How to Check Call History Online

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Most would agree that today, trusting someone is difficult. With so many stories of betrayal and backstabbing going around, we understand that you may want to be extra careful when it comes to believing someone. With technology developing rapidly, today you can do so much more than just sending and receiving calls from your phone. In fact, these days, you must also know how to check call history on iPhone to protect yourself against those out to hurt you, or spy one someone’s call history online without knowing.


Check Someone's Call History Online without Knowing

Part 1. Why Check Call History Online

In such circumstances, it becomes necessary for you to check their call history to calm your nerves. When you do a call check, you get to know who they have been talking to and whether you doubting them is valid or not. Moreover, there are times, when your will question your decision to trust someone. For example,


You might suspect that your children are under bad influence.

Your may feel that your spouse is cheating on you.

Your colleagues in the office could be colluding against you.

Your employees might not be as loyal to you as you’d like.


Part 2. How to Check My Call History Online

Read the article to learn the methods of checking your call history online.


1. Checking your call history  on your phone:

You can check your call history on your phone as well. Just go to the calls option and under the ‘Recent’ tab, you will see all the calls that were made, received and missed by you. If you want more details and the history for more than a few weeks, getting in touch with your network provider will be more helpful.


2. Checking your call history through the internet service provider:

You can also go online onto your telecommunications provider’s website and check your call history.


Log into your account using your login ID and password.

Look for the call history tab on the screen and click on it. It will show you the last few calls that you made, and if you’d like, you can get a detail of all the calls that you have made for a specific number of days which can go back up to a few months.

The numbers shown on the call history will include:

1) Outbound and incoming calls with date, location, time and number.

2) Missed calls.

3) Calls that went to voicemail.

4) Private number calls

5) Calls to emergency services, customer services and so on.


In some cases, call history for even a longer period can be examined, provided a minimum fee has been paid to the telecommunication provider.


Part 2. How to Check Someone's Call History Online

1. Checking others' call history online:

You read that correct, today technology not only allows you to check your own call details but that of others as well. There are some softwares that are easily available that, when installed and set up properly, can help you get a detail of who the person being monitored has been talking to. So if you doubt that someone close is about to betray you, you now have technology waiting to help you out.


2. Using SpyX to check call history online:

SpyX is a monitoring solution that allows you to monitor someone's phone and see their messages, call details and so on. It has been very popular as it provides other additional services as well such as reading whatsapp messages and examining the browsing history. While it is not a free software, they have different packages to meet different needs, so you will definitely find something that will meet your needs.


There are 3 simple steps that you will have to follow:

1. Create your SpyX Account:

On the SpyX website or even on the app, you need to create  an account. Give an authentic email ID where all the necessary Login details will be sent. Once that is done, you can use SpyX on both the computer as well as on the app.




2. The Setup Procedure:

Now log into the account and enter the simple information about the target user’s phone. The Setup process is easy and simple. In case the phone is an iPhone, you will have to confirm the iCloud login details before you can proceed. It works secretly, so that person will never know about it.




3. Accessing the Control Panel:

Now you can access the control panel through your phone or computer and all the data that you want will be available to you. To know about the call details, from the menu on the left hand side, click on the ‘Calls’ option and all the call details will be available on the screen. The ‘Refresh’ or ‘Sync’ button will bring the latest information to you. However, the monitored device must be connected to the Internet for the latest details to get to you.




So if you have wanted to for a long time, but did not know how to check the call history online, we hope that this article has solved all your problems.


Part 3. FAQs of Checking Call History Online


Q1. How can I see my full call history?

It is very easy to view & delete call history

Step 1. Open your device's Phone app .

Step 2. Tap Recents .

Step 3. You'll see one or more of these icons next to each call in your list:

Missed calls (incoming) (red)

Calls you answered (incoming) (blue)

Calls you made (outgoing) (green)


Q2. Is it possible to check someone's call history?

Yes, you can check someone's call history without knowing. The perfect spy app is SpyX phone tracker. Also, you can track any phone's call history from the phone carrier's webpage by logging in with the appropriate phone number and password.


Q3. Will I be found if I check my children's call history?

The anonymous method you should take is to use a spy app, like SpyX. It doesn;t need app installation. You can monitor your children’s activities on the phone without knowing.


Q4. How can I retrieve deleted call history without a computer?

The best way to recover deleted calls without a computer is through Cloud backups like Google Drive or Onedrive. Plus, this way you can get all your call logs on any Android device.


Q5. How can  I track my partner's phone?

SpyX is the best phone monitoring app in the market. You can use it to keep an eye on your partner without knowing. It is compatible with iPhone and Android device.

Track iPhone

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