10 Physical Signs That Your Girlfriend is Cheating on You

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It is very sad to know that your girlfriend is cheating, especially because you trust her. You have had very good memories and experiences together. But anyway, you have to face the twists and turns in the relationship, and you need to understand 10 physical signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you.


girlfriend is cheating on you


In this article, first you will get 10 proved physical signs your girlfriend is cheating, then you can get an effective method SpyX to check whether your girlfriend is having affairs with other guy. And learn more details bout SpyX phone tracker. Can’t wait to catch your cheating girlfriend? Go ahead to start now!



Part 1. 10 Proved Physical Signs Your Girlfriend is Cheating


1. Change in interest and affection towards you


If your girlfriend cheated, the most obvious sign is that she lost interest in you. She doesn't want to kiss or hug you again, even if you get slightly closer to her, she has to keep a distance from you. If your girlfriend has these performances, no doubt she has someone she likes, and that's why she gets bored with you.


2. Change in her phone behavior


Your girlfriend laughs at her phone, or calls while laughing, but the smile on her face disappears when she talks to you. Standing in front of you is a expressionless puppet, just that smiling girl disappeared. If your girlfriend has these weird behaviors lately, then she is talking and calling to someone she likes, and your presence prevents them from flirting, so she is very unhappy.


3. She is avoiding eye contact


Your girlfriend no longer makes eye contact with you. On the one hand, she cheated without a clear conscience, dare not look straight into your eyes, on the other hand, she has a favorite people in her heart, will be very tired of seeing you, so she does not want to see you, no longer has any interest in you.


4. She seems distracted


No matter what you do together, your girlfriend is always absent-minded. For example, when you order food at a restaurant, when you ask her what she wants, she doesn't seem to hear it, and she is obsessed with sending messages. When you find her with you, She is always in a trance. That means she is thinking about someone or something, but she doesn't want to tell you.


5. Her dress code has changed


Your girlfriend has recently suddenly changed her dressing style. Her job has not changed, her social circle has not changed, so why has she changed so much? Maybe she's changing herself for the person she likes. It is a clear sign that a person is cheating.


cheating girlfriend


6. She's always working


Even on weekends, your girlfriend goes out to work, which is quite different from her previous weekend schedule. Be careful that she might be not at work, actually dating someone else.


7. Complaints about your relationship


Your girlfriend complains more about you, as if she is not satisfied no matter what you do. The increased complaint is also a sign that she is likely to cheat. Because in her heart, she feels that another person is much better than you.


8. You can't join her out with friends


When you hang out with your girlfriend, she prefers to stay with her friends than being alone with you. You feel like you don't fit into her social circle. Probably because she wants to break up with you and doesn't want you to be involved in all of her activities and life again.


9. She won't accept your marriage proposal


You prepared the marriage proposal long in advance, but your girlfriend refused your marriage proposal without hesitation. There is no doubt that she doesn't want to have a long relationship with you, she doesn't like you that much, and probably she is cheating on someone by this time.


10. Physical signs such as hickeys


Notice the obvious changes in your girlfriend's makeup and hair when she comes home and leaves home. when she leaves the house, her makeup and hair are clean, and when she comes home, her hair is loose, and you even smell her perfume.


Part 2. How to Catch A Cheating Girlfriend?


Method 1. Use SpyX to Catch A Cheating Girlfriend


If you want to find an effective method to catch a cheating girlfriend, you can try SpyX phone tracker. SpyX enables you to track a cheating girlfriend without knowing remotely. With SpyX monitoring app, you can be clear what your girlfriend do with her phone, such as phone calls, browsing history, text messages, photos, gps locations, emails, WhatsApp chatting history. You can use SpyX to make sure whether your girlfriend is cheating on you not just guessing according to physical signs.





Features of SpyX


1. Track her call history

Who is your girlfriend talking to on the phone recently? SpyX enables you view all your girlfriend’s call logs easily. Whatever incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls are available. You can also view phone calls with details, such as the name, duration and time.


2. Track her text messages

With SpyX, you can access to all your girlfriend’s text messages, even the deleted ones. You can browse current text messages and message history. If you need, you can export all these text messages from SpyX dashboard.


3. Track her social apps chat history

Many cheater are willing to use social apps for end-to-end security. SpyX can track all text messages, photos, files shared via social apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat. You can know what your girlfriend talks about with other guys.


4. Track your girlfriend's location and movement

Want to know your girlfriend’s whereabouts? Except for company and home, where does she visit recently? SpyX can help you track her daily routine and specific gps locations without any hassle. Both updated GPS locations and location history are displayed on the SpyX dashboard clearly.


5. Track her website history

Want to know what your girlfriend is browsing? Choose SpyX phone tracker to view all her browsing history. With SpyX, you will mot miss out any important data on your girlfriend’s phone.


Advantages of SpyX:


1. App installation on the target phone is not required.


2. Complex jailbreaking is not necessary.


3. SpyX is 100% safe and reliable. Only you have the right to view the data of target phone. We will never leak your girlfriend’s data to anyone else or other third-party.


4. SpyX operation is very simple. Only three steps is enough to check whether your girlfriend is cheating on you.


5. With SpyX, you can track more than 40 types of data. That means you can view all activities of your girlfriend’s phone.



Catch a girlfriend cheating with SpyX


Step 1. Create a free account with valid email.




Step 2. Bind your girlfriend’s phone with SpyX.




Step 3. Start to check whether your girlfriend is cheating.





Method 2. Get Her Phone When She Is Not Looking

You can take your girlfriend's phone while she's asleep and look through it for cheating evidence. But the risk of getting caught is huge. And the time is limited, you can only view part of the historical data, and you can't know the updated pictures or text messages later. Another problem is that if your girlfriend has a pass-code on the lock screen, you can't see anything even if you get the phone.


Method 3. Wait for Her to Make Mistakes

If your girlfriend is cheating on you, then you don't have to do anything, just wait for her to make a mistake. Maybe she lied about working one weekend, but you found her at the mall with another man on her arm. All you have to do is go up and say hello.


Method 4. Talk to Your Girlfriend Directly

This is the most direct and easy way to ask your question, "Are you cheating?" But you know, even if your girlfriend cheats on you, she won't tell you the truth and will cheat on you with more lies.


talk to your girlfriend


Part 3. FAQs


Q1. How to check whether my girlfriend is cheating?

You can pay attention to her daily behavior changes, such as suddenly starting to change her hair style, becoming bored to you, etc., but these are just your guess, the most reliable thing is to use the SpyX tracking software to check the data on her phone for cheating evidence.


Q2. How to tell if my girlfriend is lying about not cheating?

She can't look you in the eye when she talks to you, or she keeps biting her lip, flicking her hair, and touching her chin, which are all signs that she is ashamed of her cheating.


Q3. Why does my girlfriend never allow me to look at her cell phone?

She has some passwords on her phone that she doesn't want you to know, like she's been flirting or flirting with other guys on WhatsApp.


Q4. Should I forgive my cheating girlfriend?

If you still cherish the relationship and want to continue, you need to forgive cheating girlfriend, if not, just leave her and start new life.


Q5. I was very sad when I knew my girlfriend was cheating. What should I do?

No matter how sad and angry you are, remember, don't punish yourself with her mistakes, live your life, you deserve better.



Also we introduce details of 10 physical signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you, we certainly hope that you will not use this information, and we hope that you can have a sweet love. Instead of guessing on your girlfriend’s cheating, use SpyX to get the evidence, and SpyX can find everything you want.


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