How to Check Call History of A Number

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Your boyfriend is on the phone all the time and smiling happily. You want to know who he was talking to, someone he was flirting with? How can you access their phone records without them knowing? You can take your partner's phone while he is sleeping or not looking, but it's easy to get caught. You'd better use professional mobile phone tracking software, both safe and fast, SpyX is the mobile phone tracking software you need, can help you check call history of a number remotely.


check call history of another number



Part 1.How to Check Call History of a Number?

Are you thinking about how to check call history of any mobile number and have been wondering is it possible or not? Then, in today’s high-tech world yes it is possible, but it may not be that simple as it sounds. Checking someone else’s call history means spying on their account. This has to be done in a way that it doesn’t make it very much obvious to the recipient. There are several phone spying tools developed so as to make this whole process a lot easier and much simpler. Well, if you’re worried that how to check call history of number? Then the following information will help you out:


Part 2.How to Check Call History of Any Mobile Number Using Phone Spy Tool?

Phone Spy tools are applications developed to enable the user to keep a careful check on their loved ones. This tends to ensure that they are safe and secure all the time. There is also another wide range of uses of a phone spy tool. Well, if this is worrying you so much then there isn’t any need to think about it as the whole process is very much simple. The Phone Spy Tools are very much easy to operate and the steps are very simple which are as follows:


Step 1: Purchase the package

This is indeed the most important part as you have to be wise enough to invest your money at the right place. There are tons of Phone Spy tools developed which enables the user to check who called, who messaged, what is the exact location of the person etc.

Before you actually plan to purchase any package, make sure you have done a thorough research on that company.


Step 2: Set up

Now, once you have purchased the package, it is the right time to bind the target device. Once the application is bound, there would be certain changes which you’d need to make on the target device so as to begin the monitoring. SpyX continues to work in a secret and hidden mode so that the user doesn’t have any clue about it.


Step 3: Monitor

Once the above-mentioned steps are done, you can now begin the monitoring of the target device from your phone or personal computer. All the logs are there, you can check who called, messaged and much more. Now, you must be wondering which application you should opt for? And how trustful this application would be?


Here, we would like to recommend SpyX to our readers as the best phone spying tool. It is safe, reasonable and lets the user get the complete information of the target device in real time. SpyX is the best application developed for the parents to protect their child from online scams, adult videos and much more. It makes it extremely easy for the parents to keep a careful check on their children. Here is How to check call history of a number with SpyX:


Part 3.How to check call history of a number with SpyX:

In order to begin the monitoring, you have to follow these simple steps with SpyX:




Step 1. Create a SpyX account

Users need to register SpyX account with valid email first. Once the users have registered to the SpyX, they need to make a SpyX account.




Step 2. Purchase suitable plan

You can choose suitable monthly plan based on your needs. We has plans as 1 month plan, 3 months plan and 12 months plan. The longer plan you choose, the more benefits you get.




Step 3. Bind the target device

Once, you have registered and made your account you can now move on to binding the application. Enter the iCloud credentials of target phone, including Apple ID and password, then type into verification code sent to the target phone. So, you need to get the target phone the first time. But you don’t it anymore later.




Step 4. View all call history

After, you’re done with the work on the target device, now you can monitor the target device from your phone. To do so, you need to visit the control panel dashboard. This can be accessed online, or you may simply download the control panel application. Use of control panel for the very first time, the process may be a bit slow so as to gather all the data. On the left side, you will find the list of all the supported features, in order to check who called, you can click on to the call logs.





This was all about How to check call history of a number with SpyX which is extremely easy for the users.




Q1. How To View The Call History For A Specific Number

Go to Services > SIP-T & PBX 2.0 > Numbers & Extensions, then locate the number you need the call history for and click on it.

Under the Settings tab, click on the Call History option.

You can see the call history for each month.


Q2. Is there a way to check old/deleted call history on iPhone free?

1. Check Old/Deleted Call History from iTunes/Finder Backup

2. Check Old/Deleted Call History from iCloud Backup


Q3. How to get call list of my mobile number?

You have 2 options: You can get the phone in hand to open the Calls app to view all the call history or look up all the call history of the number through the network provider.


Q4. How to track call log of another number?

How can I check Someone's call history without their phone? Maybe you should ask for the help of some third-party apps. SpyX enables you to track call history of a number with very detailed information.


Q5. How to get call details of any mobile number free?

You must hear that there are some free methods to get call details of any mobile number free. In fact, they doesn’t work at all. You’d better use professional phone tracker, like SpyX to track call history of another number.


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