How to Clone A Cell Phone to See Text Messages

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Technological development has brought great changes to people's lives. For example, people started using cell phones to communicate, clone cell phones to check text messages. If you want to save your chat history with your boyfriend, or want to know who your boyfriend is chatting with recently, you need to clone phone to view text messages.


In this article, we will introduce you the relevant tools and knowledge to clone your phone. Tell you how cell phone cloning is done, how to clone a phone to view text messages for free, and recommend you the best cell phone cloning software - SpyX. With SpyX, you can easily clone a phone to see text messages without actually accessing another phone.


Clone A Cell Phone to See Text Messages



Part 1. Overview of “ Clone a Cell Phone to See Text Messages”

Phone cloning is copying the data and identity of one cell phone to another. Cloning can either be a backup of the entire phone, or it can just be the key identifiers of your phone. Now modern phones use SIM cards with a secret. To clone ones phone means cloning phone’s identifiers without plugging into it. Although it is much harder than before, you can finish cloning a cell phone to see text messages with professional software or tools.


A great clone software can make you clone a cellphone more easily. You don’t need a data cable, SIM card or to get the cell phone.


Advantages of cloning a cell phone:


● Retain the features of a phone

● Share a phone with somebody in their household without paying for a second line



Before you clone someone else's phone, you need to make sure they know about it to prevent breaking the laws of your country.


Make sure the software you download from the website is safe and secure to prevent your privacy and data from leaking.


Before you clone your phone

To clone your phone, you'll need:


● Your current device

● The device you want to clone your phone onto

● A PC or Mac


You can use Android backup tools to backup your Android device, or use iCloud to backup your iOS device. Pay attention to specific data you are concerned about losing, such as family photo.


Part 2. How to Clone A Cell Phone to View Messages?

There are various mobile phone cloning software on the market. In order to save your energy and time, we have tested various mobile phone cloning software, and selected 5 best from three aspects of effectiveness, ease of use, and functions, and introduce the advantages and disadvantages of these 5 software for you in detail , to facilitate your comparative analysis. Based on comprehensive evaluation and user feedback, we recommend you choose SpyX to clone a phone to read SMS.


1. Read Text Messages of a Cloned Cell Phone Via SpyX

SpyX is a great phone tracker if you want to clone a cell phone to see text messages. Excepting for cloning the mobile device, SpyX allows you to monitor all activities of the device remotely and secretly.


Features of SpyX

SpyX is designed for parental control, suspicious spouse and employee surveillance. It services millions of customers with sincere 24/7 customer service, advanced technology, robust phone tracking. You can use SpyX to clone a cell phone to see text messages easily. Go ahead to learn more about other phone monitoring features of SpyX.


Monitor types of data

SpyX can track more than 40 types of phone data, such as text messages, photos, videos, emails, social media chats, gps locations.


Track social apps

SpyX can clone social media chats, all shared photos, videos exchanged, such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook. Thus you can know what target person talks with others, whether your boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on social apps.


Stealth mode

You want to clone your husband’s phone and view his text messages while you don’t want to be caught by your husband. SpyX enables you to clone the cell phone without anyone knowing.


Easy setup process

The whole process is very simple. You don’t need to be tech savvy. Only three steps for cloning a cell phone with SpyX. What’s more, you don’t need to jailbreak or root the target phone.


Remote access

You can clone and monitor a cell phone remotely. After you purchase a suitable plan and bind the target phone, you can login to SpyX dashboard and track target phone remotely.



You can use Geo-fencing feature to track a person’s location and make sure he is in safe area. Geo-fencing is especially useful for children and the old.


Control the cell phone

With SpyX, you can control all activities of target phone, such as website browsing history, installed apps, Wi-Fi blocking, etc. And you can view all these related data on dashboard clearly.


How to Setup SpyX:

Take the following steps to setup SpyX


Step 1. Sign up Free

Visit with any browser and click “TRY NOW” button to sign up free with valid email.




Step 2. Bind the Target Phone

Choose a suitable plan from 1-month plan, 3-month plan, 12-month plan. Then, bind the target phone by entering it’s iCloud credentials.




Step 3. Start Cloning A Phone

Login to your SpyX dashboard and you can clone all data of target phone and remotely monitor the phone without anyone knowing.





