How to Track Phone Calls without Them Knowing

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With the popularity of social media, more children like to communicate words online rather than face-to-face. They use types of entertainment apps, online visit rooms and computer game stages to make friends and have fun. But they don’t have clear image of who a person on the side is-a  companion or a hunter. Thus parents should pay more attention to the youngster’ Internet use.


A child is easy to trust someone through messaging though they don’t know each other at all. As a parent, you should know about who your children converse with on the web and orchestrate genuine gatherings with. A demonstrated method for finding out without upsetting your child's security is by observing calls on their cell phones.





Part 1. How to Track Phone Calls and Text Messages for Free?


When you find that your child has risk of dating out with strangers, you may want to take immediate actions for knowing everything about the child. How to do this without them knowing? Install free monitoring app or use professional parental control software.


1. Utilize a Parental Control App


To know how to track calls on your child's cell phone securely, consider utilizing a parental control application. As a rule, its fundamental bunch of highlights incorporates following calls, perusing instant messages, checking areas, and review media documents.


Some checking applications offer high level elements that guardians can use to shield their children from the risks of the Internet. For instance, SpyX parental control application permits you to check calls, contacts, read text messages, track GPS locations, browse notes, to-do-list, reminders and calendar.    .


With a parental control software, you will never anxious about your child safety even if you don’t stand by them.  


If you are not familiar with parental control app, you can try free mobile tracker on the internet. Some of them provide free trial with three days or a week. Once the trial is over, you need to pay for the software.


2. Try a Free Phone Call Tracker


Try free programming to follow calls on your child's iOS. You can find many free checking programs on the Internet. Before installing the app on the child’s phone, you need to take note of a couple of things:


1. You should be especially clear that free app may bring with viruses and disrupt the device.

2. No after-sales service for free software. You can’t get fix when the app has problem.

3. Free apps may steal important data from your device.


Part 2. How to Track Calls with SpyX easily?


SpyX is a parental control application that permits following calls on someone else's cell phone from a distance. You just need a couple of straightforward strides to get the application working:


SpyX phone tracker


With SpyX, you can:


Step 1. Visit and sign up free with an email.




Step 2. Buy suitable plan.




Step 3. Login spyx account, verify the target iCloud, all you need is apple ID and password.




Step 4. Start track phone call from spyx dashboard.





Part 3. Why Is SpyX Better?


Do you concur that a parental control application ought to consolidate numerous elements to furnish you with the best observing potential outcomes? Assuming you do, you'll be glad to realize that SpyX offers a bunch of around 30 highlights that assist you with watching out for your youngster on the Internet.


Part 4. Final Thoughts 


Despite the fact that blocking someone else's calls can be viewed as unlawful activity and a security infringement, guardians now and again the ability to make a move and safeguard their children. If your youngster considers virtual entertainment as the best way to find a companion or a mate, you really want to contemplate introducing a parental control application on their telephone.


If phone tracker is used properly, it can protect children from hidden risks and ensure their safety. By capturing a call from a hunter on time, you can keep your child from committing a lethal error. 

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Disclaimer: SPYX'S SOFTWARE INTENDED FOR LEGAL USE ONLY. You are required to notify users of the device that they are being monitored. Failure to do so is likely to result .....

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