How to Track My Son's iPhone without Him Knowing

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While cell phones bring convenience to our life, they also bring some hidden dangers. Parents are worried about their children's addiction to mobile phones, mainly for three reasons. First, playing mobile phones occupies a lot of children's spare time, leading to less time they may spend on homework, which will affect their study. Second, playing mobile phones for a long time affects children's eyesight. Third, there are many inappropriate contents on the Internet, such as pornography, violence and so on, which will affect children's physical and mental health. So when you ask yourself, "Is it necessary to monitor my son's phone?" the answer is yes. This article is about “how to monitor my son's iPhone without him knowing”.


 Track My Son's iPhone without Him Knowing



Part 1. Why Should I Track My Son's iPhone without Him Knowing


Parents can't completely ban their children from using mobile phones because they still need to use them to communicate with their children. It's certainly a good idea to use tools to monitor children's phones without them knowing.


1. Be safe.

Children's passion for sharing their daily lives on various social media platforms gives some bad guys an opportunity. They will pretend to be peers and try to gain their trust through everyday communication. They may then trick children into giving them personal information or arranging to meet in out-of-the-way places. To prevent dangerous things and hidden risk, parents need to monitor their children's mobile phones.


2. Avoid suspicion. 

Perhaps the child is only using the phone to call or send messages to friends, instead of discussing or browsing some unhealthy content, parents' unreasonable suspicion will make them uneasy and undermine the mutual trust between parents and children.


3. Find the problem. 

Young children may be more willing to talk to their peers when they have problems. By monitoring children's mobile phones, parents can know their children's unspoken worries and offer help or comfort in time.


Part 2. How Can I Track My Son’s iPhone without Him Knowing


You have total power to monitor your underage son’s iPhone without him knowing. Here are methods for you to monitor children’s iPhone anonymously. It depends on whether you choose to track a particular piece of phone data or all of phone data. If you want to monitor your son's phone data faster and more comprehensively, the SpyX is your first choice.


SpyX phone tracker



Method 1. Track My Son’s iPhone with SpyX


As a reliable parental control app, SpyX has strong tracking features as following:


1. Track sent and received messages, even deleted once.

2. Track incoming and outgoing phone calls.

3. Browse GPS locations

4. View the sender and recipient information of an email.

5. Check notes, reminders,events and calendars.

6. Track photos

7. More tracking functions waiting for you to experience


Compared with other monitoring app, SpyX is easier to use. It doesn’t need complex jailbreak, installation. Just follow the steps to start monitoring.


Step 1. Create A SpyX Account


Start by creating a free account on the SpyX platform. It will allow you to have a proper platform to track kid’s iPhone by SpyX. All you need to do is visit website and click on the TRY NOW Option. There you will see a box asking you to enter your email and creating a password. Just follow the requirements and proceed to the next step.




Step 2. Subscribe to A Suitable Monthly Plan


The next step is subscribing to a paid plan to use SpyX services. You can choose any of the three paid plans: 1 month plan, 3 months plan, 12 months plan.




Step 3. Verify the Targeted Device


After choosing the subscription plan, you will be asked to choose the device that is to be monitored. Just click on the iPhone and continue to the next page. It will ask you to enter the iCloud login credentials of the device that you want to target. Just enter the iCloud details and click on the Verify Button. It will take some time to sync their device with your online account.




Step 4. Start Monitoring Your Son’s iPhone


After completing the sync, you get access to your son’s iPhone without letting him know. SpyX dashboard will show you all data of your son’s iPhone clearly.





Method 2. Find My Son’s iPhone Using


Do you need to easily know where your children are, but don't want to install extra apps? You might even want to this solution on the iphone as good and on the android mobile phone. Next, consider using


This is a call tracking system, covering all of the mobile network provider. While it doesn't have as many features as all the other methods listed, it's the best solution if you're desperate to find your child.


Follow the steps:


Step 1. Create an account and buy subscriptions.


Step 2. Enter your child's phone number.


Step 3. Using location-sharing request localization will send custom messages to the child's phone, or leave it as is.


Step 4. Your child opens the text message and agrees to be found.


Step 5. You will get your child's location.


Method 3. Monitor My Son’s iPhone Using iCloud


If your kids have an iPhone and you desperately need to find their location, you can do so by accessing their iCloud. This possibility is applicable to any iPhone, but you need to know the credentials.


Up to the monitoring function can find the location of the mobile host, play sounds on their target devices, remote delete all information, and open the loss model.


Follow the steps:


Step 1. Log in to iCloud using a target device’s credentials;


Step 2. Click Find my iPhone;


Step 3. Go to an interactive map and choose the device;


Step 4. Find out a target person’s location.


Method 4. Track Text Messages Using Forward Text Messages


It is very simple to track text messages using Forward Text Messages. Compared with iCloud, For Text Messages will not sync your own data with your kid’s mobile.


Follow the steps:


Step 1. Open your child's iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Send and Receive, and log in to the Apple ID used for monitoring.


Step 2. Back to the message again, tap Text Forward and enable it by selecting the account to receive the message.


Step 3. Enter your password now, and you'll receive all the messages of your child’s iPhone on your phone.


Part 3. Final Thoughts


Knowing how to monitor your child's phone, which one would you choose? If you want the quickest and most comprehensive access to your child's phone without them knowing, SpyX is recommended. If you just want to know your child's location or text message, there are some free ways to do this. However, mobile monitoring software is not a panacea. Parents should accompany their children and communicate with them more.


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