How to Read Someone's Email without Password

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Did you ever feel the curiosity of getting into someone's inbox? Weird, but it does happen. Now, what's the plan then? It certainly takes you to the fact that opening an email is impossible without a password. How can you know the password? It is next to impossible to guess it. So is there any way you can open someone's Email without the Password? Now, as all systems go, we will reveal each step thoroughly.


  read someone's email without the password



How To Read Someone's Email without The Password?

We live in an era where almost every human is trapped in mobiles and computers. Being the boss or head of the family, you must keep an eye on your family members and employees. Emails are the most widely used channel across the world. Your absolute right is to check the inboxes without letting them know you are reviewing, but how? From here, the game begins. It includes the reasons for checking emails and the channels through which the target person does not know he is being scrutinized.


Part 1. Why Read Someone's Email?

When it comes to your personal life, if you suspect your partner, spouse, children, or employees it only leads to a toxic relationship Therefore, it is better to keep track of them.Email is a wide channel to monitor all social media activities. It is a legal right of the following persons to read emails without the Password.


1. For Parents

Parents have a massive responsibility for raising their kids. To give society a better citizen is every parent's try. For this, it is imperative to know their social activities, their peer group and the social media content they indulged in. To reach this level of tranquillity of mind, you have to track kids’ Email without knowing.


2. For Spouse/partner

Living in continuous mental torture in any relationship makes it worse. You have suspicions regarding your partner being usual. Bringing up this topic verbally can result in a lack of trust and a fight, which is certainly not a good idea. Using your right to keep track of your spouse or partner, you have all the reasons to track Emails remotely.


3. For Employers

Being the Head of a company or particular department, it is your right to know who is working in the right direction and who is not. In addition, it gives you the legal right to protect your assets and your organisation's reputation by tracking Emails remotely.


Part 2. Is It Illegal to Read Someone's Email without a Password?

If we talk about law, reading emails without an adult's consent is wrong. But if you are a parent or employer, it is legal to control your subordinates. You can use any parental control or employee monitoring software without knowing the Password.


Part 3. 3 Ways to Read Someone's Email without the Password

You can read someone's Email without the Password through the following ways.


1. Use spy app-SpyX

Spy apps help you quickly check the targeted person's social media activities. There are many in the market, but the best is SpyX. It is the top-rated spy app. You must follow three steps to acquire exclusive benefits from this email monitoring App.


Step 1: You need to sign for a target email account and purchase a subscription. In SpyX, you get to offer many packages. Please choose the one that suits you and get free access to the target person's inbox no matter the device he is signing in. You have the key.




Step 2: Next, you must verify the iCloud of targt phone. Enter Apple ID and password to finish verifying.




Step 3: Follow the instructions to check its running. Now all set. Just go to your control panel and read their emails. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.



2. Phishing-email hacking techniques

Phishing is an email hacking method in which a fake email that looks like a Google or Microsoft email is sent to the targeted person, and it directs the person to a link through which all the personal information is hacked.




3. Use a keylogger for accessing someone's mail

The parents mainly use this way to check their children's activities. It works in the background, and your kid or employee will never know about your vigilance. Keylogger captures all keystrokes; everything typed and sent and received emails are on record.




Part 4. How to Prevent Someone from Reading your emails?

Emails are a part of our life. We encounter this term daily. But do you think daily about your Email being hacked? Following are some of the methods which can help you in preventing someone from reading your emails.


1. Use two-factor authentication

The rule of thumb for this method is to join something you have with something you know. Like for your bank card, for any verification, you need a PIN and the physical existence of the card. That is how you follow a two-step verification method to secure your identity. This method is known as 2FA( two-factor authentication). This method sends a pin number or code to your device or a secondary email. You need to provide it along with Password for everything you log in.You can use this method to secure your Gmail or outlook account.


Use two-factor authentication


2. Limit forwarding

Email forwarding is a significant risk in the exposure of your personal information.Before clicking the forward option, think twice about where your Email is hosted? Is it a private server or a corporate server? Anyone from the company can send your Email to the unsecured or unencrypted source.


3. Set expiration dates on your messages

If you clean up your inbox daily, you are secure, but like most people, you can be in trouble when you don't bother to delete. Imagine you gave some personal information to a client, and you don't bother to delete it. That Email will be there even after months of providing that information to someone who can harm you. So putting an expiration date on your messages and Email is another safe way to secure your Email from being hacked.


4. Understand your service provider's TOS

 Do not blindly trust the email provider's terms of services(TOS). What you think about TOS securing your email account is not the truth. Instead, always rely on your made-up security rules.


 5. Encrypt your Email

The last but certainly not the least method in our list is encryption of your emails. Powerful encryption to protect your Email is E2E encryption. In this, your messages and attachments are encrypted before leaving your inbox, which validates the security. Some email services provide E2E encryption for free, while some have packages to buy.


Part.5 Conclusion

Email is a platform which is linked to every social media activity. It is illegal to read an adult's emails without his permission. But being parents or in charge of an organisation, it is legal to read the emails of your subordinates without them being informed. For the protection of your Email, there are many methods which can be followed to avoid the hackers who can hack your emails. However, your personal information is as essential as your dignity. So keep things under your control and be more vigilant.




Q1. Can someone read my emails without me knowing?

Yes, through different spy apps now being introduced, emails and other personal information is not safe anymore. By observing the read or unread status of the emails, you can guess someone has intruded into your email account.


Q2. How do I keep my Email private?

After signing in to your account, on the left,click personal info. Then, under the option "choose what others see", click About me. Next, click Only you or your friends to make your account private.


Q3. How do you tell if your emails are being monitored?

You need to check the status of the POP(Post Office Protocol) and SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) servers. Whether it is a local or proxy, your Email is being monitored if it is a proxy server.


Q4.How do I block someone from accessing my Gmail?

Yes, it is possible. First, open the message of the person you want to block; on the top right corner, click an upside-down triangle and select the option block.


Q5.Can someone hack your Email with just your email address?

 Hackers who know your Email can use different techniques to hack it—phishing or trying to crack your password through other means.

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