How to Hack WhatsApp Remotely

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Whatsapp is an awesome social app. We use it to send messages, share food photos, video chat, send instant geolocation. You will be curious, what are your kids chatting with their friends on whatsapp? Whose text is your husband answering in the middle of the night? Why does he look so happy? At this time, you need a mobile phone tracking software to help you solve the problem. SpyX allows you to hack WhatsApp remotely without anyone noticing. Sounds cool, doesn't it? Come and learn more about spyx's features! In this blog, we also introduce other methods to help you hack WhastApp remotely.


Hack WhatsApp Remotely



Part 1. Why Need to Hack WhatsApp Remotely?

Are you familiar with the following scenarios: your children are still holding their phones while they are eating and sleeping and keep replying to messages; your wife/husband is smiling happily on the phone, but is reluctant to share it with you; your employees are still replying to WhatsApp messages during a meeting. If you try to communicate with them directly, most of them will reject you. That's why you want to monitor whatsApp remotely.


1. For concerned parent

Parents want to know what their children are chatting with their friends on WhatsApp, whether there is violent pornography, whether they are being bullied online or at school, but they endure it silently and dare not say anything. Parents want to make sure their children grow up healthy and happy.


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2. Partner are facing relationship issues

Do you suspect that your boyfriend/girlfriend is having an affair with someone else? Crazy thoughts only make people more upset. What really works is finding related WhatsApp chat history.


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3. Employees

Do employees gossip on WhatsApp during business hours? Did they leak core data via WhatsApp? Remotely hacking WhatsApp messages to ensure employee productivity and company data security.


Part 2. How to Hack WhatsApp Remotely with SpyX

SpyX is a rare software on the market that can remotely monitor whatsapp without installing an app on the target device. It integrates simple and easy-to-use, powerful, safe and efficient features in one. In addition to whatsapp, it can also remotely monitor other social media apps, such as facebook, instagram, snapchat, kik, etc. It can monitor more than 40 types of data, like text messages, photos, videos, emails, GPS locations, social media chats, notes, calendar, ect.


SpyX phone tracker


Steps to Hack WhatsApp Remotely with SpyX

SpyX makes phone tracking simpler and easier. Follow the steps to hack WhatsApp from a far distance with SpyX.


Step 1. Sign up free

Register a free account with your valid email. It will take you just a few seconds. Then you will receive an email with your SpyX account information.




Step 2. Set up 

Choose suitable plan. Then bind the target phone with SpyX. Enter the iCloud credentials of target phone, then enter verification code.




Step 3. Hack WhatsApp remotely

Login to your SpyX account and you can view all WhatsApp chat messages on the dashboard.





Monitoring Features of SpyX

With SpyX phone tracker, you can track more data than you think:


Text messages

SpyX enable your to track all text messages, including sent, received and deleted messages.



You can use SpyX to browse all photos/videos stored on the target phone, even deleted ones.


GPS locations

SpyX phone tracker can track current GPS locations as well as location history of target phone.


Call logs

View all call log details with SpyX, including name, duration, timestamp.



Get to know who the target user contacted frequently.


Social app chats

SpyX makes it clear what apps installed and main content of social app chats.


Browsing history

View all browsing history and know what she/he is interested in.


What Makes SpyX The Best WhatsApp Hacked App in 2022?

All users who have used SpyX have given high praise. What makes SpyX phone tracker so popular? Let's find out how powerful it is.


Advanced features:

Spxy's powerful cell phone tracking function can meet the needs of different users. It can track more than 40 types of data. Compared with the thin functions of other competing products, SpyX can be said to be a master of mobile phone tracking functions.



The interface of SpyX is very simple and easy to understand, and users can follow the instructions to achieve smooth operation. In just 3 steps, users can bind the target device and enable remote monitoring.



SpyX is very powerful and the service is very professional, its price is very reasonable and there is no additional fee for users. We have three plans for users to choose, 1 month plan, 3 months plan, 12 months plan.



With SpyX, you don’t need to install app on the target phone. That means the target user will not detect you. All is hidden and undetectable.


