Why You Should Monitor Child’s Text Messages

Emilie Burke

Obviously, once children waste much time on text messaging , other extracurricular activities, they don’t have enough time to do their homework, chat with parents and lose connection with real word. And they will know less about each other. This is not good sign for harmonious relationship. So how to monitor children’s text messages without them knowing? Read the article to get specific answers.


 Monitor child's text messages



Part 1. Why Do Parents Need to Monitor Kids' Text?

Now children spend much time on phone, especially text messaging. You will find that text messaging is a more popular way of communication for most teens. It is no exaggerate to say that they absolutely send more than 100 messages per day. Thus parents want to track children’s message to protect them from dangers.


When the peers spend more time on screen and text messaging, children will do the same thing to build closer relationship with their classmates and friends. If children can control themselves well, text messaging as well as video games and social media is not harmful to their lives. But many children miss themselves in text messaging and even get hurt from potential dangerous, such as:


1. Cyber-bullying

Teens like to share their daily life on internet. Most of them experience the cyber-bullying, but, most of them are not willing to tell it with parents.


2. Online drug dealers, predators and scammers

Temptation is everywhere. For some children have no ability to distinguish between right and wrong, they are easy to get gullible and hurt.


3. Inappropriate messages with explicit content

Some predators win children’s trust and let the children send naked photos or videos. And then they use these photos and videos to blackmail children do more unreasonable things.


Many parents are still hesitate whether to monitor their children's phone or not. What makes them faltering is that they are not sure whether it is legal to monitor children’s phone. Don’t worry about that, you can do everything to track children’s phone for their safety. Protect them from danger is the most important thing. But parents can’t always hold children’s phone in the hand, so they need a reliable phone tracker, just like SpyX, to help them monitor children easily.


Part 2. How to View Child's Text Messages?

There are many ways for parents to track children’s text messages. Some ways need payment while other maybe free or need simple operation steps. All these is not significant. What matters most is that parents can track text message successfully. Parents can try the following methods and choose suitable one to track children’s text message.


1. Use a reliable parental control app-SpyX

When you come across SpyX parental control app, you will never consider other paid app. SpyX is very easy to use. You just need to sign up free with an email , verify the iCloud and start track text messages from SpyX dashboard. You don’t need complex jailbreak or install app on the child’s phone. SpyX can view who send message to your child and who your child contact with frequently. You just follow the steps to start monitoring!


SpyX phone tracker



Step 1. Sign up free with valid email.




Step 2. Purchase suitable plan.




Step 3. Connect target phone with SpyX.




Step 4. Login to Dashboard and start tracking target phone remotely.




2. Ask telecom providers for help

With parents’prayer and persuasion, some telecom companies may agree to provide data for you. But it is less than you expect. After all, telecom company will protect the privacy for every custom, even he is a child. Maybe this is not a first choice to track children’s phone.


3. Try free apps

Some parents are willing to track text messages with free apps. Maybe you will upset to find that free apps have limited functions and don’t work well. What’s more, some free phone tracker has risk of virus. Thus parents should pay more attention when install free phone monitoring app.


4. Sync their messages through iCloud

Of course, this is a easier way to view what messages they send and receive. The condition is that you need to get the apple ID and password from children.


5. Ask child to give his phone

Communicate with children sincerely and express your worries. Maybe your children will tell you what they do in recent days. But most children are likely to chat with peers not parents. Thus parents will take the phone when children are not watching. Once children find the action, they will be resistant to communicate with parents and lose the trust.


After knowing the above methods, which is better for parents to check children’s phone? Obviously, SpyX is a easy and reliable way to track text messages without children knowing.


Part 3. Is There a Better Option than Using Parental Control App

Never doubt your wise choice for SpyX. It is the best phone tracker you ever use. The advantages of SpyX monitoring app is obvious. It is easy to use without jailbreak or installation. It doesn’t need complex operation. Spxy dashboard will show you details clearly.


Part 4. What Else You Can Track with SpyX

Except for checking text messages on the phone, SpyX also has other robust spy features, such as check emails, track contacts, notes, calendars and GPS location, browse iCloud data easily. If you are interested, you can discover more features of SpyX phone tracker.


Part 5. Conclusion

Next time, when other parents are confused by the question “How do I monitor my child’s text messages without them knowing?”, you can give them clear answer, choose SpyX phone monitoring software. As the best parental control app on the market, SpyX can deal with trouble of tracking children’s phone and make parents relax.




Q1. How to find inappropriate texts on daughter’s phone?

SpyX phone tracking solution makes it possible to be aware of others' activities. It allows an easy solution to track others' messages and communicate remotely in complete disguise. Sign up free, purchase SpyX plan and start to quickly monitor the text messages of your child without them knowing.


Q2. What are consequences for inappropriate texting?

Talk about a few of 7 consequences of sexting that could make teens regret hitting “send”.


1. It could be shared with people you don't intend to share it with.

2. It might go viral.

3. You could get a bad reputation.

4. Adults could see it.

5. There could be legal consequences.

6. You could get in trouble at school.

7. It could backfire.


Q3. How do you deal with inappropriate texts?

Here is how to address the situation without overreacting.


1. Stay calm when talking.

2. Avoid making assumptions.

3. Review rules and guidelines.

4. Monitor how they use the Internet.

5. Leave room for learning.


Q4. What are dangers of sexting?

Sexting can have potential emotional consequences like:




3. Bullying.

4. Depression.

5. Sadness.

6. Social isolation.

7. Loss of friendships.

8. Loss of respect for yourself.


Q5. What do I do if my child has seen inappropriate content?

My child has seen something inappropriate – what do I do?


1. Stay calm.

2. Think about how your child is feeling.

3. Find the right moment to talk and listen to what they say.

4. Agree together what actions to take.

5. Use parental control app like SpyX phone tracker.

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