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When you suspect that he is secretly dating other girls outside, or you are worried that he has an accident but cannot contact him. iPhone History Location Tracking can help you know where your boyfriend is and provide assistance when needed. By logging his location history, you can see where he's been, and how long he's been staying. This will help you determine if he is lying or hiding the truth. Also, if your boyfriend travels a lot or has dangerous jobs, tracking his iPhone location can help you keep him safe.





1. Use SpyX to track someone's location without their boyfriend knowing

It is very easy to operate SpyX to track boyfriend's location. Only three steps are involved.


Step 1. Sign up Free

Before start monitoring, create a free SpyX account using your valid email.


track someone's location without them knowing


Step 2. Connect Target Phone with SpyX

Purchase suitable plan. Set up SpyX and login to the iCloud account using the target device’s iCloud ID and password.


track someone's location without them knowing


Step 3. Start Monitoring

Start tracking the target device’s location from SpyX control panel.


track someone's location without them knowing



2. How to Track Your Boyfriend's Location Using Find My iPhone

If you are using an iOS device and want to quickly locate your boyfriend's phone, the built-in "Find My iPhone" can automatically obtain the location of your boyfriend's phone. When the mobile phone cannot be found, the mobile phone can be quickly located. There are two ways to enable Find My iPhone. Let's see how to set it up!


Find My iPhone


To recover a cell phone location with Find My iPhone:


Step 1. Visit iCloud and sign in to Find My iPhone


Step 2. Click on "All Device."


Step 3. Choose the device you want to find


Step 4. The location will appear on the map


Step 5. If it cannot be located, "offline" will be indicated below the device name


Step 6. To find a new device, click on the device name to access the device list


Step 7. Select "new device."


3. How to Check Boyfriend's  Location with Find My Device

Find My Device is another Google app to track a cell phone location for free. It runs only on Android devices. Most tracker apps powered by Google are designed for locating lost phones but can also track location with pinpoint accuracy.


find my device


Step 1. Download and install the app on the target device


Step 2. Launch the app and enable location tracking


Step 3. On your phone's browser, go to the FindMyDevice website


Step 4. Input their Gmail in the search box to see their location


Step 5. As far as their phone is on and has Wi-Fi or mobile data, you will see where they are.


4. How to Track Cell Phone’s Location for Free with Google Maps

Google map is a web-based location tracker. It is built initially as a navigator for direction while driving or exploring new places. Its location tracking is real-time and precise due to GPS. It allows tracking more than one device as far as location sharing is in place.


Google Maps


To use Google map as a tracker:


Step 1. Add your G-mail to the target phone's Google contacts.


Step 2. Open the app on their cell phone and sign in.


Step 3. Tap the Google profile option at the top right side.


Step 4. Select Location sharing and New share.


Step 5. Choose the sharing duration "Until you turn this off."


Step 6. Add yourself to the option


Step 7. Select "Share", and you are done.


5. How to Find Boyfriend's Location with Find My Friends

Find My Friends is also another alternative method to track someone’s location. This feature allows iPhone users to share their locations with others so they can track their whereabouts as they go about their day.

find my friends


Step 1. You need to get the app first. For iOS 12 or below, you can download Find Friends app in the iOS App Store. For iOS 13 and latest, Find My Phone and Find My Friends have been combined into one app called Find My.


Step 2. Open app and click on the contact picture at the bottom to enable “Share My Location”.


Step 3. Share the location of the target iPhone to your own device. Tap to share your location with AirDrop, click “Add” on the target device and select “Share Indefinitely”.


Step 4. Accept their location, choose “Don’t Share” to make sure you can find your family’s iPhone without them knowing.


Step 5. Now, you can see the contact icon and exact location in the Find My Friends App.


Except for SpyX, all four methods are free, but they do not guarantee monitoring someone's location in the long term. If you want to track someone's location for long time without them knowing, SpyX is your best choice.


Part 2. How to Track Boyfriend's Location for Long-term?

Google Maps or Find My can track the target device's location, but these methods have some limitations. For example, if you want to know where your child is in real time, you don't want to know it just once, you want to have uninterrupted phone monitoring for a long time. SpyX is perfect for this need.


To ensure a regular and uninterrupted tracking of someone’s location, choose SpyX phone tracker! With SpyX, you can monitor target’s phone location anywhere anytime. Once you sign up, purchase plan and bind the target device with SpyX, you can login to SpyX dashboard and click on “GPS location” to view current location and location history of the target device. What’s more, you can also track other activities of target device, such as browsing history, social media chats, text messages, ect.


track someone's location without them knowing




The uses for boyfriend location tracking can vary from person to person, but are generally used to keep your boyfriend safe, whether he is safe at work or while traveling. It can also provide an extra layer of security, allowing you to take immediate action if your boyfriend is in a dangerous situation.


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