Part 3. Whats Are Common Ways to Hack WhatsApp?

SpyX phone tracker is fast, effective and safe, but it is not free. Below we will introduce some other free methods to hack WhatsApp. If you interested, you can read more.


1. Use a WhatsApp Web Hack

WhatsApp Web provides the ease of accessibility to WhatsApp users. But it can be easily used to hack into your WhatsApp chats. This danger arises when you're using the WhatsApp Web on someone else's computer, especially select the keep me signed in box during login.


2. Export chats

This method simply requires physical access to target smartphone. Once a hacker has access to your phone, all they have to do is move to a specific chat, click on the Export chat option and select the location they'd like to move your message history to.


3. Media File Jacking

The hackers install malware hidden inside an apparently harmless app. This can then monitor incoming files for Telegram or WhatsApp. When a new file comes in, the malware may swap out the real file for a fake one.


4. Facebook Spy

Although WhatsApp isn end-to-end encryption, seems impossible for Facebook to read WhatsApp content, not all messages on WhatsApp are private. Both the Facebook and WhatsApp apps use the same shared container on devices. And while chats are encrypted when they are sent, they are not necessarily encrypted on the originating device. This means the Facebook app could potentially copy information from WhatsApp.


5. Code Execution

This is a vulnerability in WhatsApp. Hackers can take control of the app using a GIF image. I will explain it in detail: If a hacker send a malicious GIF to a user, they could damage the user’s entire chat history. The hackers would be able to see who the user had been messaging and what they had been saying. And they could also see users’ files, photos, videos sent through WhatsApp.


6. Fake WhatsApp Clones

To hack into your WhatsApp account, an attacker will first try to install a clone of WhatsApp, which might look strikingly similar to the original app.


7. The Pegasus Voice Attack:

Hackers only need to make a WhatsApp voice call to the target device to gain access to the device. Even if the target user does not answer the phone, the attack is still valid. The target user may not even know that malware has been installed on their device.


8. Engineered Attacks:

Another way that WhatsApp is vulnerable is through socially engineered attacks, which exploit human psychology to steal information or spread misinformation. The researchers can decrypt WhatsApp communications to see data sent between the mobile and the web versions of WhatsApp.


Part 4. Conclusion

After knowing the above methods, do you still find it difficult to hackWhatsApp remotely? With SpyX, you can drink coffee leisurely and track target's WhatsApp messages in real time. Are you excited about SpyX? You can visit the demo page to learn more about its features. If you have any questions in the process of using SpyX, you can also send us an email or contact the online customer service (the lower right corner of the website) at any time.




Q1. How secure is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is relatively safe thanks to end-to-end encryption on all chats, which makes it a highly secure messaging app. Your WhatsApp data is vulnerable if you don't encrypt your WhatsApp backup; you can enable that with just a few taps.


Q2. Can someone hack your WhatsApp without the code?

Yes, he can choose WhatsApp monitoring app to hack your WhatsApp without code. And you will not detect it at all.


Q3. How to hack WhatsApp using Chrome?

Hacking using Chrome can be done by sending phishing or you can hack using the QR Code method. You can also use WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Share as there are a lot of ways by using which you can hack WhatsApp using Chrome.


Your Chrome browser can be used as another gateway for hacking a WhatsApp account.


1. For this to work, you’ll need to open your Chrome browser on your laptop or PC and open

2. Scan the QR Code using the target mobile phone

3. Now you can start checking WhatsApp conversations on the target device. No need to install the software.


Remember though, the owner of WhatsApp will be constantly notified every time their WhatsApp account is opened via the Chrome browser.


Q4. Can I see someone else WhatsApp messages?

You can get someone’s phone away and view WhatsApp messages when he doesn’t notice. But you will be caught easily. You can try phone monitoring software-SpyX to track WhatsApp messages remotely.


Q5. How to hack WhatsApp Accounts by sending Spam links?

The main malicious links, are the links that take your information. These links are made with the knowledge of a hacker’s programming and designing, that if you click on those links, a person can access your information.

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