Top 7 OTT Platforms to Watch Movies And Series

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The weekend is coming, and you are planning to watch the movie. Or you want to watch the most talked about or some new series. Now where to watch? You need an OTT platform. Everyone wants the best, so what is the best OTT platform? OTT stands for 'Over-the-top' . It is a media service that is offered directly through your Internet. You can access over-the-top services through websites on computers or apps on devices, video game consoles, and smart TV. It has different types of content.


OTT television

It includes online television, Internet television, and streaming television.

OTT messaging

It includes WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, iMessage, Skype

OTT voice calling

It includes Facetime, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Wechat, and Zoom.


Top 7 OTT Platforms to Watch Movies And Series


Part 1. Best OTT Platforms To Watch Movies And Series


Choosing the best OTT platform is important because you cannot ruin your movie or series with buffering. You are at a cliffhanger, and the next part is loading. Watching that moving circle is annoying. So what to do then? Let's tell you about the top-rated OTT platforms.


1. Netflix

Netflix had over 221.6 million worldwide subscribers recorded on 31 March 2022. . You can access Netflix through a web browser or OTT platform app. In the USA, a DVD and Blu-Ray are provided for rent and delivered through the United States Postal Service. It provides many services to its audience like.


• You can watch your favorite content on the smart TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple tv, Blu-ray Players, etc.

• You can download your favorite shows to watch offline.

• Without paying the extra payment, you can watch on any device.

• By creating your kids' separate profiles can prevent them from watching inappropriate content.




2. Amazon Prime Video

It is an American-based OTT and rental service of Amazon. You can watch TV shows and movies, including Amazon originals. You can watch all your favorite channels in one place. You can subscribe to premium and specialty channels. Subscription starts with a free trial, and you can cancel anytime. In the Prime Video store, you can buy or rent movies without prime membership. Via the Prime Video application, you can download movies to watch them offline.


Amazon Prime Video


3. Disney+

Disney+ is an American OTT service owned and operated indirectly through The Walt Disney Company. This platform distributes movies and television series by The Walt Disney Studio and Walt Disney television. It has the following distinctive features.


• After the Groupwatch subscription, you can invite your friends or be invited. Six close friends can watch the movie together.

• Download any movie to watch later, even without the Internet

• It has in-built parental control features.

• You can stream on up to four devices at a time.




4. Apple TV +

It is another American OTT service owned and operated by Apple Inc. It was launched in 2019 and offered a series called 'Apple Originals .'It is designed specifically for all Apple devices. You can watch Apple Tv+ through an application of Apple. Just open the app and Tap Apple tv+ and enjoy movies and different shows. You can also watch it online on If you purchase an Apple device, you get three months of free access to Apple tv+.


Apple TV +


5. HBO Max

HBO Max is an OTT service owned by Warner bros. Discovery. You can watch your favorite movies here. The biggest blockbusters and unforgettable classics. Following are some of the main perks of using this OTT service.


• You can watch HBO max at the same time on three different devices

• You can create five different personal profiles with selected content.

• You can download your favorites to watch later or on the go.




6. Hulu

 Hull is also an American service, majority-owned by The Walt Disney Company. According to a survey conducted on 2 April 2022, Hulu has 45.6 million subscribers. You can watch 75+ channels on Hulu. Some of the main features are:


• It has a streaming library with thousands of TV episodes and movies

• Access to Hulu originals

• Latest episodes

• Watch on any device

• Upto 6 users' profile

• You can watch on two different devices simultaneously

• No ads in the streaming library

• Download and watch later




7. Youtube TV

Youtube is available only in the United States. It is a streaming television service. YouTube owns it. It has 5 million subscribers. Following are some of the features


• It offers 85+ channels

• No annual contract

• Includes comedy central, MTV, and Nickelodeon

• can make six accounts


Youtube TV


Part 2. How To Protect Your Children From Explicit Video Content

To be a parent is probably the most responsible job. You want your children to be good citizens. You teach them manners, how to tackle difficulties, fulfill responsibilities, etc. These days it becomes even harder because of social media. Like everything, it has its pros and cons. If you are worried about how to monitor your children's social media activities, then here is the solution. SpyX spy app is one of the most promising parental control apps. It has distinctive features which make it a favorite among parents. Some of them are:


• Monitoring of every keystroke and Tap

• Tracking where is the targeted person going

• Finding out who the targeted person is calling

• Tracking of browsing history

• Reading social media chats

• Reviewing of text, including deleted messages

• Monitoring of received and sent videos and photos

• Do it all without being detected

• Compatibility with both Android and iPhone

Purchasing a suitable plan is a great option. It offers different plans with different prices. Family package or an individual one. The choice is yours. You can install it in three easy steps

• Create a free account

• Select a Plan

• Start monitoring and rest is easy


Part 3. Conclusion

Watching a movie in the cinema is another level of experience but having a mini cinema at your home is also fun. Watching it with your family or alone, turning lights off, having popcorn and drink ready. All of this is possible through these OTT platforms.The top seven are our recommendations to help you set up your mini cinema at home.




Q1. Which OTT platform is best for movies?

Netflix is the most popular OTT platform of 2022. It has 221.6 million subscribers. DVDs rented or bought are delivered in the USA. The features are unique and easily accessible. It is affordable.


Q2. Which platform is best for the series?

Netflix is famous for its powerful streaming of series. That is the reason it is the favorite OTT platform. Across the world, it offers quality service.


Q3.Which OTT platform has more web series?

Netflix is the best OTT platform that has more web series. In 2022 the most popular web series is stranger things which broke all viewership records during its streaming. No doubt Netflix will be the best OTT platform in 2022.


Q4. Which Indian OTT is best?

There are many OTT platforms in India but Voot is a video-on-demand platform. It is one of the best OTT platforms in India. It provides a wide range of 45,000 hours of content, including COLOR(Hindi), MTV, Nickelodeon, and MTV Indies. It also shows blockbuster movies and famous TV shows.


Q5. Which OTT platform has the highest subscribers in the world?

Netflix has the highest number of subscribers. It will have 221.6 million subscribers in 2022.

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