How to Access iCloud Drive on iPhone or iPad?

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iCloud Drive is Apple's online storage service to keep all your files and you can access them across all your Apple devices. If you want to know how to access your iCloud Drive on iPhone, you've come to the right place.


Besides, it's now possible to check someone's iCloud files on your own device.


By reading this article, you will get to know all the answers to how to access iCloud Drive on iPhone step by step within minutes.


What is iCloud Drive and How Does It Work?


iCloud Drive is one kind of cloud-based storage service where we can sync our files, documents across our iOS devices. Macs devices and windows PCs except for Android phones. iCloud program used to access particular Apple devices are called iCloud Drive.


It almost works as DropBox, Google Drive, or Microsoft one drive, simple data syncing iCloud used for data storage and backup. After syncing the iCloud drive archive you can use it for data sharing, documents store, and access any file by any Apple device.


You can store any big file or send the big file by using Apple iCloud email address, it also backup huge data on your iOS devices if you lost your phone or Apple devices.


iCloud allows you to track devices present position and can lock this device remotely, wipe your data or move it to anywhere It's very easy to set up iCloud to any iOS devices or iPhone or iPad. You don't need to download any additional apps, just by being signed into your iCloud account then use the iCloud drive iPhone or on any Apple Devices.


Access iCloud Drive Files on iPhone or iPad

1.Open the Files app on your iPhone or iPad. You can use the Files app to access any of the files you've saved to your iCloud Drive. You'll find Files on the Home screen, in the App Library, or by searching.


     · If you're looking for your iCloud Photos, you'll find them in the Photos app.


     · If you haven't already set up iCloud syncing on your iPhone or iPad, see this method.




2.Tap Browse. You'll see this option at the bottom of Files. This tapes you to the Browse screen.



3.Tap iCloud Drive. It'll be at the top of the folder list under "Locations." This displays all of the files and folders you've saved to your iCloud Drive.




How to Access Others' iCloud Drive on iPhone Secretly Using SpyX


Suitable for: Users who want to view others' iCloud Drive secretly


Applicable devices: iPhone, iPad, Android and computer


Why should you access others' iCloud Drive secretly?


For parent, you ought to keep an eye on your children's mobile remotely to ensure they are not browsing inappropriate content.


For employer, you should spy on employees' daily documents to prevent sensitive information from leaking and find out which employees are really working hard.


To be short, you will get to know what's happening around this person and even their secrets by monitoring their iCloud Drives, where people store a lot of files.


If you can not check out others' iCloud Drive with their phones directly, all those purposes mentioned above can be done by a spy app. It is basically designed to monitor most activities that happened on target phone.


A Perfect Choice To Access Others' iCloud Drive - SpyX




SpyX for iCloud is such an outstanding application that offers you a bunch of features to secretly track most data stored on a target iPhone and giving you access to someone's iCloud Drive is one of its exceptional features.


All you have to in hand is the iCloud credentials of target iPhone and after a simple login, you will be completely allowed to explore what is in their iCloud Drive. But one thing to be noted that iCloud Drive on target iPhone has been enabled. Here're what makes SpyX a pinnacle of modern phone monitor app:


     · You can access all files and documents like images, videos and app data folder from someone's iCloud Drive.


     · Data stays up to date with iCloud Drive turned on. You can check the previous files synced to iCloud Drive and the new ones created later.


     · You are able to save all files that stored on the target iCloud Drive on your own device.


     · SpyX is 100% hidden as you don't need to install any software on the target iPhone to monitor data in a web-based dashboard.


     · The app is a long term solution to monitor someone's iPhone and its flexible functionality make it ideal for 24/7 surveillance.


     · It is highly recommended by many professional tech sites and used by a million people in 190+ countries for its performance and competitive price.


1. Use SpyX to monitor someone's iphone activity


Operating SpyX is very easy.


Step 1. Sign up Free

Before start monitoring, create a free SpyX account using your valid email.


track someone's location without them knowing


Step 2. Purchase suitable plan.




Step 3. Connect Target Phone with SpyX

Set up SpyX and login to the iCloud account using the target device’s iCloud ID and password.




After verifying the icloud account, enter the verification code received by the target device.




Step 4. Start Monitoring

Start viewing the activity information of the target device from the SpyX control panel.




 What is the difference between iCloud and iCloud Drive?


In a nutshell, iCloud is the brand name for services like Apple's calendar sync, email contacts, remote management system and remote document storage/deletion, and device tracking system.


iCloud Drive is just a special offering of the iCloud service so that no matter which Apple device you use, you can sync your stored documents and edits. If you need more clarification, read What iCloud and iCloud Drive actually do.


In conclusion:


In this article, you learned how to access iCloud Drive on your iPhone in two different situations. If you are the owner of a mobile device and want to access your own iCloud Drive, just follow the instructions provided in the first section. If you're interested in accessing other people's iCloud Drive, third-party apps can be of great help. We highly recommend you to try SpyX to try out its amazing features. It allows you to open anyone's iCloud Drive as well as iCloud's other backup data without letting him/her know.

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