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Nowadays, the smartphones rule the entire world, and with that advancement, we have become more and more used to the idea of using smartphones for our day to day purposes. And this is why it is really important to have all the details of our calls and everything on our hands. The call log monitor iPhone has is extremely useful in such cases. And not just that, there are many other useful call log monitoring options that make the whole deal of checking the call logs much easier.


monitor call log online


Part 1. Monitor Call Log with Call Log Monitoring Software

Before we dive into that, it is important to know what exactly a call log monitor is. See what a call log monitor does is, it creates the information of all the call history of our and other’s phones so that it can benefit the business owners and the call and data centers. This software is a revolutionary option when it comes to checking and keeping track of the call records.


Call logging software helps you collect the invaluable data about your phone calls. It will provide you the key information like who called as well the duration of the call. Call logging software also helps you to analyse the call center such as the department, operator and assigned call code and even data of the calls which you could not answer. The data is presented in graph and meaningful ways by the software. This will provide the management with a snapshot of the call centre. Call log monitoring software will provide you a visual representation of how your call centres are operating, and it includes the time per call, unanswered call and the number of calls and efficiency of the operator.


The evaluation of the call centre analytics will reveal much inefficiency and will allow you to identify whether they are in order to reverse the sound. This will help in providing real-time analytics. During the past before the most recent rush of the modern technology, the reports were available too but the event you wanted to review could not be accessed until a month or so after. You had to play catch up always, but now things can be seen where and whenever you want. They determine the origin of certain phone calls. For example, if you have a high number of calls to service from seniors and first-time apartment renters, so in order to lessen the burden of the calls check for some tutorials which may be left behind by the installer. Or the installer can address some of the issues that people are calling about before they make a call. In general, the call logging software provides an empathetic snapshot of not just your call centre, but your business as a whole. In other words, the main reason for customer phone calls, as well as their response to some of your marketing efforts is found here.


Part 2. How To Monitor Call Log On iPhone With SpyX?

SpyX is an app which helps you watch over your kids and protect them from cyberbullying and other threats, you can also spy on their call log as it also works as a call log monitor. This call log monitor iPhone is also useful for the business owners so as to monitor their employees in a workplace or track their activities in the field. With this app, you can spy on iOS devices and call log monitor to keep an eye on their call logs, messages and many other social activities. SpyX will allow you to view the complete call history instantly on a monitored phone. The call logs will be displayed in a chronological way which includes contact names, phone numbers, call duration, created time and the type of calls such as outgoing, incoming, rejected or missed calls.




To start spying on the iPhone you will need a premium account to gain access to all the features. You’ll need an iCloud account on the target iPhone, you don’t need to install any app on the target’s phone but authorized access is required.


Step 1: Sign up Free


Now create a SpyX account and get a premium subscription. This account will be needed to access controls panel. It is better to use an authentic email address so that you can get important keyword alert to spy the iPhone.




Step 2: Pick up Plan


Purchase suitable monthly plan based on your practical needs.




Step 3: Connect Target Phone with SpyX


After logging in, enter the iCloud ID and the password signed on the target’s iPhone and click verify. The iCloud backup and syncing service should be activated on the target’s device. In case if it is not activated then you can visit to learn how to set up iCloud backup on iPhone.




Step 4: Start Monitoring


Once you have completed all the steps, you can view the monitored data with the SpyX control panel. Click on the Call options listed on the left side so as to view all the call logs.





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