2. Use FlexiSpy to Read Text Messages of a Cloned Cell Phone

FlexiSPY is monitoring software that you install on your computer or mobile device. It takes complete control of the device, letting you know everything, no matter where you are. It can monitor all Android and iPhone digital and audio communications,


FlexiSpy phone tracker


Some of its features include Geo-fencing, social apps monitoring, call monitoring, and text message intercepting.


SpyX is designed for parental control and employee monitoring. You can use it to ensure the child safety, catch cheaters and protect business data.


3. Clone a Cell Phone Via XNSPY

XNSPY is another great monitoring software for cloning a cell phone. If you want to track your children, spouse, employee, you can try XNSPY spying app.




It can provides features as tracking phone calls, social apps, internet browsing history, monitoring messenger chats, GPS location, key loggers.


It has clear operation guide to help you finish setting. However, if you have any question, you can not ask for help through online live chat.


4. Read Text Messages Via Spyic

Spyic is compatible with both Android and iOS device. It can track target phone remotely without touching. When you consider cloning a cell phone to read text messages or spy on target’s social media chats, you can try Spyic phone monitoring app.


Spyic phone tracker


With Spyic, you can view installed apps, social media chats, reminders, notes, emails, ect on the dashboard. All data is listed with details in order which makes it easier to view.However, it supports few data that can be monitored.


5. Use mSpy to Clone a Cell Phone

mSpy is another strong phone spying app. It has phone monitoring features as tracking phone call history, contacts, social media, view text messages, browsing photos, exchanged files and chats, spying on GPS locations.


mSpy phone tracker


SpyX has professional customer service. If you have any question, you can get instant reply through live chat online. The  disadvantage of mSpy is that the functions of demo are different from functions of real dashboard. In fact, it has fewer monitoring features except basic functions, such as phone calls, contacts, gps locations.


Part 3. Best Way to Clone a Cell Phone to See Text Messages

It is not easy to make a wise purchase when considering a phone tracker. Now, we will compare the above phone monitoring apps from main factors: features and reliability. Obviously SpyX is the best phone tracker.


Comparison of the Apps


1. Features:


● SpyX can clone all text messages of target phone, including the sent, received, backed up, and the deleted ones. However, not all other spying apps can track deleted text messages as SpyX does.


● SpyX can track more than 40 types of data. But other phone trackers can track limited data types or only basic phone data, like call logs, gps locations.


● SpyX can take control of target phone. That means can be used for more users with strong phone tracking features. Other monitoring apps are mainly focused on parental control and text messages monitoring.


2.  Stealth Mode


● With SpyX phone tracker, you don’t need to install app on the target phone. It is web-based service. While other monitoring apps need app installation with complex steps and high risk of being caught. SpyX enables you to clone a cell phone to read text messages with anyone knowing.


● If you want to find an excellent phone tracker with strong monitoring features, never hesitate to choose SpyX phone tracker.



Part 4. FAQs About Cloning A Cell Phone


1. How can I remotely clone a phone?

If you want to clone a phone to read text messages remotely, you need to get a great cloning app. SpyX is such as phone tracker you need. To bind the target phone and monitor it for a far distance, you need to enter iCloud credentials of target phone.


2. How can I know if my mobile phone is being cloned?

You can pay attention to the following factors to tell whether your mobile phone is being cloned.


● When you chat or talk with other people on the phone, you can always hear noises from the phone.

● You notice that your mobile phone traffic increases fast.

● You notice some unfamiliar information on other people’s information.


3. What happens when someone cloned your phone?

He can be clear about all your activities on the phone, such as who you talk with, what you talk with other people, where you go. That means your daily life exposed in front of other people.


4. How do you clone a phone to another phone?

You can get the target phone, and clone it totally to the PC via data cable. But you can be caught by the target person easily. So, you can use SpyX phone tracker to clone a phone to another phone remotely and secretly.


5. Can you stop your phone from being cloned?

If you find unfamiliar app on your phone, you can uninstall the app to stop your phone from being cloned immediately.


Part 5. Summary

Once you think it is impossible to clone a cell phone to read text messages remotely. Now, you can do it easily with SpyX phone tracker. Except for reading text messages, you can use SpyX monitoring app to track other activities of target phone. After learning about what is cloning a phone, how to clone a cell phone with SpyX, and alternative phone monitoring apps, you can make a wise decision.

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