How to Track iPhone by Number Secretly

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Are you looking to know the location of your loved ones and ensure their safety? Or do you want to catch your cheating partner without them knowing? Or do you suspect your employees are selling Company secrets? Whichever the case, you needn’t worry! You can rest easy by knowing how to secretly track an iPhone for free. And it's straightforward! Especially now that you're reading this guide. Here, you’ll learn how to track someone on iPhone using three efficient tools, the SpyX, Find My Friends, and the mSpy. Interested? Let's dive in!


Track iPhone by Number Secretly



Part 1. SpyX-How to Secretly Track An iPhone with High Efficiency

You are now asking: is there any way to track someone’s iPhone without them knowing? The answer is yes! You’ve got SpyX by your side. SpyX is a tracker app that can track an iPhone secretly and remotely. It ensures that your target has no idea that you are monitoring them. And the best part? SpyX works without App installation and has features that can give you the best user experience!






SpyX Features

With SpyX features, you get only the best. And here it is!


Real-Time GPS Location Tracking

SpyX enables you to track the GPS location of the target device in real-time. Best of all, you can track your children’s location history through their phones, knowing where they were each time.



SpyX can notify you whenever your targets leave their designated locations. You get a notification when your target sneaks out or takes a different route home.


Access All Messages

SpyX allows you to read all the text messages sent or received by your targets. Best of all, you can access even deleted messages!


Social Apps Monitoring

Using SpyX, you have full access to your targets’ whole social media accounts installed on their devices. You can track their WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts.


Ability to Read Emails

With SpyX, you can read all sent and received emails, view all attachments, check email addresses, and view time and date stamps for each email.


Track Media Files

It has never been this easy to view images and videos stored on the target device using SpyX! What’s more? You can get the specific location of the photos.


Track Browser History

Tracking browsing history with SpyX lets you see all the sites your targets visited. You can determine if they visited such sites intentionally or unintentionally.


Trace All the Contacts

SpyX allows you to track every new and existing number remotely on your target devices.





It's not over yet! SpyX offers you many advantages, some of which are enumerated here. Want to find out? Let’s go.


Advantages of Using SpyX


Track Without the Target Phone

SpyX is your robust phone tracker without App installation! It’s thus 100% safe with no chance of getting detected. You also save troublesome installation steps since no App is required.


Work in Stealth Mode

SpyX works in stealth mode and lets you monitor your target’s activities anonymously. You never have to worry about being discovered. With SpyX, you can secretly track iPhone easily and conveniently.


Track More Than 40 Types of Data

With SpyX, you can track over 40 data types, 24/7, remotely and secretly. You can find tons of updated content!


No Jailbreak Required

Jailbreaking is very invasive and can potentially damage the device. SpyX can save you the inconvenience of handling jailbreaks. You only need three steps to track an iPhone secretly.


100% Safe and Reliable

SpyX is safe and reliable. You can track iPhone by number secretly to monitor your spouse, children, employee in real-time. With SpyX, your privacy and personal data are secure. There are no risks involved!


User-Friendly User Interface

SpyX's user-friendly user interface makes it the most popular spying tool. Currently, it serves millions of users in over 190 countries globally. The support service is excellent, ready to help you via live chat and email 24 hours a day. A competent team keeps the software updated. That’s what you get from SpyX! What you need to know now is how to track someone on iPhone using SpyX. Let’s find out in the next section.





How to Secretly Track an iPhone with SpyX?

Are you wondering how to secretly track an iPhone with SpyX? No worries. The robust phone tracker without App installation has you covered!


So, how do you track someone on iPhone with SpyX? To get started, follow these three easy steps!


Step 1: Register for A Free SpyX Account

It will take you a few seconds to sign up SpyX free with an email.





Step 2: Set up SpyX

No App download. Just choose your suitable monthly plan. Connect target phone with SpyX by entering iCloud credentials.




Step 3: Start Tracking the iPhone

Login and monitor the target device from the SpyX dashboard.





Voila! You can now track an iPhone secretly with SpyX. Now, what’s next? Learn how to secretly track an iPhone without iCloud using Find My Friends App. Let’s go.


Part 2. How to Secretly Track an iPhone without iCloud Using Find My Friends

You can use Find My Friends app to track an iPhone easily without iCloud. Both devices must be installed for the app to work. Or only if you shared the location in advance!


Find My Friends


Steps to use Find My Friends

To use Find My Friends, follow these steps:


1. Open the Find My Friends app.

2. Scroll down and click the contact image.

3. Enable the Share My Location icon.

4. Using the target iPhone, click Add.

5. Click your contact image.

6. Choose the option to share indefinitely.

7. Accept the sharing location alert.

8. When asked if to allow sharing of your location, select the Don’t Share option.


That’s it. You can now use the Find My Friends app to get the real-time location of your iPhone.


Compared with SpyX

Table: Comparison Between Find My Friends and SpyX 


Find My Friends


Knows only how to track location on iPhone secretly.Can track all the activities of the iPhone, including its location.
You need access to the target iPhone, making you easily detected.Works in stealth mode, giving you complete anonymity.
The setup process is demanding and riskyYou can setup just in three easy steps.


How do you track someone on iPhone? Is there another way you can use? Yes, you can learn how to track someone’s iPhone secretly using mSpy. Everything is in the next part of this tutorial. Let’s have a sneak peek together. Shall we?


Part 3. How to Track Someone’s iPhone Secretly Using mSpy?

Using iPhones is so easy. Anyone can use them, including children. And parents are getting disturbed. mSpy has come in handy. Parents can see what their children are up to remotely. Thanks to mSpy! Satisfied users sing praises, claiming they've never seen a monitoring app this easy to use. And here’s the proof!


mSpy phone tracker


How do you get started? Follow these 3 easy steps and you’re done!


Step 1: Create Your Free Account

Once you have set up your mSpy account, proceed to step two.


Step 2: Pick Your Plan

Your needs are unique. So, pick the plan suitable for you, your family, and the devices you use! Then go to step three.


Step 3: Start Monitoring and Rest Easy

Once you’ve paid for your subscription, you can log in to your Control Panel and secretly track iPhone.


Compared with SpyX

Table: Comparison Between mSpy and SpyX




You can track limited data types.You have access to over 40 data types.
You need to buy a Premium subscription.No need for an App installation
Payment plans are a bit expensive.Payment plans are pocket-friendly.


Part 4. Conclusion

How to secretly track an iPhone has improved tremendously over the years. Once you've got the right tracking app, it's very simple. This guide made it easy for you by discussing three reliable ways on how to track someone’s iPhone secretly.


Among the three ways discussed, using SpyX is most recommended for the following reasons:

· It works anonymously and remotely

· It can give you access to many features unlike other apps

· It saves your time from wondering how to secretly track an iPhone


Try SpyX today for quick and easy tracking of an iPhone secretly.


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