How to Track My Daughter’s iPhone

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There is no doubt that cell phones have become an important part of our lives. Cell phones bring annoyance as well as convenience to life. Many children are anxious about using mobile phones, especially girls, because they will meet bad person, such as pornography, violence, not to mention those cheaters, who lurk in every social media platform at any time to cheat minors. So how to track daughter’s iPhone without her knowing? Read the article to get specific answers.


 Track My Daughter’s iPhone



Part 1. Why Should I Track My Daughter’s iPhone without Her Knowing


The reason is very simple: love and protect her.


1.To ensure safety.

The main motivation for parents to install tracking apps on their children's phones is for their children's safety. With the increase in child trafficking and abuse, parents have become overly cautious about their children's safety. The reason most parents want to track their children's devices without their knowledge is to ensure safety. By using any tracking app on your daughter's phone, you can quickly and efficiently track her iPhone without her knowledge.


2.Prevent cyberbullying.

Another big reason parents install tracking apps on their kids' phones is to keep tabs on them. With the growing popularity of social networks, the number of children falling victim to cyberbullying is rapidly increasing. Because of this threat, and their children's increasing use of smartphones, parents have to use some kind of monitoring.


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Part 2. Benefits to Track Her iPhone without Her knowing


You must be wondering why would you install a tracking app on your child's phone without anonymously? The reason is simple; If your child knows you are always looking out for them, then they may feel their parents don't trust them.


Therefore, to avoid this situation, it is recommended to install the application carefully. Generally speaking, children, especially teenagers, find it annoying if their parents are always asking about their whereabouts. So the best way to avoid this argument is simple. All you have to do is install a tracking app and provide your daughter's iPhone details, and soon you'll be able to track her iPhone without her knowing.


Part 3. How to Track My Daughter's iPhone with SpyX


There are now several ways to track her iPhone without her knowing. One of the most common ways to track your child's iPhone is to use some kind of tracking app. These apps allow you to track your child's activities on iPhone. By installing any of these tracking apps on your daughter's device, you can easily track her iPhone anonymously. So you can know what your daughter is doing with iPhone all times without asking her. SpyX is such a parental control app you need.


SpyX phone tracker


 With SpyX, you can track the following data:


Track sent and received messages, even messages are deleted.

Track incoming, outgoing and missing phone calls.

Browse emails of recipient and sender information. 

Read notes, reminders and events.

Track GPS locations.


The operation step is very easy. You don’t need jailbreak or installation.


Step 1. Create SpyX account with a valid email.




Step 2. Purchase suitable plan.




Step 3. Login to SpyX account and verify the iCloud of your daughter.




Step 4. Start tracking iPhone on SpyX dashboard





Part 3. How to See My Daughters Text Messages on iPhone


Children nowadays prefer to chat on mobile phones rather than face to face. So, there's a lot you don't know about text messages. There are two free ways to see your daughter's text messages on iPhone.


Method 1. Sync Messages with iCloud


If you're using iOS 12 or more latest version, you can sync text messages with iCloud.


Because latest versions have iCloud syncing feature that allows you to sync all the data from your kid's mobile phone and view it on your mobile phone. But for this method you need to have access to the login credential of your kid's iCloud account.


Here are the simple steps to follow:


Step 1. Open your child's mobile phone and go to settings > Apple ID > iCloud.


Step 2. In iCloud look for messages and move the slider to the right to enable syncing.


Step 3. Now sign in to the same iCloud on your apple device and read all the sent and received messages of your kid's mobile phone.


Method 2. Forward Text Messages to Your iPhone


You can easily monitor your daughter's text messages by using the Forward Text Messages feature on your daughter's iPhone. One important advantage of this approach is that, unlike iCloud, it doesn't sync your own data with your daughter's mobile device.


Part 4. How to Track My Daughters iPhone Location


As GLOBAL Positioning System (GPS) technology continues to advance, there are plenty of ways people can keep tabs on their loved ones without them noticing. It used to be a headache trying to keep an eye on your children, especially your daughters, without them noticing you.


1. Find My iPhone


You can use the built-in feature-Find My iPhone to find it. The setting is very easy.


Step 1. Enable Find My on your daughter’s iPhone


Step 2. Enable Share My Location on your daughter’s iPhone


Step 3. Enable Find My iPhone on your daughter’s iPhone


Step 4.  Add family members and enable share location on your daughter’s iPhone


Step 5. Track your daughter’s iPhone location using your iPhone


2. iCloud


You can track your kid’s phone location using Thus, you can use your daughter’s iPhone to track her movement route and location.


Step 1. Open on your web browser.


Step 2. Sign in to your iCloud account.


Step 3. Click on the “All Devices” drop-down menu.


Step 4. Click your child’s iPhone to track her location.


3. Google Maps


Google Maps can help you track your daughter’s phone. But you should install Google Maps and enable location tracking on the target phone.


Step 1. Install Google Maps app on your daughter’s iPhone.


Step 2. Open Google Maps.


Step 3. Click your profile picture shown in the top-right corner.


Step 4. Tap Location sharing>Share location>More options


Step 5. Click Share button to share the target phone’s location with a link. A person who has this will be able to see the name, photo, and real-time location of the target phone.




As you see it is really straightforward to monitor your daughter's iPhone without her knowing. Also, there are a number of spy apps and tools available for this purpose. Which one you choose totally depends on your choice and needs.


If you're looking for a more advanced level of control on your child's mobile, SpyX is one of the best and reliable apps for this purpose. It comes with an extensive array of advanced features that provide complete control over your kid's mobile phone with only a few clicks. So, next time when you ask yourself how to monitor your kid's iPhone, just try SpyX.

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