords. This allows hackers to gain backdoor access to users' personal information or systems.


2. Brute force attack




Brute force means that hackers use well known and used passwords to try to break into your accounts. One such brute force attack is a dictionary attack, where the hacker uses a dictionary and tests all the words. Another way is when hackers do a data breach and gain access to hashes of plaintext passwords. (Hashing is the process of using an algorithm to map any amount of data to a predetermined length.) In 2021, brute force attacks increased by 160% between May and mid-June.


Example: A hacker breaks into someone's account using a trial and error method. By using automation, the process becomes easier and faster.


3. Check the chat history through the Line web version




Another possible method is to check the chat history through the Line web version. If you know the other party's Line account number and password, you can directly log in to the Line web version to view all the chat records and activities of the other party on Line. This method does not require physical access to the other party's mobile phone, but it does need to know the other party's account number and password. At the same time, it may be restricted by the Line web version, such as not supporting sending and receiving messages.


4. Using spyware -SpyX





What is SpyX?

As a great phone spy app, SpyX ranks first in the phone monitoring market. Compared with common phone monitoring app, SpyX is easier, safer and faster. With SpyX, you don’t need to install app on the target phone. That means you are risk free from being caught by your husband. You don’t need to jailbreak the target phone. As we know, jailbreak can damage the phone and is very complex. What’s more, SpyX protect the target data from leakage. You don’t worry about other people or third-party will view the target phone. SpyX can track both history data and updated-data of target phone.


Key Features of SpyX

SpyX can help you find out who your husband is texting. You can use key features of SpyX as following:


1. Cloning target phone and access messages

Once the target phone turns on the iCloud sync, you can clone target phone with SpyX. Because SpyX is web-based, it can track all data in the target iCloud, and access all messages including chats history of social apps and updated text messages. Thus you can know who your husband is texting and whether he is cheating on you.


2. Read All inboxes

You can view all messages stored on your husband’s phone. SpyX enables you to view content of each messages with details. You can track all sent, received, and deleted messages effortlessly and remotely. You can be clear about who your husband is texting and intercept all his messages without touching his phone.


3. Access Message Details

SpyX can track all text messages with details, and display every text message with content, sender, recipient, specific time. If you want to know when your husband sent or received the content, you can view the message clearly on SpyX dashboard. That means you can read all messages in order, not messy.


4. Watch Specific keywords

Watching specific keywords is very useful for you to find out whether your husband is cheating on you. For example, you can search “honey””miss you” words and find whether your husband is flirting with other women.


5. Spy on social apps

Your husband may chat with different women on social apps. So, it is not enough to track text messages only. You also need to know message content of his social apps, especially for deleted messages. SpyX help your view all exchanged messages on social apps,like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, including sent, received, deleted, hidden messages. You will be clear about who and what your husband is texting and catch a cheater on social apps easily.


6. View photo

SpyX enables you to track photos on your husband’s phone, including gallery, photos shared via social app. You may find out some woman that you are not familiar in the gallery frequently. SpyX can help you track all photos, including deleted ones. What’s more, you can view the specific location of every photo. This provides more clues for you to catch your husband cheating.


7. Record all calls

If you notice that your husband has a call with some woman recently, you must want to know who he is contacting with. SpyX can help track his call logs remotely. You can track all call history with details as phone number, name, duration, outgoing phone, incoming phone, missed phone.


8. Works in hidden mode

You want to spy on your husband’s phone, but you are worried about being caught by him. With SpyX, you never worry about being detected by your husband. SpyX works in hidden mode. Because you don’t need to install SpyX software on the target phone. SpyX is web-based service. You can login to your SpyX with any browser, bind your husband’s phone by entering his iCloud credentials. Long term monitoring without any unusual signs, such as faster power drainage, extra data usage.


9. No jailbreak or rooting

Most common phone trackers in the market need complex jailbreak. This is difficult for people who are not technical. SpyX technicians improve the technology and make SpyX more user-friendly without jailbreak or rooting. This can simplify the process of tracking cheating husband. No jailbreak or rooting, no damage for the target phone.


10. Remote control

This is key advantage of SpyX phone tracker. Once you bind your husband’s phone with SpyX, you can track your his phone remotely anywhere anytime. That means you can total control all activities of your husband’s phone. Login to your SpyX dashboard, you can browse all files and data clearly.


Finally, you can communicate directly with your spouse, express your concerns to them, and request to see their Line chat history. While this approach may cause some arguments and unpleasantness, it is very important to maintain honesty and trust in a marriage in order to create a stable and healthy family relationship.


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