So verfolgen Sie ein iPhone, ohne dass sie es wissen

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With stylish and fast features, iPhone is more popular than Android phone in the US. 88% of young people expect to have the next phone as iPhone. More teenagers spend over 12 hours on phone every week. This is very dangerous for their life and safety. Using eyes or keeping the same posture for long time is harmful for the body. What’s more, online predators and scammers will have more chance to attempt teenagers, such as pressuring them to share naked pictures, intimate content or credit card details.


Thus parents urgently need a parental control software or methods to monitor their children's iPhone to keep them from hidden dangers. The article will provide practical ways for tracking child’s iPhone without them knowing.


 Track an iPhone without Them Knowing



Part 1. How to Track iPhone without Them Knowing?


Here are various legal and easy methods to track iPhone without the owner knowing,such as iCloud, Google Timeline, parental control app or a phone number location. You should make sure whether it is legal to track someone's iPhone without them knowing. If the monitored person is your underage child, you have the power to monitor child’s iPhone.


Method 1. Use software to track iPhone without Them Knowing


Tools of Google and Apple are functional to locate somebody’s iPhone, safeguard the information from being used by scammers. If you want to know more about your child’s behaviour on the iPhone, you need professional tools. As a choice, you can have a go at introducing observing programming on their iPhone. A parental control application, like SpyX, can give you different potential outcomes to know what the required individual is doing on the web.


SpyX phone tracker


Thus you can try SpyX parental control software. It offers multiple monitoring features, such as GPS location tracking, viewing call logs, and reading text messages. Generally, parental control applications offer comparative observing elements. Compare with common parental control app, SpyX is so easy to use. It doesn’t need complex jailbreak.


You can use SpyX to track child’s iPhone without them knowing:


Track phone book contacts

View sent, received and deleted text messages

Phone calls

GPS locations





Events of Reminders

Find my iPhone

Browse Emails


Never hesitate to buy SpyX for parental control. It can monitor the child’s iPhone thoroughly and you will not worry about secrets hidden on iPhone.


Step 1. Create A Free Account




Step 2. Pick Your Suitable Plan




Step 3. Connect Target Phone with SpyX




Step 4. Start Monitoring Target iPhone





Method 2. Use to Track my Child’s iPhone without Them Knowing is a good choice to monitor someone’s iPhone location. It is a reliable tool to get the target iPhone’s location as soon as possible. And you don’t need to install any apps. It is available with all iOS. So never worry about the device compatibility.


Take steps as following to start monitoring an iPhone with


1. Create an account

2. Purchase a subscription

3. Type in your child’s phone number

4. Customize the message with a location-sharing request. Localize will send the customized message to the target’s phone. Also you can leave message as it is.

5. Your child opens the text message and agrees to be located.\

6. You can get your child’s location.


Method 3. Use iCloud to Track Someone’s iPhone without them Knowing


The most straightforward method for checking another person's iPhone is through iCloud. In spite of the fact that you can't see a total image of their web-based action, iCloud makes it conceivable to find a gadget on the guide, lock the screen, play a sound, and delete every one of the information.


Follow the steps to track someone iPhone without them knowing with iCloud:


Log in to a target person’s iCloud account.

Click Find My Phone.

Open All Devices and select iPhone.

View the location of an iPhone on the map.


Method 4. Use Google Timeline to Spy on iPhone without Them Knowing


Try to use Google Timeline to detect a target iPhone’s location. With features of allowing you use GPS, track iPhone without them knowing, Google Timeline is a practical tool. Google stores the information about areas visited by a user. If the target phone is turned on, Google can also show current location.


Do the following to monitor an iPhone with Google Timeline.


1.Log in to a target user’s Google account.

2.Go to

3.Choose the needed date or select Today.

4.View the location history for the whole day.

5.Scroll and choose the recent location update.


Part 2. Can You Track Someone’s iPhone without Permission Legally?


On the off chance that you're worried about checking someone else's iPhone, you really want to know the law. In the U.S.A, you can utilize a real observing application, like SpyX, in two cases:


In the event that an individual is educated about being checked and consents to it

In the event that a checked individual is your underage youngster

Following somebody's iPhone for some other explanation could be viewed as a wrongdoing and protection infringement. Furthermore, you could confront broad fines and legitimate repercussions.


Part 3. Why Choose SpyX for Parental Control?


Basic parental control can help you track some data of iPhone, but SpyX can provide you with full insight into What your kid is doing with iPhone. Professional parental control software-SpyX can deal with the urgent tracking needs as following:


Track incoming and outgoing calls

View phone book contacts

Monitor sent, received and deleted text messages

Browse calendar, notes, reminders

Read emails

Track GPS locations


There is no better monitoring solution than SpyX. It can track kid's iPhone accurately and protect kid from predator, scrammer, cyberbullying.

Track iPhone

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