How to Catch Someone Cheating on Snapchat

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You suspect that your boyfriend is flirting with others on Snapchat. Although you got his mobile phone and checked the chat history of snapchat, you did not find any suspicious chats. Maybe it's because your boyfriend is cautious and deletes the chat history every time he finishes talking to someone else. This blog introduces you methods for how to catch someone cheating on Snapchat.


catch cheating spouse on Snapchat



Part 1. How to Catch Someone Cheating on Snapchat

Read the article to get five methods to catch someone cheating on Snapchat. Start with the best method-SpyX phone tracker.


1.1 Use SpyX-Best Cheating Snapchat Spy App to Catch a Cheater

SpyX is a great phone tracker compatible with all iOS devices. If you want to catch cheating spouse on Snapchat, you can choose SpyX for remote monitoring. SpyX enables you to track almost activities on your spouse’s phone. With SpyX phone tracker, you can view deleted Snapchat messages and updated Snapchat messages of your spouse’s phone.


SpyX phone tracker


Features of SpyX


1. Check Snapchat Profiles

With SpyX, you can clearly view your spouse’s Snapchat profiles, such as friends, settings and profile information. You can control your spouse’s Snapchat totally. And SpyX helps you find cheating Snapchat effectively.


2. Social Media Tracking

Except for Snapchat, SpyX can track other social media app, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, KiK, etc. With SpyX phone tracker, you can view sent, received, deleted messages of social media, and sharing files (photos, videos) via those social media apps. It is so simple for SpyX to catch a cheater on social media app.


3. Tracking Their Location

SpyX enables you to know where your spouse is, where she/he has gone. With location tracking feature, you can be clear about your spouse routine and daily track. In addition to the company and home, are you familiar with the places she/he visited recently, such as a hotel or bar.


4. Access Emails

SpyX can read all email details of target phone. So, if your partner is cheating on you, you can spy on their emails to get more details, such as sender, receiver, data, content. You can know what they are talking about.


5. Stealth Mode

You want to catch cheating spouse without knowing. SpyX allows you to track cheating partner secretly without app installation on the target phone. You never worry about detected by others.


6. No Jailbeak or Rooting

To monitor Snapchat with SpyX phone tracker, you don’t need to finish complex jailbreak or rooting. SpyX is web-based service, you just enter the iCloud credentials to bind the target phone.


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7. 24/7 Customer Support

SpyX has sincere and professional 24/7 customer support. Whatever questions you have, you can send email or ask help via live chat.


How to Catch Cheating Snapchat with SpyX


Step 1. Create a SpyX Account

Sign up to get a free SpyX account by clicking on the “TRY NOW” button.




Step 2. Bind the Target Phone

After signing up, pick up suitable plan. Then you enter the iCloud credentials to bind the target phone.




Step 3. Catch a Cheater

Login to your SpyX dashboard, and you can see Snapchat messages and other data of target phone.





1.2 Use Snap Map to Catch a Cheating Girlfriend on Snapchat

Snapchat Snap Map is an interactive map you can use to share your location with friends. You can also see your girlfriend when she shares her location with you. Tap the settings button (gear icon) and manage your Snap Map. Maybe you can get some clues that your girlfriend is cheating on Snapchat.


Snap Map



1. It is simple and free.

2. You can see the real-time location of target phone.



1. If the target user refuses to share locations, you can’t get their location with Snap Map

2. You will be detected easily by the target user.


Compared with SpyX:

1. With Snap map, you can only get location of target phone. SpyX can track other data, such as photos, messages, videos, social media chats, email, ect.

2. SpyX works with stealth mode and you will not be detected.


1.3 Use Apple Account to Catch Boyfriend Cheating on Snapchat

If you have iCloud credentials of your boyfriend, you can enter his Apple ID and password to access his iCloud and get stored data on the iCloud, including Snapchat messages. You can access to your boyfriend’s backup and see whether he is cheating on you.


apple account



1. It is totally free.

2. You don’t need third-party apps.



1. You must get Apple ID and password of target phone.

2. You can be caught by your boyfriend.

3. It is only available for iOS


Compared with SpyX:

1. SpyX enables you to track more data of target phone.

2. SpyX can track data stored on the target phone as well as the deleted/hidden messages, photos.


1.4 Use Recovery Stick to Check Cheating Partner

If you want to access your target phone and check if they are cheaters, you can use a recovery stick and a computer with s USB port. The whole process is very simple. Get the target iPhone, then connect the phone and recovery stick to a computer. This a very simple method to catch your partner cheating Snapchat on you.


Recovery Stick



1. It is simple to operate

2. The method costs nothing.



1. The method is only available for iOS.

2. You can’t use it for long monitoring and updated data.

3. It is time-consuming and can be caught easily.


Compared with SpyX:

1. SpyX can be used for tracking target phone for both history data and updated data.

2. Spxy enables you to monitor target phone without anyone knowing.

3. For SpyX, catching cheater on Snapchat is easy.


1.5 How to Catch Someone Cheating on Snapchat by Looking at Their Phone

This is the most simple and direct way to catch someone cheating on Snapchat. You can get your partner’s phone when he/she is not aware of. Look at the battery and time consume of their Snapchat. If you find your partner consume so much time and battery on Snapchat, your partner is cheating on Snapchat.


Look at Snapchat of your spouse



1. The method is direct and simple.

2. It is totally free.

3. It doesn’t need technical support.



1. You must get your partner’s phone in hand.

2. You can’t view all Snapchat messages, such as hidden and deleted messages.

3. Unlock the phone is not easy.


Compared with SpyX:

1. If you track Snapchat with SpyX, you don’t need to physically access your partner’s phone.

2. Except for all messages of Snapchat, you can also track other social media chats and data with SpyX phone tracker.

3. SpyX is secure and reliable which enables you to track target Snapchat account remotely.


Part 2. Why Do Cheaters Use Cheating Snaps?


Why is Snapchat so popular around the world?


1. Automatically disappear

The chat record automatically disappears after 24 hours, which is Snapchat's biggest advantage. This feature is really great for so many forgetful people. When they forget to delete ambiguous text messages, the dangerous chat records will automatically disappear within 24 hours, and when their partners get their mobile phone, they can find nothing. That's the main reason why many people are willing to chat with Snapchat: chat without a trace.


2. Affective interaction

Snapchat provides an emotional outlet for everyone. Here, you can chat with any stranger, without fear of being found, because the chat records will automatically disappear after 24 hours.


Part 3. Signs that Your Spouse Is Cheating on Snapchat

You need to watch your spouse more and find out if they have the following signs cheating on Snapchat.


1. Mobile phone is not away from the body, still looking at the mobile phone when sleeping, going to the toilet, eating.


2. Always going back to Snapchat messages, there are always endless messages back.


3. When you asked him who he was talking to, he faltered or refused to answer.


4. You feel that he hides something from you, when you talk to him, he dare not look you in the eyes, he is always escaping from looking at you.


5. When you just picked up his phone, he immediately looked angry.


Part 4. Conclusion

This blog mainly introduces 5 methods to catch someone cheating on Snapchat. If you have enough time, you can try these methods one by one. To save your labor and time, I recommend you to track your cheating spouse with SpyX phone tracker. Except for tracking Snapchat messages, SpyX also enables you to track other data of your partner’s phone without anyone knowing. Try SpyX phone tracker and catch a cheater on Snapchat secretly.


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