How to Clone Someones Phone

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There are many benefits to cloning phone. If you backup your phone data at all times, you can save important information and prevent data loss if your phone is damaged or stolen. If you back up your child's phone, you can see what they are doing with phone. This article will give you details on how to back up someone's phone.


There are many ways to back up someones phone. We recommend you use SpyX, a mobile tracking software. With SpyX, you can back up someone's phone without the other person knowing. Want to know how to back up someone's phone without getting caught? Read on.


clone someones phone



Part 1. Why Clone Someone's Phone


1. To keep a tab on your children

As a parent, you're constantly worried about your child's safety, and you want to back up your child's phone. Because you want to know what websites your child visits on their phone, who they often text, call, and what they talk about.


2. Verify partner's loyalty

If you suspect your partner is unfaithful, you can back up your partner's phone and check photos, texts, emails, etc., to see if he or she is cheating.


3. Monitor employees

As employer, you want to clone employees’ phone to know their activities, such as gps location. This is important for traveling employees because you can tell if they are at their designated location or just wandering around.


Is it Possible to Clone Someone's Phone?

Of course you can. Cloning someone's phone is very easy if you choose the right method. You don't even have to get the person's phone to back it up remotely. Curious to know how to clone someone's phone without touching it? Let's take a look!


Part 2. How to Clone Someone's Phone?

We will introduce three effective methods to clone someone’s phone. Let’s start with SpyX phone tracker now!


Method 1. SpyX-Best Way to Clone a Phone Without Touching It

There are a lot of apps on the Internet that advertise that they can help you easily clone someone's phone, but in reality they have limited capabilities. And many of them require access to target phone and cannot clone the phone remotely. SpyX stands out among these apps because of its powerful mobile phone cloning capabilities. With SpyX, you can remotely clone someone's phone without the other person knowing.


SpyX Phone Tracker



SpyX is compatible with all iphones. There is also no need to install an App on the target device to use SpyX. The whole operation process is very simple. And SpyX can back up far more data than you might think. If you're looking for a reliable software backup for someone's phone, then you can't miss SpyX.


Key Features of SpyX


1. Clone more than 40 types of data

SpyX can clone more than 40 types of data including text messages, photos, videos, installed apps, social media chats, calls, contacts, gps locations, etc. There is no software on the market today that is more powerful than SpyX. Most software can clone a limited amount of data, not as much as SpyX.


2. View All SMS Files

You can use SpyX to clone someone’s phone and then view all SMS files on the target phone.


3. Clone Social Apps

Use SpyX to troubleshoot how to clone someone’s phone and you can view installed social apps on someone’s phone, such as WhatsApp, Kik, Snapchat, Facebook. You will access to all text messages, photos, videos, files shared via social apps.


4. View Browsing History

SpyX enables you to clone browsing history of target phone. Thus you can know what your children search with browser and check whether they browse some unhealthy websites.


6. Clone all calls and text messages

With SpyX, you can see exactly who your partner has a call with most recently and what they're talking about with others. You can also check the deleted messages. Because SpyX can clone all phone calls and text messages. You don't have to worry about missing out on important information.





Pros of SpyX

SpyX is a great cloning software with compact appearance, user-friendly operation, strong features and reasonable price. You can view all data of target phone on your SpyX dashboard. If you need, you can export the data from dashboard to your computer.


1. Stealth mode

When you're cloning someone's phone, you don't want them to find you. Using SpyX to clone someone's phone, you don't have to worry about that, because SpyX operates entirely in stealth mode. There was nothing unusual about the other person's cell phone. That means you can view all activities of target phone without knowing.


2. Track all activities of target phone

Yes, SpyX is so powerful to track all activities of target phone. You can access to text messages, call logs, emails, contacts, photos, videos, notes, emails, social media chats. And SpyX dashboard can display all data in order.


3. No rooting or jailbreaking

For SpyX phone tracker, complex rooting or jailbreaking is not necessary. Only three steps are enough to use SpyX to clone someone’s phone. SpyX is such a user-friendly phone tracker you deserve.


4. Real-time cloning

With SpyX, you can clone someone’s phone in real-time. That means you view all chats history as well as current gps locations.


5. Secure and easy to use

SpyX will not leak target data to other people or platforms. Only you have access to view data of target phone. If you are not professional technician, you can still operate SpyX by yourself.


Steps to clone someone’s phone with SpyX


Step 1. Create a free SpyX account

Visit official website and click the button TRY NOW to sign up free with valid email.




Step 2. Set up

Then, you need to choose suitable from 1-month plan, 3-month plan, 12-month plan. Next, bind the target phone with SpyX. Just enter iCloud details of target phone.




Step 3. Start cloning target phone

Go to your SpyX dashboard and you can clone target phone in real time, view all data of target phone remotely.





Method 2. How to Clone Someone's Phone via Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is compatible with all iOS and Android and can connect all phones. Thus you can clone someone’s phone with Bluetooth.




Steps to clone someone’s phone with Bluetooth


Step 1. Download and install a Bluetooth hacking tool on your phone.


Step 2. Connect your phone with the other phone.


Step 3. Once connected, you can clone data on the target phone.




The method is totally free.

The operation is very simple.




You need to turn on Bluetooth on both two devices.


You need to physically access the target phone.


Your phone must be on the other person's list of Bluetooth devices.


Method 3. Use Backup iCloud to Clone Someone's Phone

You can turn on iCloud backup and use iCloud backup to Clone someone’s phone. Because iCloud backup contains most activities of one phone.


iCloud backup


Steps to clone someone’s phone with iCloud


Step 1. Login in iCloud account of target phone.


Step 2. Restore the data and files.


Step 3. Use a third-party tool to restore the iCloud backup.



You can view some data of target phone.



1. It is only useful for iPhone.

2. It requires apple ID and password.

3. Data backup needs much time.


Part 3. How to Protect Your Phone from Being Cloned?

Parents have the right to back up their underage children's phones. If you want to back up someone else's phone, you need to know the local laws to prevent privacy violations.


How to know if your phone is cloned?


1. Increased data usage and increased battery draining

2. Calls hanging up after you call them.

3. Issues with accessing emails and voice messages.

4. Incoming calls are showing busy network often.

5. declined to make calls or connect to cellular data.


How to prevent phone cloning?


1. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use.

2. Check your phone for suspicious apps.

3. Turn on Airplane Mode sometimes

4. keep a tab on your phone

5. Consult your service provider.


Part 4. Conclusion

This blog discussed various ways to clone someone's phone number. I recommend you to try SpyX. It enables you to clone someone’s phone remotely. You can benefit from SpyX with strong tracking features, user-friendly operation, easy-to-use.

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