How to Know Cellphone Location of Employee

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A GPS tracking system helps monitor employees' cellphone location. Good tracking systems enable an organization to measure employee productivity, loyalty, and efficiency, directly translating into a business's growth or decline. Organizations that track employee cellphone location and other aspects are proven to perform better than those that don't. Tracking employees and letting them know they are being tracked puts your employees on their toes. Employees who know their cellphones are being tracked won't use labor hours to attend to personal matters or be where they are not supposed to during work hours. There are many ways to track and know the location of your employee. This article reviews how to know the cellphone location of your employee. The legal technicalities surround tracking employee cellphone location, benefits of tracking, and the best GPS tracking apps for employees that you can use in your business.


Know Cellphone Location of Employee



Part 1. Employee GPS Tracking App a Vital Factor for Your Company?

1. An employee GPS tracking app is your assistant for places you cannot always be present to look for company welfare.


2. A GPS tracking system will update you if your employees are onsite where they are supposed to or are out doing personal things with company resources and time. It is helpful for sales employees and other onsite employees.


3. A location tracker device will accurately update you on employee attendance and punctuality performance. More often, employees cheat on manual registers regarding arrival and check-off times.


4. When compensating employees for outside office duties, a GPS tracking system accurately updates the time spent and distance covered while on duty. The tracking reduces cheats by employees taking advantage of such opportunities to earn unfairly.


Part 2. Is Knowing the Location of an Employee Legal?

Employee tracking is partially legal and partially illegal. Some federal laws allow employers to use a tracking system to know their employee's location, while others make it a crime to monitor employees. A business can monitor its employees to eliminate distractions, improve productivity, and control unethical employee behaviors. You are obligated to keep such information secure, even if it originates from an employee's personal browser history, or confidential info kept on a work computer. For instance, if a data breach happened and any confidential material was made public, the employer would be open to legal action from the employee.


Part 3. Benefits of Tracking Employee's Location

Fleet tracking helps track the location of all company vehicles, their conditions, and how they are being driven on the road with accurate and timely reports on mechanical problems, accidents, and other delays. SpyX is a powerful employee tracking system with all-in-one monitoring features that can help you keep tabs on employees. The app is easy to install with a simple and easy-to-use user interface. SpyX has a remote control panel where you can remotely monitor all your employee activities from anywhere. SpyX is the best location tracking app that allows you to access real-time employee locations with a click. The following additional features make SpyX the most special monitoring app for your organization.


Know Cellphone Location of Employee



● A social media tracker.

● Keylogging.

● Call and SMS tracker.

● Internet activity tracker.

● Sent and received email reader.

● Website and app blocker.

● File reader.


Step 1. Sign up Free


Know Cellphone Location of Employee


Step 2. Enter iCloud Credentials 


Know Cellphone Location of Employee


Step 3. Start Monitoring


Know Cellphone Location of Employee



Part 4. Tracking App for Employee


1. TimeChamp

Time champ is an employee tracking software that helps you optimize and keep tabs on employees at work offices and remotely to ensure that employee work hours are efficiently utilized. The TimeChamp dashboards give a comprehensive report that can help your organization measure and appraise employee performance effectively.


Features of TimeChamp

● Time tracking feature, which makes it easy to track the time spent on a project and accurate timesheet updates.

● Mobile tracking tracks the time and distance an employee covers when on duty outside the work station.

● The client invoicing feature generates electronically printable invoices.

● Logging for social media, calls, and emails ensures employees stick to company goals.

● An internationalized platform where users can communicate and transact in different languages and currencies.




2. Hubstaff

One of the best employee GPS tracking systems which helps boost employee performance.


Feature of Hubstaff

● Time Tracking.

● Workforce management.

● Employee productivity.

● Field workforce management.




3.Timesheet Mobile

The tracking system tracks the whereabouts and times of employees' work and reminds them to punch in and out every time they enter and leave a geofenced job site. Your complete timekeeping process, from employee logs to Quickbooks import, is automated by Timesheet Mobile.


Features of Timesheet Mobile

● Workforce Management.

● Geofenced Enabled Time Tracking.

● Timesheets.

● Integrations for all accounting software.


Timesheet Mobile


4. Labor Sync

Labor Sync is a GPS tracking app that enables your employees to track time and location from smartphones or computers.


Features of Labor Sync

● Monitor clock-ins and clock-outs.

● Record all employee job activity.

● A platform for sending employees messages about work.

● Locate employees on site.


Labor Sync


5. Tsheet

This employee time tracking and scheduling tracking system enables to track employees' clock in, clock out, and log out of their working site using Tsheet devices.


Features of Tsheet

● The integration of QuickBooks and accounting software.

● Messages and email alerts.

● Provide real-time reports on employees' job data.

● On-the-clock GPS tracking.


6. Timr

Timr is tracking software for employees that concentrates on the time factor of a business. It prepares and updates accurate working time, on leaves, and vacations.


Features of Timr

● Track employee work time.

● Accurate employee record sheets.

● Record actual employee activities/projects.


7. Gleeo

Gleeo is an android GPS tracker for tracking employee locations and times.


Features of Gleeo

● Location tracking.

● Time location.

● Data exporting.

● Synchronization.

● Instant reports.




8. Hellotracks

Hellotracks is an employee tracking app for monitoring field service locations and productivity.


Features of Hellotracks

● Online time clocking.

● Fleet management.

● Gps location tracking.

● Mileage tracking.

● Employee scheduling.




9. Timeero

Timeero is a location tracker device that helps you track employee work time and location.


Features of Timeero

● GPS tracking.

● Time tracking.

● Mileage tracking.




10. Connecteam

Connecteam is an all-in-one tracking app that lets you monitor, engage, and train your employees.


Features of Connectteam

● Location tracking.

● Employee scheduling.

● Employee scheduling.

● Employee job training and learning.

● Time tracking.




11. allGEO

allGEO is a tracking system that helps you improve employee efficiency, productivity, and company revenue.


Features of allGEO

● Attendance Tracking.

● Accounting Integration.

● Alerts/Notifications.

● Automated Scheduling.




12. Vismo

Vismo is a tracking system that helps you manage full-time, part-time, and remote workers locally and internationally.


Features of Vismo

● Send your employees mass notification updates.

● Track employees globally.

● Provide lone employees tracking and safety.

● Map hybrid workers' locations.




13. Timely

It is an automatic time tracking software for creating accurate and cheat-free timesheets.


Features of Timely

● Email tracker.

● GPS location tracker.

● Web browser tracker.

● Client meeting tracker.




Employees are an essential aspect of the organization. Tracking employees' locations leads to intruding on their privacy. A good employer should let employees know that they are being tracked. Hidden tracking for employees causes mistrust and demoralizes employees, which could lead to compromised productivity. Employee tracking can lead to serious legal claims against an organization. Ensure to carry out allow employee tracking without breaching personal privacy.


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