How Can I Get Messages from Another Phone

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Why I want to get messages from another phone sent to mine? In fact, you will use this feature in many scenes of your life. It is a method that can save time, money and cease any worry borne out of a lack of communication. The article introduces the main reasons and proven methods to track text messages from another phone. Go on to browse the content for more details.


Get Messages from Another Phone



Part 1. Why I Want to Get Messages from Another Phone Sent to Mine


Get to know scenarios that you will need get messages from another phone. It is related to your daily life.


Using multiple phones. Many people have more than one phone. One is for work use and the other is for personal use. You may need to transfer files, messages from this phone to the other phone.


International travel. If you are traveling outside of your home country, you may worry about the level of signal your phone has or that your SIM card may not work effectively. This way, you can ensure the texts are sent.


Monitoring your child’s text conversations. Now kids’ daily life is almost inseparable from mobile phones. They use phones to send and receive messages,


Manage business. Such apps can also benefit businesses when installed on their employees’ phones. They can track productivity and efficiency, ensure that the company-owned devices are being used only as intended, and even stop data leakage and espionage. By keeping tabs on the employees’ cellular activity, business owners have a better idea of dealing with a variety of difficulties that might crop up due to slacking employees or dishonest associates.


Learn about couples. Reliable spy apps can help couples know each other’s whereabouts if they’re concerned for each other’s safety. In many cases, it can also help find solid proof if a partner suspects that their spouse may be cheating on them.


Part 2. How to Get Text Messages from Another Phone


Young people tend to hide their online behavior from others. You may never know that your loved ones share sensitive content with friends or even strangers until you accidentally see a message. And the most depressing fact is that strangers can be predators or scammers. Thus it is necessary to learn methods of getting text messages from another phone.


Method 1. Using SpyX to Get Text Messages from Another Phone


SpyX is the best parental control app to get text messages from another phone. No jailbreak, no app installation, you take it easy to use SpyX for phone tracking.


Step 1. Create an account

Before you get messages from another phone, free to create SpyX account with valid email.




Step 2. Purchase a plan

Choose a subscription. After you complete payment, you will receive an email with the account credentials with email and password. Use them to login your SpyX Control Panel.




Step 3. Connect target phone

If your target device is iPhone, login iCloud with target user’s credentials. SpyX doesn’t need jailbreak or installation for iPhone.




Step 4. Start monitoring

Login SpyX dashboard to start monitoring text messages from another phone.





Method 2. Recovering iPhone Back-up Files

Want to see another person's iMessages or SMS? Login with Apple credentials and recover data from backup files. Follow the steps:


Step 1. Sign in to iCloud.

Step 2. Click Recover from iCloud Backup Files.

Step 3. Download a file that contains text messages.

Step 4. Choose Messages in the pop-up window and start scanning.

Step 5. Read the needed messages once the scan is complete.

Step 6. Select Recover to Computer to save the data on your device.


Method 3. Restoring Files on Android

It is easy to restore received and send messages on Android phones. Because these messages are automatically backed up and stored locally. Go to Google Play to download an App that can restore backed-up data. Then install it on target phone. You can easily get the text from another phone anonymously.


Method 4. Matching Passwords Manually

Some people use important dates as account passwords, such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays, mobile phone numbers, etc.You can manually enter these dates one by one to verify the correct password. If you can’t access an account using a password combination from one category, try mixing data from multiple ones.


Method 5. Using a Keylogging App

You can install Keylogging App on target phone. The App will record every input and send the data right to you. And you can match a target user’s password in seconds.


To use keylogging software, follow these steps:


Step 1. Access a target device.

Step 2. Find the needed app on Google Play and install it.

Step 3. Activate the app and grab passwords.


Part 3. Why Is SpyX the Best Option to Receive Messages from Another Phone

Compare with other parental control apps, SpyX is total anonymous. It doesn’t need jailbreak or app installation. Except for tracking text messages from another phone, it can track GPS location, read phone calls, browse emails, notes, calendars, reminders and track photos.


Part 4. Final Thoughts of Getting Text Messages

After learning about the above method, you must have clear image about phone tracking. According to data safety, phone tracking functions, we recommend you try SpyX. It is a legal phone tracker. You can find information you need while you will not violate the target person’s privacy. Attention that you can use phone tracker legally when the target person is you underage child or the target person is informed and agree your tracking.




Q1. How to get messages from another phone?

Many tools can help you receive texts from someone else phone. You can start with SpyX phone tracker to view messages from target phone remotely.


Q2. How to read someone's text messages without having their phone?

Using SpyX to spy on someone's text messages without their phone is as easy as pie. You can make use of various features to spy on text messages. These include: Message Monitor, Social Media Monitor, Keylogger.


Q3. Why choose SpyX for intercepting text messages from target phone?

SpyX is a web-based service and it works right from your web browser on any device. You can not only view the messages of the target phone, but even get their location, social media chats, and record their phone calls too. SpyX has features as No Root or Jailbreak, Web Based Service, Stealth Mode, No App Installation.


Q4. How to receive text messages from another phone (iOS/Android)?

Method 1: Using iCloud Messages (iOS)

Method 2: With AutoForwardText (Android)

Method 3: Monitor Text Messages with Family Orbit (iPhone and Android)


Q5. Can texts be hacked using a phone’s IMEI number?

It is possible for someone to hack your phone’s text messages by stealing your IMEI number. BUT this is incredibly difficult because it requires them to clone your SIM card. Cloning a SIM card requires physical access to the card itself. Once cloned, your phone can no longer access you wireless carrier’s network.

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