How to Monitor Call on Cell Phone

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Your adolescent son who is always on his smart phone and practically dug into the world of internet? Or you have a girlfriend or wife who you think is cheating on you? Or you run a business and wish to know the customers opinions? Well leave aside all your apprehensions and get practical man!! These are scenario where a call monitor plays your saviour!


Monitor Call on Cell Phone

Part 1: What is Call Monitoring

Call monitoring refers to the procedure under which you can listen to the live call of the person or go through the recorded details in order to access the behaviour of the target person against performance audit for a business, and to keep a check on loved ones of a family.


The main purpose of call monitoring is improving quality and training in various businesses. However, the horizons of the process are expanding, and nowadays it is also being used by common man in personal activities also. It helps you monitor over your children and prevent them from using “adult” sites, online stalkers, cyber-bullying, and other potential hazards. You will be able to monitor and store call logs, text messages, social activities and a lot more. Now call monitoring and recording can be done on mobile phones (essentially smart phones) by just downloading the related applications.


Allied term is Call Recording:

Again, as the name suggests, the term call recording refers to recording a telephonic conversation or any other audio source. It is also known as Phone recording, Voice logging, Agent monitoring or Call monitoring. It is usually carried out with the help of hardware and software equipment which tap into one or multiple phone lines and records or monitors those calls.


Call log Monitor:

Call log monitor is the process through which on can keep a check on call data such as number of call received, call made, incoming or outgoing details, time of call, duration etc. So that going through the call log monitoring process provide you with complete call related details such as for you own call details you can access your phone bills or check through online, but if you want to access the call log of some another person then for that you are required some important source such as SpyX which is the best tool for phone tracking related activities. Lets we move further to get into details about how to monitor cell phone calls.


SpyX call log monitor


Part 2: How To Monitor Calls With Call Monitoring Software

Call monitoring can be done using easily using certain software and applications. For that we shall first of all we need to understand what call monitoring software is.


All About Call Monitoring Software:


Call monitoring is also called as phone tapping or wire-tapping is nothing but the monitoring of telephonic and web based conversations by someone. Initially, call tapping or call monitoring used to be done with the help of an electrical tap on the telephone line of the person whose call was supposed to be recorded or monitored. But now, thanks to the technological advancement, it doesn’t necessarily involve any hardware! It can simply be done with the use of software and applications. This software is precisely called as Call Monitoring Software! There is a plethora of such software and applications available in the market with which you can do call monitoring of the calls on mobile phones, and we shall understand how to monitor calls with one such software namely SpyX.


Part 3: How to Monitor Call with SpyX

SpyX is a word that does not need much introduction, as it is the most trusted call monitoring system for iOS and Android based devices. It is an account-based watching system. The best part for iPhone is that you don't have to download or install any software on your phone or your computer. In case you want to monitor an iOS device, you must know that person’s iCloud ID. To infiltrate an android device, you must install a plug-in on the latter’s device. The procedure for monitoring calls with SpyX varies for iOS based devices and Android devices. Let us go through the procedure of how to monitor cell phone calls with SpyX:


Step 1: Create a SpyX Account

You will require a SpyX Account to access the control panel. It is suggested that you use genuine email address to ensure that you receive all the important alerts and other necessary information to monitor the iPhone.


Step 2: Purchase Suitable Plan

Purchase suitable plan that meets your needs. You will be asked to fill up the target person's basic details like name and age, and select the OS operating on his or her device. You need to select the same is iOS.


On the next page enter the iCloud ID and the password signed on the target device and click on verify. You need to ensure that the iCloud backup and sync is active on the target device. If not, you can get good assistance on how to do it on the official Apple website.


Step 3: Allowing the Access

To monitor cell phone calls, you will be need to access to the control panel and view data of the monitored device. After the initial setup process is completed and the iCloud ID has been successfully verified, you will go to the control panel, and then the info from the target device will be combined within a short time. Every time you enter into the account, the latest data will be updated and published. Needless, to mention that if the target device is switched off then no update will be shown.



We hope this article is useful for you to understand how to monitor cell phone calls on your target device, whether it is an iOS based device or an Android based device. 


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