How to Hack into Someone's iMessage for Free

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Are you finding effective tools to hack into someone’s iMessage for free? You are so lucky to read this article. We will introduce your all things you need to know about how to hack into someone’s iMessage for free. You can get pros, cons and comparison of every phone tracker in detail.


Hacking into iMessage is urgent demand for many spouses, especially the suspicious spouses. For example, your husband still sends text messages in the middle of the night, you suspect him cheating; your girlfriend always holds cell phone and keeps typing text messages, you suspect she is flirting with others. These are just speculation, and there is no evidence. At that time, you want to hack into iMessages to check cheating.


Hack into Someone's iMessage for Free



Parents want to keep an eye on their children, view the text messages of children’s phone and make sure whether they are safe, what they talk with others,who they communicate with.


Employers also want to make sure whether employees leak the business data or secret, complain through iMessage during working hours.


In this blog, we will introduce you 5 effective methods to hack into someone’s iMessages. With strong monitoring features, they can be used to track target’s social media chats, call logs, GPS locations,shared photos, videos, etc.


Part 1. How to hack into someone's iMessage for Free

It is not easy to hack into someone’s iMessage, let alone the deleted, hidden text messages. Because users pay attention to the safety and privacy of the phone device. With advanced phone monitoring app, you have chance to hack into someone’s iMessage.


These monitoring apps allow you to track target iMessage secretly and remotely. Even you are not a tech-savvy user, you can still operate these phone spy apps smoothly. Because these phone tracking apps are user-friendly. Now, let’s start together to learn about 5 effect tools to hack iMessages remotely.


Part 2. Apps You can Use to Hack iMessages for Free

To save your cost and time, we do a research and list top 5 methods to hack into someone’s iMessages. Keep reading to get details of 5 phone trackers. This is import for you to make a wiser purchase.


1. SpyX-The Best Hacker for Your Monitoring Needs

SpyX ranks top in the phone tracker market because of robust features. SpyX can be used to hack iMessages as well as track other activities of target phone. SpyX monitoring app is popular around the world and highly praised. You don’t need to install an app on the target phone for remote monitoring. What’s more, jailbreak or root is not required, which makes the whole process simpler.


SpyX is a great phone tracker you deserve. Simple operation, strong monitoring features, affordable price, safe and reliable. You can control all activities of target phone remotely without being detected.


SpyX phone tracker



Features of SpyX Phone Tracker


Interception of the device's functions

You can view iMessages of target phone, such as shared messages via social media app and check whether the monitored user is cheating. You can also browse website content to make sure whether there is inappropriate content. Thus you can restrict some websites.


Monitor deleted iMessages

You partner or child may delete the iMessages, what can you do? SpyX phone tracker can help you track hidden and deleted text messages shared via social media app. You can be clear what the monitor user talk and who he/she talks with.


Monitor different kinds of data

Except for iMessages, SpyX can help you view the GPS location, WhatsApp location, photos, videos, call history, contact list, browser history, calendar etc. SpyX enables you to monitor and intercept the exchanged text messages.


Stealth mode

SpyX enables you to hack into someone’s iMessages and other social media chats without anyone knowing. What’s more, SpyX can monitor the target phone without any abnormal signals, such as faster power drainage, extra traffic consume. You can spy on the target phone remotely without being detected.


Compatibility with different types of phones

SpyX phone tracker is compatible with all iPhones. You don’t worry about phone compatibility. Because you don’t need to install app on the target phone. SpyX is totally web-based service.


Easy-to-use dashboard

SpyX is user-friendly. Once you purchase a suitable plan and bind the target device, you can login to the dashboard and view all activities of target phone clearly. If you want to get more details, you can export data report from dashboard.


Data security

SpyX phone tracker is safe and reliable. You never worry about leaking data of target phone to others or third-party.


No rooting or jailbreaking

As we know, jailbreak is complex and does harm to the phone. With SpyX, you don’t waste time to jailbreak any more.


Doesn't need technical knowledge to operate

Even you are not technical user, you can operate SpyX smoothly. Because SpyX is user-friendly with simple operation, compact dashboard and reliable security.


How to Hack iMessage Remotely with SpyX


If you are considering a phone tracker to hack iMessage remotely, never hesitate to choose SpyX spy app. It can monitor iMessages and other social media chats, like Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Telegram, Snapchat, ect. You can view all these text messages remotely without being detected.


