How to Get Someone's iCloud Backup Data

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Apple devices are considered to be more secure than Android devices. So the first question that needs to be answered is: Is it possible to hack someone’s iCloud without them knowing?


Yes, you can get into someone’s iCloud account, that too remotely without them knowing. You can even do this without knowing their password. It will obviously be a little difficult as compared to Android devices but yes it is possible.


If you know the password then the way to hack will be different and if you do not know the password then the way of hacking will be different. I will tell you about these ways in the later part of this article.


What can you see on someone's iCloud?




Once you manage to hack their iCloud account, you will be able to see all your husband/wife's backup data. These data include:


1) Photos and videos

If your girlfriend/boyfriend turned on backup for their photos and videos, then you will be able to view them in original high quality. According to Apple, all photos and videos are saved on iCloud in their original format and resolution.


2) Information

You will be able to see all sent and received iMessages of your spouse/children. If they choose to store message backups on social media apps like WhatsApp, Line, etc., then you will also be able to see the messages they have sent and received on those platforms.


3) Email

If you hack into their iCloud account, all of your husband/wife's emails will be visible to you if they choose to back them up.


4) Contact person

You can also access your partner's/child's iPhone's contacts list.


5) Real-time positioning, notes, calendars, files, etc.

In addition to the above, once you hack into your girlfriend/boyfriend's iCloud account, you can also access their notes, calendars, documents, and other stuff.


How To Hack Someone’s iCloud Pictures, Password & More


Let me now tell you about the different ways that you can use to hack into someone’s iCloud account.


1) Guessing The Password

The first method is obviously guessing the password of your spouse/kid’s iCloud account. People generally keep their password’s as their DOB, anniversary date, pet name, or simply password@123. You must be knowing all these details about your girlfriend/boyfriend, right? So you can try to guess their password using these.


However, there are obvious limitations to this method. Firstly, it will be a little difficult for you to guess the password. Secondly, even if you know the password then also the target person will know that someone has logged in to their iCloud account.


2) Use A Keylogger


If you are not able to guess the iCloud password of your husband/wife then you can take the help of a keylogger to hack their iCloud password. Keylogger for iPhone is basically an app that hacks all the keystrokes someone makes on their iPhone. Therefore it will also hack iCloud password once your partner types the password to log in to their iCloud account.


And once you have hacked someone’s iCloud password, then you will be able to access their account remotely.


However, this method too has some drawbacks. Firstly, you will have to jailbreak the target iPhone to install a keylogger on it. Secondly, the target person will know every time you log in to their iCloud account.


3) Use An iCloud Hack Tool


Using a tool to hack iCloud is probably the best method out of all. In this method, you will have to install an iCloud hack app on the target iPhone and then you will be able to access their iCloud remotely without them knowing.


There are basically two types of tools available to hack iCloud.


1.Apps that need installation on the target iPhone: The drawback of these apps is that they require jailbreak. But the advantage of these apps is that once they are installed, you will be able to hack someone’s iCloud account, photos, messages, password, etc. remotely without anyone ever knowing. These apps not only allow you to access someone’s iCloud account but also lets you hack their iPhone altogether.


2.Apps that hack into someone’s iCloud using credentials: The advantage of using these apps is that they neither require jailbreak nor installation and the target person will not know every time you access their iCloud. 


How to get into someone's iCloud using a hacking tool?


First let me tell you how to spyx to access someone's iCloud account, it does not require the target phone to be jailbroken but only the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone


How spyx hacked into someone's iCloud


spyx uses iCloud credentials to hack into someone's iCloud account without their knowledge.


It will then remotely share the iCloud data to your spyx account where you can view it.


How it works when exploring spyx


During my use, spyx was able to hack my iCloud account using the credentials. 
It stole location from my iCloud, multiple social media, iMessages, phone calls, contact list, pictures etc.





in conclusion

If you want to hack someone's iCloud cloud information without spending too much time and effort, then spyx will be the best choice. Besides being the easiest way to view someone's iCloud data, it's also remote and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.


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