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Finding someone’s hidden social media page might be challenging especially those who are trying to stay off the radar. Hence, maybe you want to find a friend you have lost touch with, a spouse whose tracks online are suspicious, or someone who dared you to find their hidden social media account.


You don’t have to worry, even though doing this without any prior knowledge might be tedious, we got you. Here, we will lead you through six effective steps on how to find hidden social media accounts easily and for free without being a tech expert. Maybe you also want to spy on LINE messages with the best spy app.


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Part 1. Why do people want to hide their social media accounts


Since you are reading this article, it means you are curious about how to find secret social media accounts that might belong to your sneaky teenagers, cheating spouse, or extended family. Before going into this, you should know that people have different reasons for hiding their social media profiles online. It could be a harmless reason as trying to reduce their account visibility or a nefarious reason to be anonymous to troll, catfish someone, or worse, cheat on their partner.


Regardless, below are some common reasons why people might choose to hide their social media accounts:


Privacy Concerns:

In this age of social media identity, people want to limit their digital footprint by making their accounts private. By doing this, they can control who sees their social media activity and personal information. This is especially important for social media users who are concerned about identity theft or online stalking.


Trolling And Cyberbullying:

Although social media profiles might be hidden due to privacy concerns, others use this anonymity to troll, cyberbully, and catfish people. This reveals the dark side of social media as these secret social profiles go around social media bullying people in the comment sections with negative and cruel comments. This behavior excites them at the expense of other people’s happiness.


Professional Considerations:

Some social media users in certain professions might choose to keep their social media lives and professional lives separate. Currently, the opinions people express on social media and how they act online influence their employment. Unfortunately, some of these people are trolls, cyberbullies, or people who have offensive views online and need to get a job. A secret social media account allows them to control what their potential employers or clients see.


Mental Health:

You might have noticed a public social media account that suddenly became hidden. The user might do this because of their mental well-being especially if they are getting bullied and attacked online. Therefore, taking a break or making an account hidden can help people focus on their own lives and mental well-being.


Part 2. How to find someone's hidden social media accounts free-5 methods


To find these hidden social media profiles, carefully consider each method.


Method 1. Find hidden social media via "Search Engines"


To find a hidden account online, the go-to method is to use a search engine to search for it. Google is one of the largest and finest search engines in the world and can be quite helpful in finding hidden accounts on social networks for free.


You will have to use the advanced search feature rather than the regular Google search you make. The advanced search helps you dig deeper online to find a hidden account on a social network. In the advanced search, google offers users more parameters to finetune their search including places, names, websites, dates, languages, etc.


To do this, ensure you have a smartphone or laptop with an internet connection, Launch google or Chrome and go to the search bar. Search the specific name + social network; combining the person's full name with the social network domain ( "John Doe" +""). This works if you know their full name and the social network of choice that you are searching them on.


Page of Google Advanced Search.


Method 2. Find hidden social media via "Images"


If the search engine option does not yield results, then this method might work faster. You can increase your chances of finding secret accounts by using a technique called reverse image search. This involves using a search engine like Google or Bing to search for the image itself, rather than a text search. With a smart device with an internet connection.


Step 1. Locate the image.

This could be a profile picture you have of the person found elsewhere online, a screenshot, or any other image you suspect might be linked to a social media account.


Step 2. Upload the image to the search engine.

With the image in hand, head to a search engine, preferably Google or Bing. Most search engines have a camera icon in their image search bar. Click on the camera icon and follow the steps to upload the image you want to search for. Alternatively, you can provide the image URL if the image is already available online.


Steps of how to find images in Google search bar.


Consequently, the search engine will then look for other instances of that image or the person in the image across the web, including social media profiles. While this is a clever method, reverse image search isn't perfect. The results may include irrelevant images or social media profiles that are not connected to the person you're looking for.


Method 3. Find hidden social media via "Social Media Apps"


This method, unfortunately, is not as effective and precise. This is because social network apps themselves cannot be used to find hidden social media accounts. More so, there are numerous social networks to go through in your search. These hidden social media profiles are designed to restrict visibility to unauthorized users. Hence, if you search for a hidden profile on a social network you might not get the results you need.


Nonetheless, you can search within the social network using the account’s username or full name. You might find public profiles with the same name or discover public posts mentioning the person. If you find the hidden account, you will not be able to see the details of the activities or posts except if they accept your friend or follow request.


All kinds of social media icons.


Method 4. Find hidden social media via "Phone Number"


If you have the phone number of someone you suspect to have a hidden account, you can search for that secret social account with that phone number.


Simply visit social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or others that still reveal phone numbers as public information. Enter the phone number into the search bar on the platform and search. The platform will display relevant results.


Method 5. Find hidden social media via "Email"


Before anyone can create an account on a social network, the platform requests an email that is to be linked to the account. Also, some users have their emails linked publicly to their accounts.