If you have the Apple ID and password of target phone, you can hack someone’s iMessage through iCloud. Because all text messages are stored in iCloud. This method is very fast and effective. You don’t need to install app on the target phone, and spy on target’s text messages without anyone knowing.


Monitoring process with SpyX is very simple. You even don’t need a user guide, just follow the prompt tips on the page to finish the whole process successfully. Let’s start now!


Step 1. Create an account


Visit official website and click “TRY NOW” button and sign up free with valid email.


SpyX phone tracker


Step 2. Set up SpyX


Bind the target phone by entering iCloud credentials.




Step 3. Start monitoring


Login to your SpyX dashboard and you can view iMessages of target phone. You can also view other data of target phone, like photo, videos, notes, emails, reminders.


SpyX phone tracker



2. CocoSpy-App to Hack Smart Phone


CocoSpy is compatible both iPhone and Android device. It is a pretty good choice for remote surveillance. No app installation is required on the target phone. All you need is to enter the target’s iCloud password.


As all-in-one phone tracker, CocoSpy can meet different needs. Parents can keep an eye on children’s phone and make sure they are safe, spouses use CocoSpy to check whether the partner is cheating, employers adopt it to check employee’s text messages to ensure whether they leak business data.






● Except for iMessages, you can use CocoSpyX to track different types of data

● It is possible for CocoSpy to track target phone remotely without access to the phone.

● You can get instant help from 24/7 customer service.




● Intercepting feature are not available. You can’t block a website or restrict some apps.

● CocoSpy is expensive.

● It can only track limited social media apps, such as LINE and WhatsApp


Compared with SpyX


SpyX is obvious stronger than CocoSpy. Because SpyX has more monitoring features than that of CocoSpy. No doubt that SpyX is your top choice when you want to hack into someone’s phone to view iMessages.


3. mSpy-Alternative Phone Spy App


With mSpy monitoring app, you can know who your children, partner or employees are chatting with and what they are talking about. You can read your children’s text messages to know whether they are facing campus violence, spy on spouse and employees via text messages.


As a powerful parental control app, parents can use mSpy on their children’s phone without anyone knowing. Besides text messages, mSpy can also track GPS locations, call history, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, contacts, ect.






● Keylogger feature enables to track every keyword typed on the target phone.

● It can track social media apps on the target phone like LINE, KiK, and WhatsApp.

● It support geofencing.




● mSpy can’t monitor iPhone’s GPS location

● Jailbreak is necessary.

● You can track only limited social media apps.


Compared with SpyX:


SpyX is more powerful than mSpy, because SpyX has more monitoring features than that of mSpy. What’s more, SpyX doesn’t need jailbreak.


4. FlexiSpy-Phone Monitoring Tool You Deserve


With FlexiSpy, you can totally control all activities of target phone. Whatever send and received iMessages are available, you can get all details of the messages and know clearly who your child/spouse is chatting with.


You can use this app to monitor your kids. Employees and spouses for incoming and outgoing calls, and get to know who they contact frequently.






● With FlexiSpy, you can track data on Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac.

● It can monitor target’s iMessages in real-time.




● You need to get the target phone to install the app. So, you need to get the unlock password.

● It is expensive.


Compared with SpyX:


With SpyX, you don’t need to install app on the target phone. So, you don’t require to physically access to the target phone with being caught. However, you need to get the phone when using FlexiSpy


5. Spyic-Spy on Target Phone Remotely


Spyic is compatible with iPhone and Android device. Thus you don’t worry about phone compatibility and can monitor more data. Except for sent and received iMessages, Spyic can monitor social media messages, cal logs with details, such as the duration, state( incoming, outgoing and missed calls), caller’s number, caller’s name.


As a good parental control app, Spyic enables parents to keep an eye on children’s phone. This is very important to ensure children’s safety.






● Spyic work in stealth mode. The target user will not detect you.

● It is cost-effective.




● Jailbreak is necessary to monitor the target phone.

● Root is required to monitor the target phone.


Compared with SpyX:


Spyic can be compatible with both iOS and Android, but it requires jailbreak and root. This makes the whole operation complex and difficult. SpyX doesn’t need jailbreak at all. SpyX has more advanced features than Spyic.


Part 3. Conclusion

The five mobile phone tracking apps mentioned above are all great options. They were all researched and screened by us. We recommend that you are choosing SpyX, because you will get more mobile phone tracking features, affordable prices, and considerate customer service. If you are finding a great phone tracker to hack someone’s iMessage remotely, try SpyX today.

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