How to Forward Text Messages from Another Phone without Them Knowing

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As a parent, you feel anxious when your child spends a lot of time on mobile phone chat.You would love to know who he is talking to and what they are talking about. At this time, what you need is not a "Nothing, rest assured" such comfort, but a mobile phone tracker that can help you solve the problem of phone monitoring. SpyX is designed for the parents' monitoring needs. It can fully monitor the content of children's mobile phone, including phone calls, text messages, calendars, events, notes, GPS locations, photos, emails, etc. Of course, we are not encouraging you to spy on your child's privacy. Just the potential danger on the network is too much, a little careless , may be the child in the process of chatting with others inadvertently leaked his name, home address, bank card information, etc. Monitoring software is designed to allow parents to stop bad people before they take action. In addition to introducing great monitoring software SpyX, this article also offers some other tips, which you can also try.


 Forward Text Messages from Another Phone without Them Knowing



Part 1. How to Forward Text Messages from Another Phone without Them Knowing


Many people think that parents monitoring their children's mobile phones violates their privacy rights, which is actually only a superficial phenomenon.The underlying reason is that children's inner world is sensitive and fragile, while parents' life is busy and tedious. If parents can communicate honestly with their children, they can avoid many problems. Look at the children who are bullied on school or online, addicted to online dating and online games, they are generally lack their parents' company and care. Such children are very easy to become target for the bad guys. If parents take some means, such as monitoring the text message on their child's mobile phone, At least they can make sue whether the child is in trouble.


Method 1. Use Parental Control App-SpyX


In Fact, SpyX doesn’t have the function of SMS forwarding. It allows parents to read text messages from child’s phone. The operation is very simple without jailbreak or app installation.


SpyX phone tracker


Step 1. Create Your Free SpyX Account

Before you use SpyX software, you need to create an account with an valid email.




Step 2.Choose a Plan and Finish the Payment

We provide you with three plans, 1 month plan, 3-month plan, 12 months plan. Parents can choose suitable subscription. After the payment, we will send you an email with account information and payment details.




Step 3. Connect Target iPhone with SpyX

To monitor text messages on your child’s iPhone, you don’t need to jailbreak iPhone or install an App. You just type in the email and password of iCloud.




Step 4. Start Monitoring SMS on Child’s Phone

Once you login SpyX account and connect to the target iCloud, then you can track data on the dashboard.





Method 2. Mirror Their iMessages


If they use iPhone, you don't need an application to forward text messages to see what they write.If they have an iCloud account and you know their identity, you can log in to their account on another Apple device and view all of their conversations in their messaging app.This includes any text messages they receive from Android users, and all of their iphone-iphone text messages.


When you first set up the iMessage on your device, they get notified on their own device to let them know that another device can now access their message.So if you don't want them to know, make sure you have long enough access to their phone to carefully remove reminders.


One more thing is here here about this secret text message forwarding technology.The iOS users can show if they have read the other imessages. So if the person you are trying to monitor opens the read receipt, the read message appears on the sender's device once you receive the message.


Method 3. Download a Text Forwarding App


If you are looking for an app that can send text messages to other phones, check out Google Play. You'll find several apps on Google App Store that can forward text messages, many with 3 or 4 star reviews. Once you have set everything up, all the text messages will be forwarded to the number or mail you select in the app settings.


There is one thing to remember, though. If you are looking for secret SMS forwarding applications, these may not meet the requirements. All of these applications have one that appears on the home screen.So if they see the icon, they will know that their text message is being forwarded to another person.If you prefer something that works in stealth mode, you need something more advanced.


Part 2. Final Thoughts of Forwarding Text Messages from Another Phone


After comparing with other phone tracking app, you will find that SpyX is the most reliable and functional phone monitor. It is designed for parental control with strong tracking features, such as monitoring phones, tracking calls, viewing emails, notes, events of reminders. However, tools can’t replace parents’ care and companionship for their children. Parents should spend more time accompanying with children and listening to their worries and joys.

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