How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages without Target Phone

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The wrong usage of WhatsApp has exposed all users to great danger. There's cyberbullying for your kids. And your employees can sell company secrets over WhatsApp! You need therefore to spy on someone’s phone activities remotely and in real-time. In this article, we educate you on the dangers of WhatsApp. We also discuss why you need to spy on WhatsApp messages. And the best part? We reveal to you the best WhatsApp spy apps for Android and iPhone!


Spy on Whatsapp Messages without Target Phone



Part 1. What Are the Dangers of WhatsApp? 

The widespread use of WhatsApp has made it an easy target for cybercriminals. Luckily, we discuss five dangers of WhatsApp and how to avoid them. And here we go!


1.1 WhatsApp Web Malware

It's dangerous to use apps downloaded from unofficial app stores on phones! Cybercriminals focus on WhatsApp Web to introduce malicious software. If you use such software, you risk harming your device. So, what’s the solution? Use only apps and services from official sources!


1.2 Unencrypted Backups

Messages sent on WhatsApp are encrypted end-to-end. Nobody can intercept them during transmission. They’re thus safe. Once received, the messages are decoded and thus become unencrypted. WhatsApp allows you to back up such messages. This feature allows you to recover any deleted data! Unfortunately, unencrypted backups are not safe from cyber-attack. So, what do you need to do? You can use WhatsApp’s updated service by following these steps: “Go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > End-to-end Encrypted Backup and select Turn On.”  


1.3 Facebook Data Sharing

Facebook is the most abused social media tool online. From 2014 to June 2021, Facebook changed their data-sharing policies many times. Their users have suffered a great deal of data loss.


1.4 Hoaxes and Fake News

During political campaigns, WhatsApp allows users to spread fake news and fabrications. This has resulted in violence, animosity, and the death of individuals. It is bad enough if you read false news about the abductions of your loved ones. Thankfully, WhatsApp implemented these changes to safeguard you:


A limit on the number of groups you can forward to,

Removal of the forwarding shortcut button.


1.5 WhatsApp Status

When you share on WhatsApp, your status isn't private. Other members of the public can also see your status. The good thing is that you can control the people you want to see your status. There you are. Five dangers of WhatsApp ! You can now find out why you need to spy on WhatsApp messages by reading this article to the end.


Part 2. Why Do You Need to Spy on WhatsApp Messages? 

Reasons to spy on WhatsApp messages are many and varied. Most importantly, you can use the best whatsapp spy app to track everything around your loved ones. Do you want to know how you can spy on whatsapp without target device? Yes? Then stick with me!


2.1 Ensure Your Children's Online Safety

Children are highly vulnerable to cybercrime. As a parent, you need to keep your child safe on the Internet. As a parent, how can you know if your child made it to school? Or how can you tell where your child is at any time of the day? And how can you tell your child’s new friends? You can address all these concerns by spying on your kids' mobile phones and understanding their world! You only need to learn how to spy on whatsapp messages without the target phone android.


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2.2 Improve Your Staff's Work Efficiency

Are you an employer? Suspicious that your employees are selling your company secrets? Then you needn’t worry at all. You can monitor their WhatsApp to see where they are, what they’re doing, and what they’re saying! You are asking: can someone spy on my whatsapp? The answer is yes! You can install the best free whatsapp spy app without target phone to view messages and keep a tab of their business activities. Are you questioning your mind like me? Asking aloud: where the hell can I get the best whatsapp spy app? You're very lucky! Because we bring you 5 best WhatsApp spy apps for Android and iPhone.


Part 3. 5 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps For Android And iPhone 

There are very many WhatsApp spy apps on the market. Some are free. Others are paid for. In this part, we bring you 5 best WhatsApp spy apps that are in use. Take a sneak peek here.


3.1 SpyX

SpyX is the most popular WhatsApp Spy App. Over 1.5 million people across 180 countries use it. And that's why it's our number one! It commands a large number of users because of its features. The screenshot below shows it all. If you want to spy whatsapp without target device free, SpyX is the deal. You stand to get the following benefits:


Its stealth mode lets you work unnoticed by your target,

Guarantees privacy and data security,

Easy and quick installation,

Free live demo view before purchase

Compatibility with Android and iOS devices

Track emails, photos, GPS locations, notes, phone calls, text messages, etc.


SpyX phone tracker



3.2 Spybubble

Our number two on the list is Spybubble. It's very discreet in operations. It’s also very easy to install. You can use the app to spy whatsapp without target device. The quality is in the features as shown in the screenshot below. What do you take away from SpyBubble? It can't disappoint because you get:

Money-back guarantee.

Android and iOS Compatibility

Easy usage


spybubble whatsapp spy app


3.3 Hoverwatch

Do you want quick, easy, and risk-free WhatsApp spying? Then we recommend Hoverwatch! But the App has a limitation though. It cannot work with iOS devices. Nevertheless, Hoverwatch can give you:


Dedicated Keylogger to know when someone is typing

24/7 customer support

Help to spy whatsapp without target device free 

Help to see WhatsApp activities

Full anonymity




3.4 KidsGuard

KidsGuard is the best whatsapp spy app for monitoring kids online. It's highly famed for its affordability and user-friendly. It works well on Android and iOS. The KidsGuard app lets you access WhatsApp chats, call logs, timestamps, and all deleted WhatsApp texts. You can also

Take WhatsApp screenshots on the target phone in real-time

Read all WhatsApp chats

Spy on other social media apps


KidsGuard spy app


3.5 FlexiSPY

How to know if someone is spying on your whatsapp is easy. Use FlexiSpy since it’s feature-packed. It can help you overcome a lot of challenges because it has an easy-to-understand User Interface. It's also a fantastic monitoring app! FlexiSpy is not short of benefits.

You can take away:

Immediate alerts and notifications to keep you informed in real-time

WhatsApp chats from the target phone

Compatibility with Android, iPhone, iPad, and Computers.

Flexispy app for tracking whatsapp mesages



You now know how to spy on whatsapp messages without target phone. You also know the dangers of WhatsApp. And most importantly, why you need to spy on WhatsApp messages. Over to you! What are your best WhatsApp spy apps for Android and iPhone? Let’s hear your views.


Q1. Can I read deleted WhatsApp messages?

WhatsApp users can easily read deleted messages. Users need to download a third-party app for this. One can install ”Get Deleted Messages” app from Play Store.

Q2. How to Monitor WhatsApp Chat on iPhone?

You can use a Whatsapp spy app like SpyX. Sign up free, purchase suitable plan, connect target phone with SpyX, login to SpyX Control Dashboard.

Q3. How to check someone's location with Whatsapp?

Step 1: Open a chat or a group chat on WhatsApp and then tap on the “attach file” symbol.

Step 2: Click on “Location” in the options presented and then choose “Share live location”.

Step 3: Select the duration to share location and tap “Send”.

Q4. How to track WhatsApp messages on Android?

You can by using the Family Orbit iOS Extractor software.

Q5. What benefits can you get with WhatsApp Spy App-SpyX?

Privacy and data security

Easy and quick installation

Powerful tracking features

Track iPhone

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