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The ability to covertly follow someone's phone has become useful in this digital age for various reasons, such as security concerns, marital problems, and parental worry. Phone tracking can provide you peace of mind, whether you're using it to keep an eye on your child's safety or to find out where a loved one is. You may track someone's phone without their knowing with the help of this article, which covers effective phone tracker apps like SpyX, substitutes like Msafely and mSpy, and even free choices like Google Find and Apple Find My.


Understanding phone tracking:

Monitoring a target device's GPS location, call history, text messages, and other activities is known as phone tracking, sometimes called phone surveillance. This data can provide essential insights into how someone moves and interacts with others. The main goal is to monitor the device's user without their awareness. A trustworthy phone tracker can offer insightful information about the whereabouts and interactions of an individual. Concerned parents can use a phone tracker to protect their kids, work through conflict in relationships, or have peace of mind about the whereabouts of friends and family.


How to track someone's phone without them knowing using SpyX:

SpyX has an unmatched dedication to protecting user privacy and data security. It guarantees that all of your tracking activity will be private and covert. SpyX offers an unparalleled tracking experience because of its sophisticated features and intuitive UI, making it the best option for individuals looking for dependable phone monitoring services. What sets SpyX apart is this:


  • No jailbreaking or rooting needed: Unlike many other phone tracking apps, SpyX doesn't require you to root Android or jailbreak iOS devices. This implies that you can track a phone without compromising its integrity by not changing its software.


  • No app installation: By removing the need to install any apps on the target phone, SpyX further streamlines the procedure. This fantastic feature tells you how to track someone’s phone without them knowing.


Key features of SpyX:

  • GPS Location monitoring: SpyX offers historical and real-time GPS location monitoring. You can see an extensive list of all the places they've been and when they were there, as well as a detailed map of their movements. To give users a better idea of their activities, the tool even goes one step further and shows images taken at particular locations.


  • Monitoring social media apps: Social media platforms are a big part of our lives in the digital age. With the help of SpyX, you can view someone's activity on numerous social media networks, such as WeChat, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, LINE, Snapchat, and Snapchat. You can monitor their conversations and interactions on the internet thanks to this feature.


  • Access to images and videos: You can easily access the target device's pictures and videos by using SpyX. You can learn more about the individual's media files, shared content, and saved content thanks to this feature.


  • Contacts and call logs: SpyX offers a wealth of information about contacts and call logs, including specifics about incoming and outgoing calls. It also allows you to access the contact list saved on the intended phone.


  • Monitoring of browsing history: SpyX allows you to keep an eye on the bookmarks and browsing history on the targeted device, which adds to your tracking power. This feature provides insightful information about the user's interests and online activities.


Steps to use SpyX:

Visit the official SpyX site: You must visit the official SpyX website to start using SpyX.



Make a free account: To register for a free account, enter your email. Since your account credentials are necessary for tracking, keep them safe.



Select the target device: Decide if you want to monitor an iOS or Android device.



Accessing control centre: Go to your control center, your SpyX dashboard.



Data sync: Allow the data to synchronize with the target device for a few minutes. SpyX collects real-time data and includes call logs, social media activity, text messages, GPS position, and more.



Analyzing the dashboard: Examine the dashboard and select the relevant options to access different data categories easily.



Location tracking: A map displaying both historical and current locations appears when you select the location feature. This map can be an effective tool for surreptitiously tracking someone's phone.



Location history: SpyX lists the person's past locations and times to the left of the map. Understanding their habits and patterns may require an understanding of this historical data.



Geo-fencing images: SpyX takes things a step further by displaying images that were shot in particular locations. This characteristic can reveal details about a person's hobbies and pursuits.



Thanks to SpyX's unique capabilities, you can successfully track someone's phone without their knowledge by following these easy steps.


SpyX alternatives:

Even though SpyX is an excellent option for covert phone monitoring, it's wise to look into other options. Here are some additional choices to think about:


  • Msafely: Msafely is a quickly developing phone tracker with features that are comparable to those of SpyX. Its strong tracking capabilities have led to its rapid rise in popularity. You can track 10–20 apps at once, depending on the subscription plan you select, which makes it appropriate for thorough monitoring.


  • mSpy: One of the most widely used phone tracking programs is mSpy. Numerous features are available, such as text messaging, call logs, and more. It's important to note that mSpy cannot track the exact location of iOS devices in real time. Depending on the subscription you select, you can watch different apps at the same time.


  • Eyezy: Another option is Eyezy, which mainly facilitates location tracking for Android smartphones. It provides the same 5–16 app tracking capabilities as mSpy. Eyezy may be a good option if you concentrate on Android smartphones and a particular collection of applications.


Top free tracker apps to track someone's phone:

Apple Find My and Google Find My Device are excellent choices for people looking for a free way to track someone’s phone. Here's more information on how to track a phone using Apple's Find My app and Google Device Locator:


Google Find Locator:


This feature is intended for Android-powered gadgets. Make sure the target device is connected to your Google account to utilize it.


  • Tracking Location: You can track the location of the target device once it is set up with your Google account. Use the same Google account to log in to the Google Device Locator page to accomplish this.


  • Remote actions: For further security, use Google Device Locator. If your phone gets lost or stolen, you can remotely lock it to stop unwanted access or even erase all of your data on it. You can use the Google Device Locator page to carry out these tasks.


  • Real-time updates: The service is a useful tool for recovering a lost or stolen Android phone since it offers real-time updates on the device's position.


Apple Find My:

Apple offers iOS users the ability to track their devices with Find My. You can use it to find your iPad, iPhone, or other Apple gadgets.


  • Tracking location: Ensure the Find My function is turned on on the intended iOS device to track its whereabouts. You can utilize the Find My website on a computer or the Find My app on another Apple device.


  • Sending messages and taking remote actions: With Find My, you can also message a lost device and include contact details in case it is found. To safeguard your data, you can also remotely erase the device's contents.


  • Family sharing: For added peace of mind, Find My features Family Sharing, which enables family members to track each other's devices.


  • Lost mode: If your device is lost, you can turn it on to lock it and leave a message with your contact details for whoever finds it on the screen.


Both iOS and Android users depend on these techniques to trace their devices in the event of theft or loss and to take the appropriate precautions to protect their data.



In conclusion, tracking a person's phone without them knowing is a responsibility that calls for caution.


Respecting the privacy and boundaries of the person you are monitoring is crucial, regardless of whether you go with a paid solution like SpyX, think about alternatives like Msafely and mSpy, or go with free options like Google Find My Device or Apple Find My. Always follow ethical guidelines and use these tools responsibly for justifiable goals. Remember that when you have great power, you also have a great responsibility. However, you can ensure covert and efficient phone tracking by using the procedures and advice provided in this article.


Are you prepared to track a phone without knowing when it is needed? To create your free account, go to the official SpyX website. Recall to exercise caution when using this potent instrument and always to respect others' privacy and boundaries. Take caution when tracking now!

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