If you have the email address of a hidden account, whether it is Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo, run a quick search on a search engine like Google. In the search bar, input their email and the social media domain (Email: "[email protected]" + Site:


Google will present search results relating to the hidden social media account using that specific email address on TikTok. Alternatively, you can search for the hidden profile with the email directly on the social media app.


Using the five free methods mentioned above may help you find someone's hidden social media accounts. However, these methods are not professional social media monitoring software, so they have limitations.


If you feel that none of the five methods can solve your problem, you may consider using professional social media monitoring software.


After trying out many popular social media monitoring software on the market, such as mSpy, KidsGuard Pro, Eyezy, SpyX, etc., I found that SpyX is the most comprehensive one, as it can monitor social media on both Android and iPhone. Now, let's take a closer look at SpyX's features!


Part 3. How to find someone's hidden social media accounts without them knowing-Using SpyX


3.1. Brief introduction of professional social media tracker-SpyX


Finding a hidden profile anonymously might seem hard, but you can do it with SpyX, a spy software that makes you practically invisible to who you are tracking.


SpyX is a mobile traceless tracking software designed to monitor various aspects of a target device. It allows you to track text messages, calls, web history, and other phone activities. It provides tools to find social media accounts associated with a phone number. Moreover, by using the app, you can discover hidden profiles and track someone’s online presence.


The homepage of SpyX.


3.2. Strengths of SpyX in social media tracking on and iPhone & Android


Whether your target uses an iPhone or an Android phone, you can track their social media activities effectively without worrying about compatibility issues. Spec-wise, SpyX works on Android systems version 4.0 and higher, and on all iPhone systems.


Choose the device you want to monitor,iOS or Android.


Using SpyX on either Android or iPhone, you get the full capabilities of the app such as social media monitoring, hidden profile detection, real-time updates, stealth mode, and geolocation tracking.


The social media that SpyX can track.


3.3. What other data can SpyX monitor


Majorly, the other data SpyX can monitor and access are emails, browsing history, app usage history, multimedia files, WhatsApp messages, Messenger, and 30+ apps. Hence, using SpyX, you are covered in tracking and monitoring every detail needed.


【This table can be scrolled horizontally to view more information.】


DeviceSocial mediaGeneral features


WhatsApp Business










Text Message





GPS Locations

Browser History

Browser bookmark



Installed APPs




Wi-Fi networks

iCloud Drive



















Text Message

GPS locations



Call logs


Installed apps

Wi-Fi networks

Browser history

Browser bookmark

Live video

Live audio

Live screenshot


Easilydo mail



3.4. Steps of using SpyX to find someone's hidden social media accounts without them knowing


SpyX is a discrete tracking software that has an enabled stealth mode that hides its activities on someone’s phone. To use this feature,


Step 1. Sign up with your valid email.


How to create an free account with your email.


Step 2. Choose the target device (whether iPhone or Android).


Choose the device you want to monitor,iOS or Android.


Step 3. Start monitoring.

Once you’ve done all this, SpyX will run silently in the background of the target’s phone and you’ll receive real-time updates on your device.


SpyX real user's dashboard.



Part 4. FAQs about finding someone's hidden social media accounts


Q1. How to find hidden profiles on social networks?


Foremost is a quick web search of their full name and other details such as their location or a particular information you know about them on Google. Meanwhile, a reverse image search is quicker and provides more information. You can also use email or a phone number to search on the social network app for someone’s hidden socials.


Q2. How to find out if someone has secret social media accounts?


Carry out a search with their full names or nicknames on the web or a social media app. You can also check their friend list on their social networks to see if they are following private accounts. Then use either a phone number or email search to confirm.


Q3. How to find girlfriend's secret social media?


If you suspect your girlfriend might have secret social media accounts, go on Google or a social media finder, and search with her full name or username. Possibly, her secret account will be revealed. If it does not work, search online with her image. This can reveal what hidden social profiles she has used her image for online.


Q4. How to find someones social media accounts by photo?


Among the many methods used to find someone’s hidden social media account, a photo search is by far the easiest with the best results. On Google, click on the camera icon on the search bar. Then follow the steps and upload the photo or input its URL to find similar images and discover what hidden social media accounts use that image.


Q5. How do I find out what social media accounts are linked to a number?


Simply go on the social network platform. Then go to the search bar and input the phone number and click on search. This will bring up any account linked to any social media accounts. Alternatively, you could do this through a Google search to avoid going on every social media platform.


Part 5. Summary


Finding hidden social media accounts for free is no longer hard with the methods provided. Although it is tasking, it is possible to do this search yourself and find results as soon as possible. Just follow the steps and be creative while searching for these hidden socials with images, phone numbers, emails, or names.


Nonetheless, if these steps are a bit hard for you, you can also find hidden accounts with the SpyX app that tracks and enhances your search, keeping you anonymous.

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